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Royal Fireside Chat

Hallett Report No 1.0 Royal Fireside Chat Hallett Report No. 1.0

Royal Fireside Chat

The Hidden King of England
reveals England’s Royals are less than Regal.

Greg Hallett with Dr. Rock

Recorded at the Harlequin Fayre, 28 September 2015

Dr. Rock :  . . . which I’ve noticed, I’ve just been to look at the Skype, and it is still not online.  So even though we’re holding the stream, we’ve got the chat box running, everything’s working fine . . . for some reason the Skype just isn’t working.  I think they didn’t like the sound of some of the subjects we were going to be covering tonight.

If the stuff we have been hearing so far is bizarre, then Greg’s really on one in my opinion.  Greg – thank you very much for joining us on the show.

Greg Hallett :  Thanks, thanks for having me.  It’s good to be here at the Harlequin Fair.

 Jonathan Adams invited me to his talk, and you have now successfully hijacked, for him.

Dr. Rock :  So a Hidden King – I mean, some people might ask :  ‘Do we need any more Aristocracy?  Do we need any more Royalty?’

Greg Hallett :  Well, within living memory you have had non-Aristocracy, non-Royals as your Monarchs, and the British Royal family has been illegitimate from their births from 1840 on.

Dr. Rock :  So what on Earth makes you suggest that our beloved Queen might be illegitimate?

Greg Hallett :  Well, not only is Queen Elizabeth II illegitimate, King George V is illegitimate, and King Edward VII is illegitimate.  So if we look at what happened, we have to go back to 1815 to the ‘Battle of Waterloo’.

In the Battle of Waterloo, the Duke of Wellington was fighting for the British, leading the British against the French and Napoleon.  The battle was rigged, and both Wellington and Napoleon were Rothschild agents.

Dr. Rock :  No surely not! [Sarcastic]

Greg Hallett :  [laughing] It couldn’t be, possible, no – Yes, but it’s true!!!

It was all planned for the final battle to be in Waterloo, and the Rothschilds had bred Homing Pigeons from Carrier Pigeons.  They bred Homing Pigeons from Waterloo, which is about 10–20 km south of Brussels, and they bred these new Homing Pigeons to fly from Waterloo to Bank in London.  And they’ve done that from 1814.

So when they had the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, in June, the Homing Pigeons flew the message to Bank in London, which was about one (1) day quicker than the horse-riding Pony Express catching a boat across the water.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild had the ‘contrary’ (the wrong result of the war) attached to the pigeons, just in case one of them got lost . . . or found.

So the Homing Pigeons carried the message that “NAPOLEON had WON”, and that message was taken down to the Commodity Burse, or Stock Exchange, and all the British sold their Shares.

Then Nathan Mayer Rothschild had his Agents buy up the shares, and then the Pony Express brought in the true message that :  “THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON HAS WON THE WAR” – the Battle of Waterloo”.

That’s how Nathan Mayer Rothschild made the bulk of his money and that amount is still not disclosed.  The British Royal Family were virtually Bankrupt from then on in, and the Rothschilds agreed to Finance the British Royal Family’s weddings ‘in exchange for the Breeding Rights’.

So Queen Victoria’s mother, Princess Victoire Louise, ended up having a three-some – or otherwise known, in occult circles as a ‘Merovingian Bestia Neptuni Procreation Tradition’ . . . with Nathan Mayer Rothschild, and his youngest brother, Baron Jacob Mayer de Rothschild.

Dr. Rock :  Also known as a ‘Ménage-à-trois’.

Greg Hallett :  The youngest brother Baron Jacob Mayer de Rothschild’s seed took hold, and that resulted in Princess Victoria, who became Queen Victoria, who was illegitimate.

Princess Victoria found out the secret at a young age, and decided to counteract it by secretly getting pregnant to, and then marrying Blind Prince George of Cumberland, who was the Second-in-line to the Throne.

They were married on the 9th of March 1834 in Mont Saint-Michel in Brittany, and then exactly seven (7) weeks later their legitimate child was born – Prince Marcos Manoel.

Queen Victoria wrote a letter in 1850 to Prince Marcos Manoel saying :  “Assemble him Claimant”. Then Queen Victoria made Prince Marcos Manoel ‘King John II of England’ on 6th of October 1869.

So Great Britain, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, I’d like to tell you that you have a new King, from 1869 to 1910.  On the same day that Prince Marcos Manoel was made King John II of England, Queen Victoria Marked this by opening the Holburn Viaduct and Blackfriars Bridge on the same day.

