Hallett Report Lett

 Hallett Report Lett Hallett Report Lett

The Royal Courts of Lett Condemn anything against Her Majesty

The Privy Council Oath says:  “We will lett anything against Her Majesty”.  The legal term “l – e – t – t” means ‘to condemn’, so that the Privy Counsellor condemn anything against the Queen. This means that if you have a case against the Queen – they have to condemn it.

Interview with Acting Prince PretenderJoseph Gregory Hallett and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, 17 February 2016,
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show on EuroFolkRadio.com.

Andrew Hitchcock: Welcome to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show on eurofolkradio.com.  Today I am joined by writer and researcher Greg Hallett. How are you today, Greg?

Greg Hallett:  I am good, thanks.  It is good to be here. 

Andrew Hitchcock:  A first show that I do with the guest – and I always want my guests to return if they wish – I always concentrate on handing the mic over to them, if you like, to give us as extensive a bio as you would like to give.  The idea being is that in any future shows that we do, I can always say “If you want to know more about Greg, just go to the first show that I did with Greg, and listen to the Bio – and you will know all about him.  I hand over to you, Greg, to give us the story about yourself and your work.

Greg Hallett: Okay. First of all, my website is www.theworldoftruth.net and www.thehiddenkingofengland.com

I have written about 15 books. The first one was published in 2002, so I started researching in 1999. Through the contacts I had, I quickly came to realize that everything in the Government and everything in the Judiciary and everything in the Police, that they present to do – they actually do the exact opposite.

Greg Hallett Books

Then I came to realise that the titles that they give themselves, they use those titles to Occupy those Positions, so that no one can do that job, and they do the exact opposite job.

For instance Prime Minister – does whatever he can to destroy the country.

And the Chief Justice does whatever he can to ensure that there is No Justice.

And they themselves carry out crimes of murder, fraud, theft, paedophilia, paedophile-minding, paedophile-enabling . . . and really, it is a Crime Creation Movement, and “THE JUDICIARY IS THE MAFIA”.

Andrew Hitchcock:  I agree with those points wholeheartedly, yes.   You can see, certainly all the Governments and the Police etc. never seem to be acting in the interest of the citizens.

Greg Hallett: Yes absolutely.  They actually use codified words and misspelt words, or rather, words spelt with one letter different, that people miss the spelling mistake, and they read the word according to how they want to read it – but it actually means the exact opposite.  Like a word that means “for all the people”, but with a spelling mistake it means “just for us” – and that is part of the Lord Mayor of London’s Oath.

So we have these Oaths, and we have the Privy Council Oath . . . and the Privy Council Oath says:  “We will lett anything against the Queen”.

We will lett anything against Her Majesty”, and ‘lett’ is spelled “l – e – t – t”.

With “let” (l – e – t) –people say “Oh, that is very graceful, you can say anything against the Queen, and speak your point of view.”

But the legal term “l – e – t – t” means ‘to condemn’, so that the Privy Counsellor condemn anything against the Queen.

This means that if you have a case against the Queen – they have to condemn it.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Ok.

Greg Hallett:  In all your court cases, it’s “Regina versus You”.

So if you expose anything against them, which is, they are representing Regina, the Queen, Her Majesty so-called, then they have to Condemn it according to their Oath.

Then, if anything is said against Her Majesty, they have to Report it to Her Majesty as well as Condemn it, and do it in Silence.

They also have to support and cover up anything against another Privy Counsellor.

If ‘Privy Counsellor A’ gets information on ‘Privy Counsellor B’ being a Paedophile, Murderer and Heroin Trafficker, well lets say, ‘Privy Counsellor B is a Paedophile’, ‘Privy Counsellor C is a Heroin Trafficker’, and ‘Privy Counsellor D is a Murderer’.

‘Privy Counselor A’ has to keep all the secrets of ‘Privy Counselors B, C and D’, and he has to report it to the Queen, who then has to cover it up.

Greg Hallett Books

So the way she covers it up, is, she puts them on the ‘Queen’s Honours List’ and gives them a ‘Knighthood’ and ensures that nothing is revealed until their deaths.

Sometimes, when it is pressing in the Media, like with Lord Janner, they actually ‘Fake his Death’ [19 December 2015] so that they can get the information out, and so that he won’t be charged.

Andrew Hitchcock:  I had a feeling that that was Fake, definitely!

Then you had all these other situations with people like the guy Ken Lay from Enron [1942–5 July 2006], if we jump to America now, I’m not trying to jump across the pond there, but he conveniently died when the investigation was going on – that is just not believable.

So yes, that sounds very interesting.  It certainly explains the Greville Janner situation.  I saw a great article where the Jews were jumping up and down about Persecution of them.  And someone wrote: “You have been protecting this guy for years.  It was B’nai B’rith in Britain, or its equivalent, one of those organisations, and it was all known by these people that he was abusing all these children”, but they couldn’t care less.

Greg Hallett:  Well, the Privy Council Oath is really and Oath to say that ‘We don’t care about any crime that a Privy Counsellor does’, and ‘We don’t care about anyone who makes a claim against Regina’ – which is the Royal Courts, all the Courts, or Her Majesty’.

So it’s really an Un-Caring Organisation.  It’s pretty much a Secret Club, and you have to be in the Back Rooms, having chats and whiskeys, to get a decision.
The way the Courts are done, and the way the Laws are written – you look at it closely – like the Civil Procedure Rules – it’s like this:

A :  We like you.
B :  We don’t like you.
If we don’t like you, you are not going to win. 
That’s it.