Then Queen Victoria was relegated to ‘Victoria Regina, Empress of India’, and at the same time she began building a ‘Porch’ in front of Roslyn Chapel to show that the Sinclairs were “Porch Monkeys” – someone who sits on the veranda and makes lots of noise as though they’re the real thing, as though they own that porch or the building, but they don’t.

Dr. Rock :  So for several generations, it would appear, our Monarchy are Commoners, are they?

Greg Hallett :  They’re so illegitimate now that the entity known as “Elizabeth II” is actually a Commoner.  We can get to that.

So Prince Marcos Manoel, Queen Victoria’s only legitimate and firstborn son, and firstborn child, he became the King of England, “King John II of England” in 1869.  He died on the 1st of April 1910, and he was poisoned by his younger half-brother, 7½ years younger, and that was King Edward VII.

King Edward VII died 5 weeks later, so he was only ever King for five (5) weeks, and that was due to Regicide.  King Edward VII converted to Catholicism on his deathbed and thereby disinherited all of his progeny, including King George V.

Dr. Rock :  Where does that leave us as a Nominal Constitutional Monarchy with someone who is supposedly signing Bills into acts and all the rest of it?  What does all this mean for us?

Greg Hallett :  I can tell you what it means for you legally :  ‘You’re up shit creek without a paddle’.  All of the Countries that have been given Legitimacy from England, like Israel – it has NO LEGITIMACY, because England can’t Grant that legitimacy.

‘King John II’ was King from the 6th of October 1869 to the 1st of April 1910.  King Edward VII Regicided (which means murdered), he Regicided his 7½ year elder brother, legitimate, King John II of England.  Five (5) weeks later, King Edward VII died, and we are into a Fake Royal Line.  We should look at the subsequent illegitimacy of the British Royal family after King Edward VII.

King George V became King of England from 1910 to 1936, and King George V was illegitimate.  He was the son of ‘Tsarevitch Sascha’ who became ‘Tsar Alexander III of Russia’.

His son, Tsar Nikolas II of Russia, was actually half-brother to King George VI, and there’s a photo of them standing next to each other, and they look identical.  They are the same height, same facial structure, same beards – they absolutely look like Brothers, if not Twins.  They were also first cousins, but most importantly they were ‘half-brothers and first cousins’.

King George V died in 1936.  He was not a legitimate King because he was illegitimate, but also his elder brother Prince Eddy was still alive and living in Glamis Castle.

King George V’s son, Edward VIII, knew that when his father King George V died, Prince Eddy was still alive, and that was one of the reasons why Edward VIII Abdicated.

So Edward VIII did his best to destroy the British Monarchy in order to provide some integrity.  He destroyed the monarchy by having at least 50 illegitimate children and marrying a double-divorcee who was a spy, and had undescended testes.

Dr. Rock :  ‘Wallis Simpson!’  I find it quite interesting that we kicked off with King John II, given that King John I was the guy who handed over the crown to the Vatican in the first place and ensured that even if the Monarchy was illegitimate, it was basically ‘A Vassal to Rome’.

Greg Hallett :  Well, I think that the material that has been written on the Magna Carta, et cetera, and on King John I, is very dubious.  The Catholics have ‘A Tradition of Writing History Hundreds of Years After It Happened’ as though it happened in their favour . . . and I really don’t think that we’ve got to the bottom of Magna Carta, or what King John I was like.

Dr. Rock :  So given as you say, under these conditions in Legal Terms, we are, as you say, ‘Up Shit Creek Without a Paddle’ . . . Are you finding any solutions to that?  I mean, is there a way of dealing with this situation as individuals? from your perspective?

Greg Hallett :  There is, and ‘I’m finally coming up against some very large brick walls which are paper thin’.  They’re not actually brick walls – they just look like brick walls.

I’ll just do a rundown on the illegitimacy.  I’ll continue with that . . .

So we’ve got ‘Edward VIII’ who is NOT CROWNED King, so he’s NOT King Edward VIII, he’s just ‘Edward VIII’.  He was never a King.  He was in that position ‘unfulfilled’ from January to December 1936.

Then we had King George VI who had one IQ point above retarded – 67 IQ.  He had knocked knees, and a terrible stutter.  ‘The King’s Speech’ movie is based around him.  He was an alcoholic and a chain-smoker.  He thought he married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon – but he didn’t – he married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid!  This is actually a repeat of history from ‘Jacob, who thought he was marrying Rachel, but he married Rachel’s sister’.  It’s almost portentous!

So what happened was in 1921, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was engaged, for a week, to the person who became Edward VIII.  Then Edward VIII said he was “going to Abdicate”.  So Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the next week, was engaged to the person who became King George VI.

Dr. Rock :  [Laughing]
Greg Hallett :  Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon had NO Royalty at all.  The reason was that her father Lord Glamis had been taken care of Prince Eddy while he was still alive in the World’s longest bed-and-breakfast, which lasted for over 40 years from 1892 to past 1936.

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was part of a high-level freemasonry pact, due to Lord Glamis taking care of Prince Eddy in Glamis Castle for over 40 years, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was to marry a Royal – She didn’t have Royal Blood.

When Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon met the person who became King George VI, she saw that he had knocked knees, a terrible stutter, he was a chain-smoker, alcoholic, and kind of looked a bit frog-like.

So she said “NO”, and she got her maid to stand in and marry King George VI.

Dr. Rock :  And he didn’t notice this going on?

Greg Hallett :  Well he had a 67 IQ.  His IQ was so low that when photographs were taken, his attention span had already run out and he was often looking to the side or walking away!  So it was actually quite difficult to get a shot of King George VI.

So King George VI ends up marrying Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid, and then Lord Louis Mountbatten comes along and says :  “Oh King George VI, you married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid.” [What the!]  “So here’s what is going to happen . . . My pauper prince nephew, Prince Philip is going to marry Princess Elizabeth”.  And they go . . . “Well, either we lose the Monarchy [this was an Extortion] Either we lose the Monarchy, or we let Princess Elizabeth marry Prince Philip!”

But the other thing that Lord Louis Mountbatten came up with was that ‘King George VI did not sire Princess Elizabeth or Princess Margaret’. 

The person who became King George VI – via artificial insemination – sired a child with Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid – his wife . . . and that child was a boy and born epileptic, and they left it to die on the hospital gurney.

So because George VI was so retarded, they decided to replace him, as the sperm donor, with an illegitimate Royal, and the illegitimate child of King Edward VII was Winston Churchill.  So Winston Churchill became the sperm donor and impregnated, via artificial insemination, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid, who was married to the person who became King George VI.

So Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret are both the children of Winston Churchill !!

That’s interesting, because when Winston Churchill and Hitler met – they did meet, they met in 1940 in France – Hitler addressed Churchill and treated Churchill as though Churchill was the King of England, because Winston Churchill was the father of Princess Elizabeth – the Princess Regent.

So Princess Elizabeth was extorted into marriage by a CIA Nazi Bi-sexual Paedophile called Prince Philip, who was a pauper.  He had £20 in his pocket and he owned two suits.

That is alluded to in ‘Peter Pan’ with the two raccoons being ‘Raconteurs and Rackateers’ . . . and that first applied to ‘Lord Louis Mountbatten’s father and Lord Louis Mountbatten’ ;  and then it applied to ‘Lord Louis Mountbatten and Prince Philip’.

Prince Philip ended up ordering the murder of Lord Louis Mountbatten.

We should probably talk a little bit more about the illegitimacy, because it’s quite important to get the whole story out, because the overall goal from 1840 on, was to make the British Royal family more and more and more illegitimate, until it was so completely obvious that they were illegitimate that no one could miss it!

Dr. Rock :  Now they’ve got ‘Even more no Authority’ . . .

Greg Hallett :  Otherwise known as ‘Even less Authority’, or ‘No Authority at all’.

So we know that Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret are illegitimate ;  and Prince Philip has extorted Princess Elizabeth into marriage.  Lord Louis Mountbatten arranged that marriage on several conditions :  One of the conditions is that he has ‘Rights of Sex with the Firstborn’ – which is Prince Charles.

Lord Louis Mountbatten was well known as a Paedophile, and he was sodomising Prince Charles from a very young age.  There are photographs of Prince Charles as 4-year old, 6-year-old, sitting on Lord Louis Mountbatten’s lap . . . and Lord Louis Mountbatten has a very big erection, running down his thigh, right next to Prince Charles’ hand . . . and the whole family is just sitting around, as though this is like normal.

Lord Louis Mountbatten sodomised virtually every one in the British Royal family . . . except for the women.

Dr. Rock :  I’m assuming you must be pretty sure of your Claims to be saying them in the public!

Greg Hallett :  It’s just fascinating in itself – the Illegitimacy of the British Royal family.  

Once you get to see who is illegitimate, and how often they have been illegitimate, you realise that they have been running a program of illegitimacy in the British Royal family, on a permanent basis and on a ‘to-be-noticed basis’, for a certain program, to end at a certain time, for a certain outcome . . . And I am part of that certain outcome.

Prince Philip was actually swished.  So he was born ‘Prince Philip’, but he was swished by the OSS which became the CIA.  So Prince Philip is actually an ‘OSS-CIA-Mafia-Swished-Baby’.  It’s like ‘switched’, but it is called “Swish-Baby”.  Bill Clinton is also a ‘Swish-Baby’.