They will get you doing Appeals, and Appeals to Appeal, and spending quarter of a million pounds (£250,000) to get a one-hour case heard over and amount of £5,000 . . . if they don’t like you . . . and they don’t like you . . . if you’ve ever said anything against the Queen, Regina, or the Courts.

Andrew Hitchcock:  That sounds like what Patrick Cullinane is going through at the moment.  Are you familiar with his case?

[Patrick Cullinane is supported by the 77th Brigade Troll-Gatekeeper-Saboteur John Paterson who works for the British Army backing causes that will not go anywhere.  In the process, he surrounds himself with ‘The Evermore Crazies’. Patrick Cullinane doesn’t know the first thing about the Magna Carta etc, and should be given a wide birth as a complete waste of time, as confirmed by his videoer, John Paterson, The Seaford Brighton Tranny, a.k.a. Peter Green.
The purpose of the 77th Brigade Troll John Paterson is to cover many legal topics badly, so that the Courts can plug these holes . . . thus sabotaging any real research and future claims.   John Paterson is a ‘Go Nowhere Saboteur’ – Avoid at all costs.  The same applies to anyone he associates with, and any topic Paterson attaches to.]

Greg Hallett:  No.

The Hidden King of England Vol. III

Andrew Hitchcock:  He is someone we had on Eurofolk Radio.  He is disputing Talmudic Law in England in the form of our Courts etc., and it’s a very interesting case.  He has taken on The Establishment.  He has got lots of support.  I am going to have him on again soon.  I did a show with Paul, with Patrick – the two of us interviewed him.

How about your background with your Books.  You have got your two websites – what do you offer there, what sorts of Books have you written, and what is available?

Greg Hallett:  In 2002, the first book I published in 2002 was called “Are You My Father? The Family Court and Other Experiments”, and it showed that the Family Court was a ‘Social Engineering Experiment’ – and it was directly down the line of what the Russians and Communists wanted in the Cold War . . . and out of the Cold War.

That was ‘Socialism for Mothers, and a Police State for Fathers’.

That is exactly what we have got in the Family Courts now . . . it is called “Gender Communism” – ‘Socialism for Mothers, and a Police State for Fathers’.

When I was in Moscow on 9th of December 1989, a month after the Berlin Wall came down, I was interviewing KGB, and they called it “Sex Communism”.   Then they said “We have some of your [Australasian] women training here”.  End Quote.
“Sex Communism” is ‘Socialism for Mothers, and a Police State for Fathers’.

What we have got out from that is the realisation that the State Claims to be the ‘Third Parent’ and Claims to be the Initial Parent of the child.

That is partly supported by the “All Caps Birth Certificate Scam” where Parents Register their child in full caps letters on their Birth Certificate.

Then the Government takes that Birth Certificate to the International Bank of Settlements, cashes it in for £1 million, gives about £50,000 of that Million Pounds to the family in Social Support . . . then sends that Child to War, Kills that Child, and Cashes in the Death Certificate, or Cashes in the Birth Certificate . . . Terminates it, and gets another £1 million.

The Hidden King of England Vol. III

Andrew Hitchcock:  Yes.  Is that to do with the Strawman?

Greg Hallett:  The Strawman and the Birth Certificate are completely linked.

David Bowie released the video “Blackstar” on the 8–13–19th of November 2015. 
This actually completely codified me and my situation.

If Bowie had read my latest books “THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND”, he could not have produced a better video on those books and my position, than his video ‘Blackstar’.

Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ has Three Strawmen on Three Crosses – Three Crucifixes.

Andrew Hitchcock: Ok.

Greg Hallett:  Imagine the Crucifix scene, where there are three live people on three crosses – Jesus in the middle – that sort of thing.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Yes.

Greg Hallett:  Bowie has depicted Three Live Strawmen.

So people are moving around, but they’ve got straw coming out of their bellies . . . and the central one is wearing a Pirate shirt . . . which is kind of interesting.

One of the other things that I found out in writing “THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND” is, that the British and European Royals all take their Kudos to be the Monarch from Jesus and Mary.

But they tell the masses that Jesus died on the cross.   So the question is, where did the child come from unless Mary was already pregnant.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Yes.

Greg Hallett:  The Catholic Church’s “Best Kept Secret” is that there were Two (2) Jesuses.

If you want to harass the Catholic Church, just ask them about the Two Jesuses – because it is their “Best Kept Secret”.

When I exposed, that there were Two Jesuses, simultaneously there were Two (2) Popes.  Because when you come out with the Truth, they have to act on it, they have to acknowledge it.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Okay.

Greg Hallett:  So Pope Benedict, he resigned [28 February 2013], and then [two weeks later] Pope Francis came in [13 March 2013]. 

But Pope Benedict XVI remained in the Vatican and has a house built for him now called “Emeritus Pope”.

So the previous Pope Benedict XVI lives in the Vatican, because he was scared for his life ‘Outside of the Vatican’.

The new Pope Francis is scared for his life ‘Inside the Vatican’, and lives ‘Outside of the Vatican’.

You have now got Two Popes, and they did that simultaneously with me saying that there were Two Jesuses.