Dr. Rock :  Not ‘Bill Clinton’ then?

Greg Hallett :  “William Churchill Clinton”.

Dr. Rock :  [Laughing]

Greg Hallett :  The mother is Pamela Harriman.  Pamela Harriman and Bill Clinton look identical.  Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth II are half-brother-and-sister, because Winston Churchill sired Queen Elizabeth, and Winston Churchill’s daughter-in-law was Pamela Harriman.  They kicked the husband/son out, and Winston Churchill sired a child with Pamela Harriman, and that child was born on Max Aitken’s estate in England, and then flown out to America to be raised by anaesthetists – people who erase your memory.

If you look at Pamela Harriman, and if you look at Bill Clinton, they are identical – absolutely identical.  No one really knows what Winston Churchill really looked like, because he was so fat.

When Pamela Harriman died, Bill Clinton had made her Ambassador for France, and he sent Airforce One out to pick up the body, and at the funeral Bill Clinton said these words: “I am here in no small measure because she was there”.  That was Bill acknowledging that Pamela Harriman was his mother.

Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth were half-brother-and-sister, and that’s why during Bill Clinton’s Impeachment, it was Queen Elizabeth who got him off.

So Prince Philip is ‘not a prince’, he’s a CIA-MAFIA Swish-Baby, and he is big into Heroin Trafficking. He is bringing Heroin into England and the British Commonwealth in order to destroy it, on behalf of the Germans, which are called the DVD – ‘Deutsche Verteidigungs-Dienst’ – and their motto is :  “For us the war never ended”.

Prince Philip has been attacking Great Britain since their Secret Engagement, and then Engagement and then Marriage.

So Prince Philip sired Prince Charles.  

Prince Philip sired Princess Anne.

Then the Heroin Trafficking Triumvirate was made up of Prince Philip, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Lord Porchester and Lord Plunket.

Queen Elizabeth II is essentially a ‘Heroin Trafficking Mole’.

It is her role to have sex with the other Heroin Traffickers, and she fell in love with them.

She fell in love with Lord Porchester and had a child to Lord Porchester called ‘Prince Andrew’ . . . and the other Heroin Trafficker Lord Plunket, Queen Elizabeth fell in love with him, they had a long affair and they had a child together called ‘Prince Edward’.

Then Prince Charles had an arranged marriage with Lady Diana, and Lady Diana is illegitimate.  She is the daughter of Sir Jimmy Goldsmith, who was a Rothschild, and her mother Frances Burke-Roche. You can get that confirmation, because Sir Jimmy Goldsmith’s son, Zak Goldsmith, looks exactly, absolutely identical, to Lady Diana – absolutely identical.

To continue the Illegitimacy of the British Monarchy, Lady Diana refused to have sex with Prince Charles, and she went to Spain and had four (4) affairs with King Juan Carlos of Spain.

The first affair resulted in Prince William.

If you look at photos of Prince William and Juan Carlos, both when they are about 26, 28, 30, they are identical.  They have the same jawline, the same ears, the same area around the top lip to the nose, which is the area you look at for ‘signatures’.

But most importantly, Prince Williams’ and King Juan Carlos of Spain’s ears are identical – whereas Prince Charles’ ears are not identical . . . and Prince Charles has no Heirs.

Dr. Rock:  Indeed.  So it sounds like the Rothschilds have been using our apparent Royal Family as kind of Brood Mares.

Greg Hallett :  Princess Diana had an affair with James Hewitt and produced Prince Harry.

Prince William and Prince Harry are illegitimate.  So there are no Heirs to the British Throne.

Commoner Kate Middleton was an Eyes-Wide-Shut-Sexworker – incapable of having children, she has never been pregnant, all she does is wear a pregnancy-belly and she shows absolutely no signs of a pregnancy other than a pregnancy-belly.  She has no swollen breasts, no swollen ankles, no swollen face – nothing!

The children that appeared, of Prince William and Kate Middleton, were actually engineered and conceived and gestated in the north of Norfolk – which is actually pretty much where we are now!

Somebody :  Oh yeah, that’s exactly where we are!

Dr. Rock :  Where is this taking us all do you think?

Greg Hallett :  Most of the lines you’ve got are Fake, like ‘Churchill being descended from the Duke of Marlborough’ is Fake.  But what we do have :  If we go from King George I – he was German ;  We go to Queen Victoria – she was German and French and German ;  We go to George V – he was Russian and Danish, not English! – Russian and Danish! ;   We go to Prince William – he’s Spanish and English! ;  Queen Elizabeth II – she is American because Winston Churchill was half-American.