[Actually the Painting of the Two Jesuses was delivered to me in the same timeframe and held in Holland for me from February to April 2013, waiting for me to decodify it.  This was during the period between the Popes.  I was then registered as a Member of the Star Family in the Holy See on 25 April 2013.  This is the Highest Title – you need no other.  The painting was then unwrapped from the same house and handed to me in April 2013 for decodifying, which I did promptly.   I then spent the rest of 2013 finding the Second Jesus’ Grave, which I did in November 2013.  I then analysed its foundations to prove its lineage. ]

Andrew Hitchcock:  But the Two Jesuses – there are people out there who say that he was God in a flesh body, or Yahweh in a flesh body, and there are people who believe that Jesus was the son of God.  But I never heard that there were Two Jesuses.

Is the second one a fake Jesus, or . . . ?

Greg Hallett:  Jesus was the fifth most common name.  If you look up on the web “Two Jesuses” – this is not where I got it from, but if you look it up – you find that Rudolf Steiner believed that there were Two Jesuses.  I am not a Steinerist, but he believed that there were Two Jesuses.

The Head of the Church of England believed that there were Two Jesuses – and she was the longest standing Head of the Church of England . . . Her name is Queen Victoria.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Right.

Greg Hallett:  Queen Victoria spent £1 million in her day just checking to see if her lineage went back to Jesus.  She found that there were Two Jesuses who were Third Cousins.

I believe that one was actually son of Joseph of Aramathea, and one was the son of the Mary Ann lineage, then Joseph of Aramathea was hanging out with Jesus’ mother.

Andrew Hitchcock:  So basically . . .

Greg Hallett:  So they had this information, and Queen Victoria went:

“Oh, I just spent £1 million to see if I am descendant of Jesus.

I am descendent of that lineage, and, oh my God, there’s Two!”

So they hid it [genealogy paperwork] . . . and then they had to find it, again . . . sort of under a cupboard, kind of thing . . . and having the Correct Providence, they pasted it together so the origins could be blamed on someone else, or some unknown person.

It was done in a Freemasonry fashion of : 
“It is true, but I do not want to own this personally.
I am not to blame.  I want plausible deniability”.

That is what they did.  But it is there. 
Did you want to say something?

Andrew Hitchcock:  I was just going to say, ‘My thought on it, when you go the Bible, and it goes to the lineage of Adam, all the way down to Jesus being in the book of Luke, and he was the son of god.  So if there’s a second Jesus, what you’re saying is, the name “Jesus” was a common name, such as Paul, Mark, Luke, John etc. at that time, so there’s been some confusion as to which Jesus was the actual son of God in the Catholic Church and with Queen Victoria.  Am I interpreting you right, or do you not believe it?

Greg Hallett:  Kind of.  You are softening my statement a bit, but that is okay.  When I first got the information, it took me three months to ‘just get my head around it’.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Yeah.

Greg Hallett: . . . and then I was given these Royal Marks, and the Royal Marks are there to show certain things.  At the same time I was given a Royal Mark to show that there were Two Jesuses, and it was a painting done around 1795, and it was :

‘John Mark painting Jesus and Mary on a canvas,
with Jesus and Mary floating in the sky as well in a cosmic egg’.

So that is in The Hidden King of England, Volume III pages 487–511.

The Hidden King of England Vol. III

Andrew Hitchcock:  Okay.

Greg Hallett: So it is an Occult Belief, and by “Occult” I mean ‘Secret’.  It is something that is believed in Secret Societies.

There is also the belief of the Two Trinities – the Christian Trinity and the Egyptian Trinity.

A lot of Christian writers actually say, that everything in Christianity came out of Egypt – ‘Isis, Anubis and Horus’ . . . were Mary, the unnamed Father . . . and Horus.

Horus and Jesus sound very close together, they sound like “HorusHarvest”, and you can actually move ‘Horus’ into ‘Jesus’ quite easily.

But then what happens is, people go :  “Oh yeah, that scenario happened 12 times through history”, like sometimes 300 years apart, sometimes Millennia, or two Millennia apart.

But then you’ve got the situation where we are in a Holographic Universe – “As Above So Below”, and that sometimes things happen legitimately, which are a repeat of what happened before.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Okay.  So what that could be, I mean . . .you know,  what I have always thought is, the Royal Family, or these leaders go off and you see them going into Church, and they say they believe in God, you know, Tony Blair: “I believe in God” and what have you.  Well God is just a Title, and there are all sorts of Gods out there, and Satan is a God to some people, and I think in that situation, that they are saying that.  So this second Jesus that they talk about would probably be, in my estimation, their attempt to dress up Satan as anther Jesus.  How does that sound?

Greg Hallett:  No.  That is actually quite a separate thing, when one of the Caesars [Titus, b. 39, R. 79–81] claimed that he is Jesus and Lucifer – that was in about AD 80.  That is a different scenario.  [Titus’ last words were :  “I have made but one mistake”.]

If you look at the quite well documented situations of Jesus . . .   
You’ve got Jesus studying in the Mystery Schools in Egypt . . .
You’ve got Jesus in Galilee . . .
You’ve got Jesus in Goa in India  . . .
You’ve got Jesus retiring in Tibet – India-Tibet, that border . . .  
You’ve got Jesus in the Algarve [southern Kingdom of Portugal] . . .
You’ve got Jesus in England, in Regni, which is Kent, which is ‘Kingdom Come’ and in London . . .  
You’ve got

Jesus in Scotland as a military leader . . .   and
You’ve got Jesus and Joseph of Aramathea in South Wales.

Andrew Hitchcock:  So where is all this information from?  I mean, this isn’t in the Bible for example.

Greg Hallett:  It is in quite well documented books.  You know, they say, Jesus was a carpenter.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Yeah.

Greg Hallett:  He was more an Architect-Priest, who built out of stone, and he left his Foundation in the Foundations.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Right, okay.

Greg Hallett:  I spent quite a couple of years trying to find Jesus’ graves – because these are Marks of Kingship.  So if I find Jesus’ graves, and prove it, then there should be some reaction within say, the Catholic Church, and the British Monarchy, and the European Monarchy.

Andrew Hitchcock:  To sort of endorse, or deny, that this is the case?

Greg Hallett:  To finally say :  “Yes, you got it right.  Here is the Mark that is absolutely undeniable, which most people will miss !  Right.”

But they can’t let you win the case legally because all of the Judges have sworn the Privy Council Oath, as well as all the Members of Parliament, which means they have to “lett” anything against the Queen – they have to condemn anything against the Queen.

But the Queen herself can ‘Fund Objectives out in the Realm of the Real World’ . . . Reality that everybody focuses on, that absolutely validates everything that I have said.

Four of Queen Elizabeth II’s Real World Validations are:
1. The Laws of Succession ;
2. The Abdication of King Juan Carlos of Spain ;
3. David Bowie’s Blackstar Song [release 8 November 2015], Music Video Teaser on 13 November 2015, the Music Video Release 19 November 2015, the Official Music Video Release on 8 January 2016, and David Bowie’s Death 2 days later 10 January 2016.] ;  and
4.  The Paris attacks on 11–13–15, which were actually a ‘Gullibility Shock Test’ where no one died.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Yes, they were called a “False Flag”.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, “False Flag”, but if you actually look up “Weapons for Silent Wars” . . .

Andrew Hitchcock: Yes, I first read that in William Cooper’s “Behold the Pale Horse” book – “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”.

The Hidden King of England Vol. III

Greg Hallett:  Yes, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”.  What they actually do . . . They base Society on electronic formula like “Current Voltage over Amps”, that sort of thing.  But they’ve actually have a fault in their formula, which I picked up when I kind of investigated that in 2009.  I wrote about 30 pages on it.

So what they’ve done is, they’ve acknowledged that I got some stuff right. 

Now, I don’t expect people to get the “Two Jesuses” thing straight away.  I expect that most people won’t accept it.  But is a best kept secret in the Catholic Church . . . and it is known in the Occult circles, in the Secret Societies, and it is codified in Royal Marks.

Queen Victoria, the Head of the Anglican Church for 63 years, did actually discover that there were Two Jesuses.

Queen Elizabeth I was also into the “Two Jesuses” thing, and she spent a lot of time raiding around the area where the second Jesus was.

Then the Catholic Church also raided the areas where the second Jesus was.

So what was a Temple covered in [unglazed] gold mosaic, and glass mosaics, ended up having no mosaics, and the roof missing, and three-quarters of the wall crumbling.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Okay.

Greg Hallett:  So what I did, when I discovered the second Jesus, I went and recorded the Easter Friday celebration in [10–11:30 p.m. 18 April] 2014 .  .  . and then I published the book, and then I went back to the Easter Friday celebration in 2015, and they changed the ceremony to obfuscate the very obvious bits of the ceremony that confirmed the second Jesus.

[Actually Greg Hallett had Mrs Marples photograph the 10–11:30 p.m. 3 April 2015 ceremony, as Greg Hallett was in England from 1 March 2015 as Prince Pretender and lodging the Claim the English Courts].

Andrew Hitchcock: Okay.  I think that a lot of our listeners – we’re an Identity based group, and we have a lot of people on with different ideas, certainly on my show.  But my firm belief is that Jesus was the Son of God . . . and some people believe that Jesus was God in a fleshed body.   So the second Jesus . . . I certainly would not have any belief that he was anything related to God.  So I am not sure . . . I’m quite confused about the situation.  I would say that it was surely some sort of imposter that they are talking about.

The Hidden King of England Vol. III

Greg Hallett:  Yes, well, the evidence is that they were very close, and that they worked together . . . and that the Maries – which is also a Priestess Class – the female Priest Class – the Maries worked together with both Jesuses . . .

I don’t think that the Jesus would have denied the other Jesus, because they were very close, and they actually developed around the English-French Channel.

So you on the show believe the “Jesus died on a cross, Caput, son of God, Spirit of man” and that sort of stuff.

Andrew Hitchcock:  No.  Essentially we believe that the White Race are the Israelites of the Bible . . .

Greg Hallett:  I think that’s true, because the Hebrews, a lot of them descended into the “Iberian Peninsula” – Portugal and Spain.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Yeah, I mean, another host on the network, Pastor Dan Johns, he put something out on “Hibernia” being ‘Ireland – Scotland’ area.  There’s actually a Scottish football team called the “Hibernian Football Club”.

Greg Hallett:  “Hibernia was Ireland”, and “Iberia was Portugal-Spain”.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Yes.

Greg Hallett: So ‘Hibernia’ and ‘Iberia’ was so related in their belief systems, which is kind of interesting, because the second Jesus lived in Iberia, at the same time.

He used to run Initiations,  That is kind of how he made his living.

He had a property with a Spring on it, with water flowing down.  He was a ‘Vintner’ – he grew Grapes.  He would literally ‘Turn Water into Wine’ by having a Spring and a Vineyard.  That was part of the code for where he lived.

His ‘physical, his geographical address’ was “Christ”.  If you read it in the old “One Form of Aramaic”, it means “the Shin Christ” which means ‘the Secret Christ’.

This was his geographical address. 

You see there were no post office addresses with numbers, so you had a geographical address.  We get into that geography, then you’d have the local knowledge, which would give the information to you.

The second Jesus did, Jesus of the Algarve, used to run Initiations for the Roman Caesars, in exchange for ‘Take one of my Sons as your Own’.  That’s how Jesus’ Grandsons became Roman Caesars.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Okay.  As I say, I dispute this.  My position certainly is that Jesus was the son of God.  There was one of them, and if there is this other one running around, it is not something that I am familiar with, because I go off the Bible.

Greg Hallett:  The KGV line.

Andrew Hitchcock:  It is not just the KGV.  I have had a look at lots of other bibles, I have got Rotherham’s and Smith and Goodspeed etc.  So I looked at different things.  I think it is interesting information what you say.  I mean, my belief would stay unchanged.  I believe that the other things that are coming out are to direct people in different directions, certainly.  There may have been other people.  There is even people today that have a Christian name “Jesus”.  This name is quite popular amongst a lot of South Americans.  They get given the name “Jesus” – a lot of Mexicans.  But essentially, as I say, the information is certainly interesting, but I would say that there was only one true Jesus, and I do believe that that was Jesus who died on the cross, as written in the scriptures.  Whichever version you look at, that story is pretty much unchanged.  You got different words in different translations etc.  But that certain element seems to run completely unchanged.  What are your thoughts on that?

Greg Hallett:  Who wrote the Bible?

Andrew Hitchcock:  It was different writers for the different books in the Old and New Testament.

Greg Hallett:  It was kind of written from about AD 120–240, roughly.  It was not written contemporaneously.  So it was NOT WRITTEN BY THE APOSTLES.  You had people writing under the Apostles’ names.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Well, I know that the Old Testament – original manuscripts exist for the New Testament, but the Old Testament was handed down by oral tradition.  It’s claims that are out there as well.  And then things like the “Dead Sea Scrolls” pop up, and different things such as that.

Greg Hallett:  The “Dead Sea Scrolls” seem to focus on the bits of the Bible that were removed from the Bible.

Andrew Hitchcock:  There’s certainly a lot of that.

I mean, I don’t dispute that.  I mean, even in my book called “In the Name of Yahweh”, it is mentioned, that there are certain books that are mentioned in the Bible, and one of them is ‘The Book of the Law’ – I would have to look it up to see the other ones.

It is sort of mentioned in the bible, but then you can’t seem to find those books anywhere.  So I HAVE NO DOUBT THAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS REMOVED CERTAIN BOOKS THAT THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE, and even if you look at the Apocrypha, that was a standard part of the King James.

By removing the Apocrypha they literally removed ‘the bridge between the Old and the New Testament’ – essentially . . . and they removed a lot of information that is very useful to an Israelite background, certainly if you look at the Book of Second Esdras’.

[Wikipedia :  2 Esdras a.k.a. 5 Ezra : “assert God’s rejection of the Jews and describe a vision of the Son of God … generally considered to be late additions (possibly third century)”].

But I know that some people are listening, who don’t share the belief I do, or do not believe in God and do not believe in Christ or what have you.  But my position would still be that I honestly believe that there is a God out there.  I believe that he’s the father of the Israelite race, and the blessings were handed down to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.

I believe that the Jews are imposters – they claim to be Israelites, and they are not, and I believe that they are the seed of Satan from Genesis 3:15 in the Bible.

And I believe that the White Race today, the reason that we are being attacked so much, through Immigration into our lands, all this corruption that you talked about in our own Governments and in Royal families in the white nations that still have Royal Families, you always see the Jews involved in that corruption.

And it is this non-stop attack, whether it is sending us off to war against each other, England against Germany, and then America comes in, and you get all these white people dying all over the place . . . and suddenly the solution is, to bring in lots of immigrants from other nations, and once the immigrants are over, they say “Don’t worry.  They are doing jobs that you don’t want to do” . . . and then they turn around, and the next thing they are ramping up the miscegenation amongst the race.

Greg Hallett:  I agree with all that.  [Mention of “Ashkenazis” and the sounds is munted] … It appears that Ashkenazis are from Balanjar in Dagestan on the west coast of the Caspian Sea . . . and then they migrated and got into Banking.

I am trying to say a bit less because the echo was going on there for so long.

The British Royal Family and the European Royal Families all claim they’re descendent from Jesus and Mary.  So explain that, if Jesus died on the cross.

Andrew Hitchcock:  But you’ve got some interesting information, I think about, wasn’t Queen Victoria impregnated by a Rothschild?

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  What happened was, the British Royal Family were basically bankrupt, and the Duke of Kent and Strathearn (d. 23 Jan. 1820) had to borrow money off the German Rothschilds to fund his marriage to Princess Victoire Louise (German).

So the German Rothschilds said :  “Yes sure, we’ll fund the wedding as long as we get the breeding rights.  So the breeding rights was done in a ‘Merovingian Bestia Neptuni Procreation Tradition’, otherwise known as ‘Ménage à trois’.  The male partners were Nathan Rothschild, the English banker, and his youngest brother, the French banker Jacob Mayer de Rothschild.

Jacob Mayer de Rothschild’s seed took hold, and that produced Princess Victoria who became Queen Victoria.

She found out about this with the Duke of Wellington’s help at about the age of ten (10). Then she had a cousin who was blind in one eye called Prince George of Cumberland.  They were the same age, born three days apart.  So Victoria got pregnant to George, and then they married, because Prince George of Cumberland was second-in-line to the throne, and Victoria was illegitimate, George was actually first-in-line to the throne, and because Victoria had borne a Legitimate child to the second-in-line to the throne, who was actually the first-in-line to the throne, she was therefore the legitimate Queen.

So Victoria was “Queen of England”, and also called herself “Queen of Hanover” and “Queen of Gotha”.

Then the firstborn son was called ‘Prince Marcos Manoel’.  He was born in Carlisle Castle in the very north of England.

In the Egyptian Pharaohic Tradition, ‘Rain’ means ‘Reign’, and as long as it ‘rains’, as in ‘water from the sky’, the Pharaoh ‘reigns’.

Andrew Hitchcock:  I understand, yes.

Greg Hallett:  It’s all about harvest in these warmer countries.  If it does not rain, the Pharaoh’s killed and removed, and they get a new Pharaoh.  That did not happen too often either.

So in order to confirm that Prince Marcos Manoel was the King of England –the son of the first- and second-in-line to the throne, and was made the King of England in 1869 on St. Bruno’s Day.  “Bruno” was the ‘Founder of the original British Peoples’ . . .

6th of October . . . in order to confirm that Prince Marcos Manoel was made King John II of England, on St. Bruno’s Day 1869, until he was killed on the 1st of April 1910 – we have had massive rain over Carlisle.

Carlisle has been flooded three times (Storm Desmond 3–6, 9, Storm Eva 26 December 2015) . . . And rain means reign.  “R-a-i-n” that comes from the sky means that there was a reign born in Carlisle – “R-e-i-g-n”.

Andrew Hitchcock:  So you are saying that was somehow trumped up by . . .

Greg Hallett:  Codified.  They had to acknowledge the story, because it is true, but they do not want to do it through the Courts or the Media, because they all swear the Privy Council Oath.

So what they are telling us by ‘Flooding Carlisle three times this year [3–26 December 2015] is that there was a King who was of the Star Family, who was King of England from 1869 to 1910.

As soon as Prince Marcos Manoel was made King John II of England by Queen Victoria, Queen Victoria relegated herself to Victoria Regina, Empress of India, and then built a porch in front of Roslyn Chapel in 1869–71 to show that the Sinclairs’ were porch monkeys . . .

Andrew Hitchcock:  Okay.

Greg Hallett: . . . and that they weren’t the Star family, that they weren’t the Sangrëal family, they weren’t the prime bloodline . . .

Prince Marcos Manoel was, because his father Blind Prince George of Cumberland, who became King George V of Hanover, whose mother, Duchess of Cumberland, Queen Consort of Hanover, was a Mecklenburg-Strelitz . . . and the Mecklenburg-Strelitz have the strongest bloodline to the Jesus and Mary lineage, which is called “the Star Family”.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Okay.

Greg Hallett:  So Jesus, Son of God, comes from the stars – “Star Family”.  They are also called the ‘Deus Family’, which means the ‘Main Family’ . . . and the cousins of that family are called the ‘Desposyni’.

The ‘Desposyni Papers’ are probably the most secret papers in the world and they record the actual history of Jesus and Mary and their lineage, and what they’ve done and achieved . . . and also predictions.

There are only four (4) people in the world allowed to read them.

The ‘Desposyni Papers’ are protected by an elite army.

Occasionally a Pope is allowed to write four (4) lines at the end of his life.
Andrew Hitchcock:  On this document?

Greg Hallett:  Yes.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Okay.

Greg Hallett:  So that is the sort of level where we get the information from.

Andrew Hitchcock:  How about if we take it forward?  If we take it forward from Queen Victoria now to the current Queen.

Greg Hallett:  Between Queen Victoria and the current Royals born, there are about thirty  illegitimacies – “three zero, 30”.

There are only two, who aren’t illegitimate !

Andrew Hitchcock:  Right.  I saw that story.  I want you to take us back to bridging the gap between Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth.   But just this information . . . James Goldsmith was the actual father of Princess Diana . . . is that correct?

Greg Hallett:  Yes, I’ve just produced a ‘Royal Chart’ on it.  It took us about 5 months.  So we have got about 87 names on it.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Will you talk us through that?

Greg Hallett:  We show the True Royal Line.  Basically, Victoria was illegitimate, but she married the second-in-line to the throne, Blind Prince George of Cumberland, who became King George V of Hanover.

Queen Victoria actually retained the Crown of Hanover for 29, almost 30 years.

Victoria wouldn’t give the Hanover Crown back because she was the Queen of Hanover.

So the Crown of Hanover then goes to Prince Marcos Manoel, who was called “The Prize” . . . He was King of England from 1869 to 1910.

Queen Victoria then married Albert of Saxony.

He was promoted as Prince Albert of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, but he was actually illegitimate.

Albert was known, and was “Prince Albert of Saxony” . . . “of Saxony” means illegitimate.

Albert was an absolute pauper, and he wore “a Prince Albert”, which was – basically his penis was tied with a chain, a male chastity belt, so he could not have coitus . . . so Albert could not conceive any children.

The British Banker, Lionel Nathan Rothschild, conceived all of the nine (9) Official Children with Queen Victoria.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Yes.

Greg Hallett:  Prince Albert used to give Queen Victoria Burundanga [Scopolomine] to relax her body.

The first child, Vicky, became Empress Vicky of Germany.

The second child became King Edward VII, and he committed Regicide and murdered his elder Legitimate half-brother Prince Marcos Manoel – King John II – in 1910 . . . then Edward VII himself died 5 weeks later.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Okay.

Greg Hallett:  The fake King Edward VII (R. 1901–10) was known to be phrenologically insane.  He was actually a complete nutter.  All he would do was hunting – this is his own biographer saying this – hunting, rooting and feasting.  That was all he did.  Edward VII was as round as he was tall.

Andrew Hitchcock:  That is also how they portray Henry VIII  – ‘as round as his was tall’.

Greg Hallett:  And then the second-born son, Alfred Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, he had a son, Prince Affie the Younger, who was the Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

Prince Affie the younger realised the British Royal Family were Fake, and on Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897, he held a loaded pistol to Queen Victoria’s head as he was dancing with her.

It was King George III’s pistol, and Prince Affie yelled :  “Tell them who Bertie, Prince of Wales’ Father is!”

Then the Hereditary Prince Affie of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha’ death was faked.

The Hereditary Prince Affie of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha had seven (7) different causes of Death.  Then lived in Romania with his sister who was Queen of Romania.

Here he changed his name to William Brana.

“B.R.A.N.A.” is short for “Born Royal And Now Alone”.

Prince Affie / William Brana then followed his niece to Yugoslavia in 1921/22 when she married the King of Yugoslavia.

Prince Affie / William Brana was then made Prince Karageorgevitch.  His son was then given the surname “Battenberg-Tudor Karageorgevitch”.  Both names were shortened to “Kaditch” when required.

Prince Affie / William Brana / Prince William Karageorgevitch then married Princess Helena of Yugoslavia who had been married to one of the Royal Russian Romanovs, who were purportedly killed in 1918.  Princess Helena had escaped out of Russia.

Prince Affie / William Brana / Prince William Karageorgevitch and Princess Helena of Yugoslavia / Romanov then moved to Cap Ferrat between Nice and Monaco in 1922.

In Cap Ferrat, their neighbor was Somerset Maugham – the British Author Spy.

Alfred William Kaditch then released this information to Somerset Maugham, who swore secrecy, that he would not write the story . . . but he got John O’Hara in America to write the story.

The character they use in the story is “Julian English”, which is ‘The Jewel of the English’, who married “Caroline English”, which is ‘Carry on the line of the English’.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Okay.

Greg Hallett:  So ‘The Jewel of the English’ became the ‘Jeweled Skull’ in David Bowie’s “Blackstar” video.  [The Video Teaser was released on 13 November 2015 – the same Day as the Paris Attacks.  Both were about Greg Hallett.]

Andrew Hitchcock:  Right, I understand.  In this media you see all these sort of occult messages.  So they always try to get things out.  If you turn on the news, you just get lies.  But then they start telling you things in music videos or feature films – you always find symbolism in there.

Greg Hallett:  Absolutely!  They use films, like military films, to show you what they’ve got . . . and they use Sci-Fi movies to show you technology that they’ve got!

Andrew Hitchcock:  Yes.

Greg Hallett:  For instance, the movie ‘AVATAR’ was saying that the British and American Navy has ‘body jumping technology’.  ‘The People’ are called the NA’VI’, or “N-A-V-Y” . . . and the whole movie ‘AVATAR’ was about BODY-JUMPING !

If you hold the thought of BODY JUMPING, and you watch an amount of movies, you see a surprising number of movies about BODY-JUMPING.  

The first of the Sci-Fi movies that came out, when they were really quite bad, that was showing “We want this technology”.

Star-Trek was about :  “We want this technology”.

Star-Trek today is :  “We have this technology”.

First of all they have to excite the imagination of the people and scientists etc. to get the right technology, so the right people come forward.

So now that they’ve got BODY-JUMPING TECHNOLOGY and they’re telling you that through the ‘AVATAR’ movie.  

Anyway . . .

Prince Affie, who was the Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, he escaped and had his death faked in seven (7) different ways, and he ended up in the South of France in St.-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

Then his grandson delivered us their copy of the French Almanach de Gotha, 1912 . . . and in that on pages 98 and 99, they had written their surname “Karageorgevich” and their petit name “Kaditch” in pencil . . . and then told us [a portion] of all their stories.

So it took me seven (7) years to write up the story about how the Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, which is the Third Crown of the United Kingdom, had escaped.

Through that, I was able to name who the True Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was, and who the True Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha was . . . which was my co-author.

Then Duke Ernst II of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha – the German one – died around 1893 [22 August], and he gave us his Sword to show that we were the real Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha and the True Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha – the German and the British.

Andrew Hitchcock:  That’s interesting.

How about going back and talking about the Fake Royal Line – let’s talk about the current Queen Elizabeth.

Greg Hallett:  King Edward VII was illegitimate from Lionel Nathan Rothschild and Queen Victoria, and then his illegitimate son was Winston Churchill, with Jennie Jerome.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Right, yes.

Greg Hallett:  Then Winston Churchill provided the Sperm for an Artificial Insemination baby with Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

Artificial Insemination has been used for centuries.  This is Not In Vitro Fertilisation (1978)

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was engaged to David, Prince of Wales (Edward VIII) who said “I am going to Abdicate”.

So instead, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon became engaged to George, Duke of York (George VI).

But George, Duke of York (George VI) had knock-knees, a terrible stutter, with an IQ One Point above Retarded, and was a Chain-Smoking Alcoholic.

So Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Switched herself with her Maid [called ‘The Whipping Boy] who had been with her since they were seven (7) years old.

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid Married King George VI.

Even then, the Maid didn’t want to sleep with King George VI, because he was a Knock-Kneed Chain-Smoking Alcoholic and Retarded.

They did actually have an Artificial-Insemination child, a Boy, who was born Epileptic and left to Die on the Hospital Gurney in 1924.

So then Winston Churchill was brought in to provide the New Sperm with Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid . . . and that produced Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Right.  I am just winding back . . .

Greg Hallett:  They are illegitimate . . . Queen Elizabeth II is illegitimate.

Then Lord Louis Mountbatten found out about this, because he lived in Broadlands, where there was a painting done by Queen Victoria’s Governess of All the Royal Children, Viscountess Frances Jocelyn, which codified that Bertie, Prince of Wales (King Edward VII) was illegitimate and that Prince Marcos Manoel was the True King.

So Lord Louis Mountbatten got his nephew Prince Philip, who was a complete and utter pauper – he had Two Suits and Twenty (20) Quid in his pocket . . . they rolled up to Buckingham Palace and said to George VI and his wife, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid :

“You guys are illegitimate.  We know this from three (3) generations back, and we know that this is Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid, and we know that you, George VI, did not sire Princess Elizabeth.

“So my pauper nephew Prince Philip is going to marry Princess Elizabeth, and we will keep quiet about you, King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon being FAKE, and King George V being illegitimate and King Edward VII being illegitimate.”

And George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid replied :

“Well, we like living in this nice palace, so okay.”

Andrew Hitchcock:  Okay, that is interesting!

Greg Hallett:  One other thing.  Lord Louis Mountbatten also said:

“And I shall have your Firstborn as a Sex-Slave”.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Right.

Greg Hallett:  So Prince Charles was a Sex-Slave.  He was born a Sex-Slave . . . and Prince Charles had an extremely close relationship with Lord Louis Mountbatten.

There are photos where the four-year-old Prince Charles is sitting on Lord Louis Mountbatten’s lap, with about nine (9) other of the so-called Royal family standing around or sitting on armchairs . . . and Prince Charles has his hand on Lord Louis Mountbatten’s upper thigh, and Lord Louis Mountbatten has this big erection!

. . . and everyone is just sitting around!

Andrew Hitchcock:  Unbelievable!

I have it down, that Jennie Jerome –definitely she was Jewish.  But you are saying that Jennie Jerome was the mother that produced Winston Churchill, but Randolph Churchill was not Winston’s father ?

Greg Hallett:  It was Bertie, Prince of Wales, who became King Edward VII.  He had an affair with Jennie Jerome and got Jennie Pregnant.  Then as soon as they found out, Bertie, Prince of Wales (King Edward VII) got his high-ranking Freemason Brother, Randolph Churchill, to marry Jennie Jerome.

And for such a wealthy family – Jennie Jerome was the daughter of a newspaper magnate in America, and Randolph Churchill was very wealthy.  For such a wealthy couple, their marriage should have been extravagant, but it was a rushed and hushed affair.

Then Winston Churchill was apparently “born a month premature” – but he wasn’t.

Greg Hallett:  Randolph Churchill had syphilis, and he was sent to South Africa to walk around, get lost, and die.

Bertie, Prince of Wales (King Edward VII) got Jennie Jerome pregnant, and that produced Winston Churchill.

Lionel Rothschild was the father of King Edward VII, and the grandfather of Winston Churchill.

Andrew Hitchcock:  Right, now I have got you.

Greg Hallett:  I am selling these POSTERS [http://hallettreport.com/Genealogy.html] now about the True Royal Family.  I am selling them for £12 (GBP) – poster-size [847 x 601 mm].


Andrew Hitchcock:  Well, the thing is, it obviously shows that Churchill was a Rothschild.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, Churchill was a Rothschild.

Andrew Hitchcock:  We only got a couple of minutes left.  Can we talk about Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and all those children?

Greg Hallett:  Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have Prince Charles and Princess Anne, and then Prince Philip shoots off and has Affairs and children with other people.

Queen Elizabeth has a relationship with Lord Porchester and produces Prince Andrew.

Queen Elizabeth has a relationship with Lord Plunket and produces Prince Edward.

Prince Andrew (b. 1960) and Prince Edward (b. 1964) are both illegitimate.

Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles were dating when they were teenagers.

On Camilla Parker-Bowles’ 18th birthday, Prince Charles sired a child with Camilla, and that child was born ‘Simon Charles Day’, and he grew up in Gosport (Portsmouth) and then went to Australia and became a Telecommunications Engineer, Married, Divorced and Married again – to a woman called Elvianna Dorante, who is very Black.

Elvianna Dorante is half-Aborigine, half-Papua New Guinea, which is called ‘Torres Strait Islander’ . . . and they had Six (6) Half-Caste children, and Five (5) of them survived.

So Queen Elizabeth has Five Black Great-Grandchildren.

Princess Diana, later Lady Diana was the daughter of Sir Jimmy Goldsmith, who were neighbors with the Rothschilds.
Diana had an affair with James Hewitt, and produced Prince Harry (b. 15 September 1984). Prince Harry is bisexual.

Diana had an affair King Juan Carlos of Spain, and produced Prince William (caesarean 21 June 1982).

Prince William had no intention to get married, but I delivered the letter to 10 Downing Street claiming the Throne on 2 August 2010.

That went to the Queen.  The Queen then said, “Oh, that’s Real”.

The Queen then instructed Prince William to select one of his girlfriends to whom he would marry.

He got married, and the Children are not theirs.  George and Charlotte are Surrogates. They are not their children.

Andrew Hitchcock:  That is very interesting!  We can continue this on another show.  Thank you very much for joining me today, Greg, it was fascinating information that you’ve presented, and we will talk again soon.

Thank you for joining me, and thank you the listeners for listening.  See you soon.