Dr. Rock :  Why is somebody working so hard to make a completely illegitimate line?  What is the actual function of this?

Greg Hallett :  It is actually called a ‘Shin’ or ‘Forbidden Secret’ and it’s lasted two hundred (200) years and it ended in 2012.  It was started by Mayer Amschel Rothschild who formed the Rothschilds.  He had ‘Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Söhne’ (and sons) which is a banking outfit in Bank, and that’s ‘MARS’ – questionable if the planet it was named in some relation to that.

And the 200 years was to end on the 19th of September 2012, or thereabouts.


Thereafter the British Monarchy was controlled by fulfillment of prophecies in the Bible and in the Tradition Received.  The Tradition Received says that the person who will write up this story will come from Lemuria –  which is “New Zealand, Australia, Fiji”.

The Bible says that you will get a Wise King from the Brother of your Nations.  Brother Nations is “Australia, New Zealand, Canada”.

And if you overlay “Australia, New Zealand, Canada” with “from Lemuria” – you’re left with “Australia and New Zealand”.

But ‘Australia’ was actually colonized by convicts, so that leaves “New Zealand”.

So they are actually looking for someone from New Zealand to write up the story about the illegitimacy of the British Royal Family.

Dr. Rock :  Where is your Antipodean Accent from?

Greg Hallett :  “New Zealand”.

Dr. Rock :  So have you written any books?

Greg Hallett :  I’ve just completed five (5) Volumes called “THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND – Arma Christi – Unveiling the Rose”.  It’s 1200 pages, and it’s got 700 photos, 90% of them are never seen before, a lot of them are of Royal Marks.

The most important Royal Mark is a Mark that Queen Victoria and King John II of England got to me. It’s a Letter from Queen Victoria to her firstborn son, Prince Marcos Manoel, when he was 16, in 1850, and it says “Assemble him Claimant” – meaning ‘Assemble him Claimant to the Throne and Crown of Great Britain and All Ireland’ . . . and I own that Letter.

I have three Titles, which include the title ‘Arch Treasurer’ . . . and ‘Arch-Treasurer’ stands in for the King, when the King is not in the country.  I had been the ‘Acting Prince Pretender’ from the 7th of April to the 7th of August 2012, and I have been the ‘Prince Pretender’ from 1st of March 2015.

Dr. Rock :  You actually sound like you had a fair amount of co-operation from these people.

Is that right?

Greg Hallett :  It’s co-operation under the guise and actuality of extreme tests, extreme hardship, absolutely impossible scenarios, given very little information . . . In one case I was given basically one (1) line and from that I had to write a book . . . Another, I was given about a-page-and-a-half (1½) and from that I had to write a book.

Dr. Rock :  So are you happy with the result that you’ve turned out?  Do you think you’re reaching the end of your mission?  Is the message that you’re after getting across actually now complete or have you still got more work to do?

Greg Hallett :  Well, it’s complete, and you know, the British Royal Family is totally aware of who I am.  It’s the matter of trying to get my position, as “Prince Pretender”, and my Legal papers recognised by the Public, and by the Judiciary.

10th of April, registered by the Court on the 14th of April, this year 2015, I claimed the Status of “Prince Pretender” backdated to 3 pm on the First of March 2015 (1st of March 2015).

Dr. Rock :  You really sound like you’ve been doing your work here.  So what are you going to do when you’re ‘King’?

Greg Hallett :  Well, since nothing has been done for 160 years – ‘Everything’.

Dr. Rock :  Well, that’s fair enough.

That was Greg Hallett talking with a great deal of confidence about the things that can’t really be very popular in the Corridors of Power – to discover that it doesn’t even have the legitimacy it appears to have, should as by now come as absolutely no surprise.

All I can say is that day after day after day we are just having the rug being pulled out from under our feet – to reveal another rug which will be simply pulled out from under our feet tomorrow.

And I was pretty interested what Greg had to say.  

I guess we can be pretty sure that your views are not popular.

Greg Hallett :  Well, they’re actually incredible popular.  Queen Elizabeth has acknowledged me several times, and so has Prince Philip, and so have a lot of the other members of the Royal Family.

Dr. Rock :  Well wrap me in cling-foil and call me Doreen.

How did that acknowledgement show itself?

Greg Hallett :  Well, I’ll get to that.

Dr. Rock :  You don’t necessarily look like the kind of man who would have an intense interest in Royalty?

Speaking with a great deal of confidence, I thought.

Thanks very much, Greg, it has been great having you on . . .

Greg Hallett :   There was, let’s say politely – a Kerfuffle.


THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND — You can get it from,

The Hidden King of England - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose