Part 2

Jim Fetzer:  This is Jim Fetzer, your host on THE REAL DEAL, continuing my conversation with the leading expert on the legitimacy of the British Monarchy, most recently having authored ‘THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND − Arma Christi − Unveiling the Rose’ − a five-part series that has drawn such a startling response from the Crown that they have even revised the ‘Laws of Succession’ and backdated them to cope with the evidence Greg Hallett has amassed showing ‘Queen Elizabeth II is not the legitimate heir to the Throne’.

Greg, your work is just fascinating !!

The Hidden King of England - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose

Greg Hallett:  Thanks Jim . . . thanks for that.

So what I have been doing is taking the five (5) volumes of ‘THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND – Arma Christi – Unveiling the Rose’ into the realms of the Judiciary . . . and it appears that the Judiciary lacks Subject-Matter Jurisdiction and is unable to Hear the case − my case ‘to be acknowledged as “Prince Pretender to the Throne and Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”’ . . . on the basis that their Privy Council Oath swears an Oath to the Queen, whether she is illegitimate or not . . . and that the Privy Council Oath is actually a Mafia Oath . . . which uses the word “let”, ‘L-E-T-T’ − which means “condemn”,  which is “to condemn anyone who challenges the Monarchy”, even though the Laws have been changed to allow one to Challenge the Monarchy, and those Laws were changed because it became self-evident that the British Royal family are ILLEGITIMATE.

So I’ve been trying to have some large cases heard in the Courts, and I have come across a lack of Subject-Matter Jurisdiction before.

I took Peter Alderidge Williams QC, who was the President of the Law Society, to the High Court.  He admitted in the High Court in February 2011, that he was Prince Philip’s Agent in New Zealand . . .

And due to the Predictions, that this story would be written up basically in New Zealand in a place called North, which included North Island, North Shore, North Auckland, North Harbour, Northcote, Northgrove Ave, and North-Town Road, all of the places that I lived . . . then Peter Williams QC, as Prince Philip’s Agent, was in fact targeting the Heroin to me.

 It’s called ‘The Queen’s Heroin’ and “no one could be charged with the Queen’s Heroin” . . . and all the areas that I lived in was where the Heroin was targeted.

Now what I found in trying to have the case heard against Peter Williams QC was that the Courts did not want to hear it, and they delayed the case being heard for five (5) years − and my car was blown up by implosions, so it was ‘not newsworthy’ − quite a few Murder Attempts . . . left the Country (NZ) to write up this story, and when the Courts established that I was out of the country (NZ) in Portugal working with Queen Victoria’s Great-Great-Great-Great Grandson . . . that the Courts of New Zealand then stopped all communication with me by email, once they had ascertained that my IP address was in Portugal in Sintra.

They then tried to establish that I was in New Zealand, so they had a manhunt for me in the north of the North Island, and in the middle of the North Island − to try to get the case heard in my absence.

New Zealand is a test-tube shaped country ;  it is isolated ;  it is in the middle of the South Pacific ;  and it has four (4) million people roughly called “Westerners”, so it is a Test-tube-shaped Test-Case scenario.

New Zealand ‘Tests Evermore Critical Forms of Judicial and Social Control’, and that is the Major Export Product of New Zealand . . . that and having Heroin transferred through New Zealand Customs in order to make it less suspicious . . .

And then New Zealand is promoted as the most honest country in the World − which it isn’t !!

While my Case was in the Courts, Peter Williams QC was Killed by Cancer, which is one of the best things ever to happen in New Zealand.

On his deathbed he was surrounded by his homosexual lover, ‘Paul Henry’, and his fellow heroin trafficker ‘Winston Peters’, and Winston Peters’ ex-girlfriend, the Heroin trafficking prostitute Heini Philips, who became Peter Williams’ Common Law wife, who became Lady Heini Philips [as the paedophile Peter Williams was knighted just before he died]. 

So Sian Elias, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Zealand, became the Mafia Boss . . . and what we need to realise is that the Judiciary is the Mafia!

As soon as you have fake people at the top, like Queen Elizabeth II and as soon as you have . . . in Sian Elias’ case, she became the Chief Justice, because her husband is a known Child-Sex Abuser and he Bribed everyone else, so that she would get that position, so that Sian Elias could then protect her husband from any Charges.

And in the meantime, her husband’s brother, John Fletcher, who was an Accountant, was Murdered because there was also a theft of half-a-billion dollars by Sian Elias (NZ$500,000,000, 500 million dollars).  

I was talking to two Members of Parliament and they were saying that the Chief Justice of New Zealand Sian Elias was at an official function in a limousine, and she was having sex with the chauffeur in the back seat outside the official function − sitting on top and singing.

So because New Zealand ‘Exports Evermore Critical Modalities of Social and Judicial Control to the United Kingdom’ . . . and it’s a whole lot cheaper to run experiments of those forms of social and judicial control in New Zealand, as opposed to England . . . that the British Judiciary really thought that it was an absolutely fantastic thing that Sian Elias was coming over to England to be a Mock Judge in a Reversal of History − which is  ‘The Mock Trial of the Barons’ − for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

In the 1215 history, King John I was essentially on trial. 800 years later in the Mock Trial, it was the Barons that were on trial.

The anniversary of the Magna Carta was on the 15th of June 2015 (about 3 months ago) in Runnymede, which is about one mile East of Windsor Castle.   Windsor Castle looks down on Runnymede which is basically some old flood plains.

About 3.41 miles south along the Great Walk from Windsor Castle to, South, is Cumberland Lodge − and we hold the Royal Marks of the Duke of Cumberland, who became King George V of Hannover, who was Queen Victoria’s first and only legitimate husband.

Cumberland Lodge looks down on to Runnymede about 3 miles away.

So when I lodged this case on the 10th of April 2015, and it was accepted by the Courts on the 14th of April 2015 – it’s 650 pages, the case, so it’s that thick (shows stack of case papers) − so it’s quite massive − and then, this is the material for the case.

The first copy was lodged into the Courts, and this is what happened afterwards (shows stack of documents).

The material that I lodged into the Courts initially is all Notarised and Sealed, which means they can be transferred from Portugal and legally used in England.  So there was no question as to the legitimacy of the case, or the material.

So the Courts read it, and they went :  “Holy Shit!  What are we going to do?”

Now most cases, believe it or not, most cases are sent to Salford, which is north-west Manchester.  The cases are actually decided there by MI-5 and sometimes MI-6.  So all the cases are pre-decided outside of the Court, and the Judges are just Actors!

I have to say that the people working in Salford, are working under EU directions.  So the EU has taken over the entire British Judiciary!

Now, because my case was so important, and they wanted to thwart it [frustrate], instead of sending it to Salford in north-west Manchester, they sent it to Temple Bar for the Lawyers to have a look at, and for the Royal Courts of Justice for the judges look at it.  

Now I actually had that confirmed by the Court staff, that it had been sent to London!  And I had it confirmed by a Lawyer that :  “It is normally sent to Salford, Manchester”.

So what the Lawyers at Temple Bar did, was request my Intelligence File!  And my ‘Intelligence File’ − I never worked in Intelligence by the way, I’ve never worked in Intelligence − but my Intelligence File is floor-to-ceiling three (3) times.

Jim Fetzer:  Really!

Greg Hallett:  Yes.

Jim Fetzer:  We knew you were an intelligent fellow, but that’s amazing!

Greg Hallett:  So they couldn’t send it, because it is too much of a data spike.

Jim Fetzer:  How could anyone even go through it, if it is that massive?

Greg Hallett:  They just put the good stuff at the top.

Various people contributed to it, like Prince Philip’s Agents in New Zealand, and the Queen Mother’s Bodyguard.  They wanted to stop me winning my court cases.

There was a big takeover of Internal Affairs in New Zealand in 1992−93, which is sort of a MI-5 equivalent.  This is basically when everything became rotten! − Absolutely Rotten! − They got the worst people and stuck them in ‘home intelligence’ − Internal Affairs . . . and from 1993, I have never been allowed to win a Court case.

So some time between 1993 and 2005, they wrote on my Intelligence File − everyone has got an Intelligence File, and there’s the ‘Dummy Intelligence File’ – which is Intelligence for Dummies . . . and there is the ‘Real Intelligence File’ − what is actually going on −− what the person is really capable of.  

So one is a ‘talked down’, and the other is a ‘Potential’ and ‘Realized’.

What the Queen’s Mother’s Bodyguard and Prince Philip’s Agent in New Zealand wrote was :  “If you give this man any money, he will take over the world!” . . . so that’s on top of my Intelligence File.

Judges don’t want to read my Intelligence File.  The Ministry of Justice, the Department of Justice, is a branch of Intelligence.  They attend all the Intelligence Meetings . . . and  the “DOJ” in America . . .

Jim Fetzer:  ‘Department of Justice’, yes.
Greg Hallett:  “Department of Justice”, D.O.J. goes to all the Intelligence Meetings in America . . . and Intelligence tells the Justice Department what to do in Process and in the Outcome of Cases.  The Judges are just Actors.

Jim Fetzer:  Very disappointing!

Greg Hallett:  Very disappointing, but absolutely true!

So they got the Chief Justice of New Zealand to deliver my Intelligence File to England to Cumberland Lodge, 3.41 miles from Windsor Castle overlooking Runnymede.  And the first appointment for Runnymede was the 15th of June 2015, and the Mafia Boss Peter Williams QC died on the 10th of June.  Chief Justice Sian Elias became the Mafia Boss on the 10th of June 2015, and then delivered my Intelligence File to England . . . and that was her pay-off.

My Intelligence File was there to show the Judges the only way to deal with me, to suppress me.  

The first thing it said was :  “You cannot have this person in the Courtroom. He must never, ever, ever, get into a Courtroom!”

The reason being, when I was in the Courtroom against Peter Williams QC, Prince Philip’s Agent, and who was the President of the Law Society, I just tore him apart and he broke down . . . and they actually had the Chief Justice Sian Elias waiting in the wings, ready to give evidence against me in the High Court, and she didn’t come in, because I was winning.
Jim Fetzer:  The Chief Justice . . .

Greg Hallett:  Yes.

Jim Fetzer:  . . . was going to testify against you!

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  So my Intelligence File goes to England, and the cover for that was that Sian Elias would be one of the three (3) judges in the Mock Trial of the Barons on the 31st of July at Westminster . . .

Yet in A.D. 1215 none of the judges were Jewish, and in 2015 all three judges were Ashkenazi Jews.

Jim Fetzer:  Really!

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  So it was a Mock Trial in more ways than one.  

Considering that Prince Marcos Manoel became King John II, and I have got in my legal papers that I am Claiming the position “Prince Pretender for King John III”, because I am purifying the name King John III, that all of this should go down around the Magna Carta, and at the location of the Magna Carta.

Now, what I wrote in my papers was that ‘If any judge is a member’ − in these initial papers here which went from November to February, and they are all agreed to by the Respondent Francisco Manoel − that “If any judge is found to be a member of a Secret Society and Strikes this Case Out, then everything is found in my favour”.

Jim Fetzer:  Wonderful!

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  Now from the time that the Court accepted it on the 14th of April 2015 to giving it a case number on the 9th of July 2015, it is 13 weeks, and that was when Sian Elias brought my Intelligence File over, and was notified to the Public as one of the Three Judges hearing the Mock Trial of the Barons, by King John, essentially making King John the Judge and Jury, and the Laws of Succession were written in New Zealand with Sian Elias being the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

So they wanted to question Sian Elias on the Laws of Succession, how I created it − effected it − and how it played so completely into my hands, and why it was backdated to the 25th of April 2013, thus ‘effectively Queen Elizabeth II was Abdicating to me’ . .  and this was done in Cumberland Lodge!

The Second Judge in my case was High Court Judge Daniel John Pearce-Higgins QC who is a member of Cumberland Lodge, which is a Secret Society, and a Speaker at Cumberland Lodge and it’s a place where the Queen’s Heroin is effectively distributed, and where the Heroin money is effectively laundered.

Because my case was such a large amount − £1.66 Billion Pounds − which is the value of the promises made . . . for Titles, four (4) Castles, and four (4) Manor Houses − that the fee, any fee, any claim above £415,000 pounds requires a Court Fee of £10,000.  So £415,000 and above, you have to pay £10,000.00. 

So I managed to get a Fee Remission for £10,000 which went into the Court . . . but what I found that the Courts are doing, is that they’ve been laundering the Heroin money through the Fee Remissions.

Jim Fetzer:  Really!

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  So what I got was Three Letters from the Court, less than five (5) lines each, that took them less than an hour to write in total − less than an hour to ‘Hear’ everything − officially.

So the Courts are getting £10,000 pounds an hour by Fee Remission and making that money real by laundering £10,000 of Heroin money, hence the wars in Afghanistan et cetera.

Do you get that?

Jim Fetzer:  Yes.

Greg Hallett:  You see how it works?

Jim Fetzer:  Yes . . . and obviously it is coming from an unimpeachable source, when it is through the judiciary system.

Greg Hallett:  Yes exactly . . . and the Government will not question the judiciary − it will say that it is a separate branch and that it has no control over the Judiciary.  But the Judiciary is allowed access to all the Intelligence Meetings . . . and the Government will supply Intelligence in order to rig the outcome of the case − of any case.

Jim Fetzer:  All of this is very recent, Greg.  You are talking about events that were just a few months ago.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, I know.

Jim Fetzer:  I mean, it has taken so long to reach this point.

Greg Hallett:  Well, it was thirteen (13) weeks in Court, so it was thirteen (13) weeks Not Being Heard.  

I demanded that the Case be heard . . . On the front page you put what Court you want it heard in?

I wanted it heard in “Queens Bench High Court” . . . and then I said “I want it to be heard man on man, where the Respondent is present, and I am present”.  The Respondent then has to answer all these points that he has already agreed to’.

The Courts realised that this case made me “Prince Pretender of the United Kingdom”, so what the Courts did was ‘NOT notify the Respondent’.

Jim Fetzer:  Not notify the Respondent?

Greg Hallett:  Not notify the Respondent!

Jim Fetzer:  That being you?

Greg Hallett: No, I’m the Claimant.  I am the First Claimant, and Francisco Manoel is the Respondent!

Jim Fetzer:  How outrageous, Greg.  They have been subverting the process.

Greg Hallett:  What it means in legal terms is :  “It is though the case had never begun”.  And it means that “The Judges’ decisions are Void” . . . but what I put in the case was that “If any judge is a member of a secret society . . .”

Jim Fetzer:  Yes.  “Then it defaults to you.”

Greg Hallett:  . . . “Then the decision defaults to me.  So they want to give me ‘Prince Pretender Status’.  They actually want to, but they don’t want to put their names to it, because the High Orders, the Priory de Sion, down, to Judges, which is quite a low level position, they’re saying to the Judges : “You’ve got to do it.  You know, it’s predicted – it’s in the Bible, it’s in the Tradition Received, it’s in that which is outside the Tradition Received, and this guy has overcome all obstacles.”

. . . and that is what it says in the Bible.  It says:  “He will overcome all obstacles” . . . which is all the murder attempts and that.  How does that happen?  It’s actually got a Title with it.

So what they did was, Temple Bar picked two Judges who were clearly members of Secret Societies − and got them to Strike my Case Out . . . or tried to Strike my Case Out − which then found the Case to be in my favour.

The first judge was Judge Martin Parry, who’s a District Court Circuit Judge.  He is not a High Court Judge.

So I get the Case Number awarded on the 9th of July.

I am Not Notified ;  the Respondent Francisco is Not Notified.

The papers are then given to District Court Circuit Judge Martin Parry, who is U.S.O.P.E. − ‘Unlawful Society of Paedophile Enablers’, and he doesn’t Hear the Case, he doesn’t Notify myself the Applicant, he doesn’t Notify the Respondent, and he looks at the Case Not in any Court, and then he writes as though he is a High Court Judge, as though he is on the Queen’s Bench, but he is an Inferior Judge.

The High Court and Queen’s Bench are a Superior Court and Martin Parry is an Inferior Judge who tries to Strike the Case Out . . . but he has no Jurisdiction.

 The Inferior District Court Judge Martin Parry lacks Subject-Matter Jurisdiction, but says “The statement of case discloses no reasonable grounds for lodging the Claim”.

There is two reasons he could do that :  One is because there is ‘No Dispute’ except for a Letter from the Respondent out of time on the 2nd of March this year, 2015 ;  OR the Inferior Judge Martin Parry lacks Subject-Matter Jurisdiction because he’s a District Court Judge Usurping as though he is a High Court Judge ;  AND/OR because Judge Parry swore the Privy Council Oath to the Queen, and any information that exposes the Queen as a Fake − he can’t Hear.

I once said to a Judge in the High Court of New Zealand :   “Can you Hear me?”.  Three times I said :  “Can you hear me?” All he could say was :  “I am listening” . . . because it’s outside his Jurisdiction!

So because Queen Elizabeth is Fake, because she is illegitimate, she is not a Royal, she is a Commoner, and because she has Abdicated ten (10) times and abdicated another two (2) times to me . . . the Judges can not act against it, because they have sworn an Oath to it . . . and the whole system of Justice is generally called ‘The Royal Courts of Justice’ . . . and there is no Royal Family who can change the laws . . . so it is now okay to disregard the Royal Family as Commoners. 

It is Lawful now to do so . . . but the Judges can’t get their head around it.
So I looked up District Court Circuit Judge Martin Parry, and this is what it says : 

"Name and Shame Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Services.  This is a list of judges who are or have been involved in cases concerning social services in CAFCASS − not always in the best interest of children.  There have been far too many children and families abused by the court system and this must be resolved.  Also in the case of CAFCASS has been involved with obvious bias against fathers in the use of false or unevidenced allegations have been used against leverage and divorce disputes.  Britain’s worst judicial offenders family division judges home addresses:  Judge Martin Parry, Battonhall Park House, Upper Batton Hall, Worcester, WO7 4RU”

So that’s U.S.O.P.E. – the ‘Unlawful Society of Paedophile Enablers’ . . .

What Judge Martin Parry did − couples would come in to debate the care of their children and who would have the child when, and based on no evidence, he would strip the child from both parents and put it in Foster Care, where Paedophiles have access to a child who no longer has its protective biological father, and biological mother.  

So Judge Martin Parry is a Paedophile Enabler.

So I wrote this, I wrote about four (4) letters to Judge Martin Parry and exposed this, and exposed that he was a Freemason, which the Court’s staff confirmed ;  and that he was not a High Court Judge ;  that he was a District Court Judge and he was Usurping the position ;  and it was illegal for him to sign as a ‘High Court Judge’ ;  and it was illegal for him to sign as of the ‘Queen’s Bench’ ;  and it was illegal for him to Strike the Case Out even if it was based on ‘Insufficient statement of claim’ . . .  You don’t ‘Strike out a Case Out’ on that, you ‘Stay the Case’.

So they found in my favour, by having Judge Martin Parry being a Freemason ;  and an Inferior Judge usurping as a Superior Judge ;  and being “USOPE” – ‘Unlawful Society of Paedophile Enablers’.

I wrote to the Judges under the ‘1835 Statutory Declarations Act’, which gave them seven (7) days to respond point-by-point.  

In that process Judge Martin Parry confirmed that he is a Paedophile − legally − on papers.

Jim Fetzer:  Really!

Greg Hallett:  Yes.

Jim Fetzer:  How extraordinary!

Greg Hallett:  Which is bizarre to say the least, but it’s accepted since it’s on Papers.  So if he wants to accuse me, or whatever, anyone, all I say is:  “Here it is.  Here it is.  You know:  Here it is on papers!”

So I predicted from my experience of the way the New Zealand Judiciary operates, and the way New Zealand Exports ‘Increasingly Extreme Forms of Judicial and Social Control’ that the way they treated me in New Zealand, having been Exported to the United Kingdom, is the way they would treat me in the United Kingdom − and so far it’s exactly the same – Identical !!!

So my first prediction was that they would use a throwaway judge.  

So the first judge, Martin Parry is a ‘Throwaway Judge’, in that he’s a paedophile-enabler, paedophile-minder, paedophile U.S.O.P.E. − Unlawful Society of Paedophile Enablers, a Freemason, and an Inferior District Court Circuit Judge Usurping as though he is a High Court Judge of the Queen’s Bench.

What they say about “Circuit Judges is that they make a Circus of the Courts”. And Rumpole says this even on TV programs.  And that was exactly what happened.

Now my next prediction was that they would use a Retired Judge who was of a higher level.  [Superior Court.]  

What I am trying to do is to get something clear on paper, to show people :  “Here it is.  It is clear”.

What they are doing at the moment is acknowledging me in 3D and 4D, but they are trying not to do the Paperwork, so I can just hold up the Paperwork and say “Here is the Seal”.

So my next prediction was that they would bring in a Retired Judge, or a Judge who was up for Retirement, or old enough to Retire, and he would have an absolutely squeaky clean Reputation.

The Judges that have the absolutely squeaky clean reputations are often the ones trafficking the Heroin and laundering the Heroin Money.

High Court Judge Daniel John Pearce-Higgins QC fitted that bill, and he is a member of Cumberland Lodge, which is 3.41 miles along ‘the Great Walk’ in ‘Windsor Great Park’ to Windsor Castle, which overlooks Runnymede.  
That’s where the meetings were held between Judge Pearce-Higgins and Judge Sian Seerpoohi Elias, and I reminded Judge Pearce-Higgins that we hold the Royal Marks of the Duke of Cumberland who became King George V of Hanover, and we hold the Chalice and the Signet Ring of the King of Hanover.

So because Judge Martin Parry’s decision was void, I can have them ‘Substituted for Cause’ and ‘Recused’, have the ‘Case rendered Void’ to be heard by another judge.

“Void” and “Recused” means to hear the case again as though it had never been initially Heard . . . and because they had never Notified the Defendant, it is very obvious that the case had never begun.

Jim Fetzer:  Right.

Greg Hallett:  What I found out is that in the Civil Procedure Rules and the Practice Management rules, that Judge Martin Parry had revealed at least twenty (20) counts of ‘Bias’, and ‘Conflict of Interest’, and ‘Conflict of Primary and Secondary Interest’.
Now the main ‘Conflict of Primary and Secondary Interest’, which is the reason to Recuse a Judge, is that they ‘Swear an Oath to the Queen’, and this case was about the ‘Queen being illegitimate’.  

So the Judges should have said straight away :  “Sorry, we can’t hear the case”.  But instead, they were ‘Secret Society members who tried to Strike the Case Out, thus awarding it to me without putting their name on it’ . . . and they did that twice.

So I Recused Judge Parry, which is very easy to do.  It’s very lawful, and according to the Civil Procedure Rules it’s very obvious.

Most of the Judges and the Court staff in England pretend to not know what “Recuse” means.  “Recuse” means ‘get rid of, start again’.  They pretend to not know what it meant because it is such an effective Legal tool for the Applicant (GH).

So High Court Judge Pearce-Higgins decided that he never heard of the word “Recuse” . . . and he decided that my Application to Recuse the first judge, Martin Parry (who falsely masqueraded as a Queen’s Bench Judge), he decided that it was actually an ‘Application to Appeal’ of an ‘Appeal’, because he refused to acknowledge that ‘the Rules of Recusing a Judge exist’ . . . and Judge Pearce-Higgins is a member of Cumberland Lodge.

Jim Fetzer:  Greg, this is simply absurd!

Greg Hallett:  I know!  There is no Justice, no Judiciary, there’s actually No Court in the United Kingdom anymore!

It has all gone to the EU, it is all decided by Intelligence in Salford, and or in Temple Bar, and or in the Royal Courts of Justice beforehand, using Intelligence Files from that person’s original country, Not Notifying the Defendant, and not even looking at the Case, which is already agreed between the Applicant and Respondent/Defendant, and all the Court had to do is STAMP IT !!! − Yes?

Jim Fetzer:  Yes!  Ridiculous!

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  So High Court Judge Daniel John Pearce-Higgins QC admitted on papers to meeting Sian Elias, Chief Justice of New Zealand, rigging the case and laundering Heroin money − to which I called him shameful for sullying the name of “Cumberland” and doing it at ‘Cumberland Lodge’.

Jim Fetzer:  Yes!

Greg Hallett: I have three copies of my Court File in the Court − and they want to give me two back. I am the only person in the United Kingdom that they won’t post them back to.  Right? [there may be others]

Jim Fetzer:  Yes!

Greg Hallett:  So in the files, in these smaller files, in the process of moving things forward, on the 31st of July 2015 using my title Lord Arch-Treasurer Guardian of the Royal Secret, ‘I Struck Queen Elizabeth II with a Black Wand’.

Now, ‘Striking the Queen with a Black Wand’, or ‘Striking the Monarch with a Black Wand’, is an Act of Dethroning the Queen.

Someone actually tried it with Queen Victoria around 1850.

Jim Fetzer:  But there must be a Legal Context.  I mean, it can’t just be the performance of the Black Wand, Greg, there would have to be a Legal Context that would warrant it.

It’s like getting married, you know.  Just because a minister says, “You are now man and wife”, does not mean it has actually happened, unless there are circumstances that justify it, including for example having a marriage license.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, I know what you are saying.   Here’s my Titles:  Your Grace, Lord Chancellor Arch Treasurer Joseph Gregory Hallett, Lord Chancellor of the Kingdoms of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and of Hannover, and of the Duchy of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha (1st of March 2012) ;  Lord Chancellor Arch-Treasurer of the Royal Secret (1st of March 2012) ;  Knight of the Sangrëal and Guardian of the Royal Secret (20th of November 2012) ;  Knight of the Sacred Line of the Royal Scottish House Exiled ‘21’ of The House of Stuart (6th of December 2012) ;  Lord Arch Treasurer Guardian of the Royal Secret (a gift from the Sacred House of Stuart, 8th of December 2012) ;  Lord Chancellor Guardian of the Royal Secret (8th of December 2012) ;  Knight of the Sword, Knight Biographer (8th of December 2012) ;  Knight of the Sword of the Duchy of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha (7th of May 2013) ;  Knight Biographer of the Duchy of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha (7th of May 2013).

So my title ‘Lord Arch-Treasurer Guardian of the Royal Secret’ (8th of December 2012) allows me to Strike Queen Elizabeth II with a Black Wand and Dethrone her.

Jim Fetzer:  I can believe that.  I simply meant, that in the prior case, Greg, unless there were circumstances that were roughly comparable or sufficiently similar, it wouldn’t have been possible to have Dethroned Victoria.

Greg Hallett:  Yes, well.

Jim Fetzer:  I mean, who was attempting to dethrone her?

Greg Hallett:  It was a rig.  Queen Victoria actually employed the person to attempt to Dethrone her, because it was done in London, and Queen Victoria didn’t want to go to London because she wanted to be on the Isle of Wight with her son [Pr. Marcos Manoel], who was arriving about a week later, who was 16 and she had not seen him since he was less than one . . .

Jim Fetzer:  You are telling me Queen Victoria arranged for herself to be dethroned as a respite from office?

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  Queen Victoria was in France more than she was in London.  She was only in London four (4) times as a Queen − four times!

Jim Fetzer:  Really?

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  She was known as “The Absent Monarch” and people used to put signs on Buckingham Palace saying :  “Monarch Position available due to long absenteeism”.

Jim Fetzer:  That’s stunning!

Greg Hallett: Yes.

Jim Fetzer:  Would it have had any legal significance if she had been touched by the Black Wand at that point in time?  Could it actually have dethroned her that way?

Greg Hallett:  What happened was, in 1869, she was relegated to ‘Victoria Regina, Empress of India’, because her son became the King [John II].  So what the public was told, and what actually happened was two quite separate things.  

But getting back to Queen Elizabeth, on the 31st of July 2015, I struck Queen Elizabeth II with a Black Wand, and I could do that because one of my Titles is ‘Lord Arch-Treasurer Guardian of the Royal Secret’.

Jim Fetzer:  Greg, you are saying you actually did this?

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  I did it in the Court on Papers.  Yes.

Jim Fetzer: Oh, in Court Papers.

Greg Hallett:  Yes.

Jim Fetzer:  Symbolically, not physically.
Greg Hallett:  Well . . . Royalty is symbolic – ‘Symbology and Mythology’ are all part of it.

Jim Fetzer:  But you have not been in a physical proximity to the Queen where you could have touched her with a Black Wand.

Greg Hallett:  Well, it’s the Royal Courts of Justice, and she is the head patron, so I did touch her.

Jim Fetzer:  Legally?

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  So then the question is, was there a 3D 4D reaction?  And that is when you know ‘It is true and it has been acknowledged’.

Because “Registered Member of the Star Family” means that ‘I am above Queen Elizabeth II’, so she has to acknowledge me.  
The rules of the game are that she “cannot say anything against me”.  So she can’t do a press release and go :  ‘That guy is full of it’ . . . she can’t do that.  She ‘Can’t say anything against me’.

And then the question is :  ‘If the Higher Orders are behind us, they would have got someone, something, some organisation lower down to acknowledge that.  

So I Struck Elizabeth with a Black Wand on the 31st of July 2015, and that was effective on the 17th of August 2015 [and again on 21 August and 25 August 2015].  

So what sort of reaction would you get if Elizabeth had sunk down, and I had risen up?  You would get a fly-over, a Military Air Force fly-over . . .

Jim Fetzer:  And you are telling me that happened?

Greg Hallett:  That happened, yes.  Now where I am . . .

Jim Fetzer:  Greg, this is stunning!  This is absolutely stunning stuff!

Greg Hallett:  Basically I am living − within a hundred metres − I am living under the clock tower of the Chapel in Norfolk−Suffolk in East Anglia, which is a populated area.

About four (4) miles south of me is a place called ‘Eye’, and I shall get back to that.  Remind me to talk about ‘Eye’.

Jim Fetzer:  We are down to 10 minutes my friend.

Greg Hallett:  So I’ll just finish with this . . . So I Struck Queen Elizabeth with a Black Wand on the 31st of July to be effective on the 17th of August 2015, and under the Statutory Declarations Act 1835, all the Judges and Queen Elizabeth II and anyone else who wanted to, could respond point-by-point and argue the points as not being true etc.  

Instead what happened was, I got a fly-over.  This was between 10 and 11 at night ;  and it was a moonless night ;  it was one day after the full moon ;  there was a moderate cloud cover, so it was a very dark night ;  and they were Tyfoons [Eurofighters] which are triangular shaped planes, very large war-fighters ;  and they were breaking the sound-barrier ;  and were flying without lights at 250 feet ;  and they were doing it in a crisscross pattern ;  about a minute-and-a-half apart . . .

Jim Fetzer:  As a form of a Salute?

Greg Hallett: . . . directly over my head, and they were 300 miles off course [actually 200, 300 or 400 miles off-course].

Jim Fetzer:  Fascinating, fascinating!

Greg Hallett:  They were flying about a minute-and-a-half apart − whummmf − and then a minute-and-a-half − whummmf − and a minute-and-a-half − lots of those − then probably about 10 minutes apart . . . There would have been about twenty-five (25) or so fly-overs.

I spoke to the locals.  I went outside and had a look, you know, because they were flying at 250 feet.  So I spoke to the locals and they said they haven’t seen a fly-over over here in at least two decades ;  and I spoke to someone in the military and they said “Ah”, and I spoke to some locals about it and they said we were wondering what that was about.  So I told them the story.

Jim Fetzer:  You told them the story!

Greg Hallett:  Yes.

Jim Fetzer:  Oh my God Greg!

Greg Hallett:  Yes, I was getting a hair cut, so I got a couple of hair cuts, so I kepy them informed every six weeks.  So you know, they kind of accepted my story, they said :  “It was incredibly unusual that there was this fly-over”.

I checked the low-level fly-overs on the net, and the low-level fly-overs happened in Mid-Wales, the English-Scottish border, and in Central Scotland.  So we are looking at 200, 300, 400 miles off-course.

Jim Fetzer:  Except they were on special assignment.

Greg Hallett:  Because the Priory de Sion instructed the British Air Force to do a fly-over for me on that day.

Jim Fetzer:  Amazing!

Greg Hallett:  That was acknowledgment that Queen Elizabeth II had accepted that I had effectively and truly and legally Struck her with a Black Wand and Dethroned her, which is 23 days Before she officially became the ‘Longest Reigning Monarch of the United Kingdom’.
Jim Fetzer:  So she will become the longest reigning Monarch of the United Kingdom.

Greg Hallett:  Well, that was on the 9th of September, that that purportedly happened, but she had already been struck off.

Jim Fetzer:  So she didn’t make it then!

Greg Hallett:  She didn’t make it, but officially the Public gets the news that she is.  In the week leading up to . . . and this is a really small town . . . in the week leading up to Queen Elizabeth II being supposedly the Longest Reigning Monarch, all these MI-5 agents came to town – and there were four (4) Blacks and three (3) Whites.  The Whites were East-European.

They all had-been Military fit ; they were all big guys ;  they were all about 18 stone ;  and they all had a cellphone attached to their chest, and they all had the same white earplug.

They were standing on the street looking at me, and the Black guys were on the phone all the time, reporting, and the White guys were listening to music . . . and no one knew why they were there.

Then this guy who had worked in the Army, associated with the Army doing explosions and stuff, he was the one who told me that they were all MI-5.  He said “Look, we can’t think why they are over here, except for you.”

Jim Fetzer:  Were they essentially protecting you?

Greg Hallett:  Well they were here . . . it’s weird, because a day-and-a-half after Queen Elizabeth II was purportedly the ‘Longest Reigning Monarch’, they all just disappeared − Gone − just gone.

Jim Fetzer:  Was it as though she wanted to have that symbolic accomplishment and no interference from you?  I mean, I wonder . . . Greg, this is fascinating.  We got less than 5 minutes, my friend.

Greg Hallett:  Well, also on the Legal Papers, 8 days later . . . First of all, the symbolic date of 17th of August is 1+7 = 8, August is an 8, 2015 is 2+1+5 = 8, so it is 888 . . . and according to the Greek Orthodox Church and one other church [Rosicrucians] “888” means “Jesus the Christ”, which is where they get the Kingship from − because they say that they are from that lineage.  

So all of that means that this was a really important date !

Now it was further enacted, further sealed on the 25th of August 2015, whereby Queen Elizabeth II acknowledged that she had stepped down and that I was Prince Pretender.

And the 25th of August is “788”, and the definition of “8 over 7” (put the month first) is “Royal” as in “8/7 yards” is a “Royal Yard”.  

Jim, stop typing.  We got two minutes.

Jim Fetzer:  It’s about getting your show on the air, Greg.  This is for my producer.  Go ahead.

Greg Hallett:  That might be all we’ve got time for, but at the same time this was happening, I was heavily attacked by Army Trolls, one of whom has just changed his name three times . . . and again ‘dangerous vehicle being tampered with’, and another financial hit.

Anyway, so have a look at

And have a look at THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND, with the Books at 

Jim Fetzer:  Greg, this all must be coming to a head imminently!

Greg Hallett:  Well, they tried to make it Silent all the time . . . they try to play everything down !  

But so far they have actually being totally playing into my hands all the way such that I’m becoming a Law Maker!
Like I caused the Change to the ‘Laws of Succession’ . . . the change to ‘Criticising the Royal Family’.  You’re allowed to ‘because they’re recognised as illegitimate now.  You can say whatever you want about them.

And it’s a matter of getting it Heard by the Media, especially because the Media is controlled by the Military, and the BBC is “Bullshit House” born the same year that the illegitimate Queen Elizabeth II was born as a Commoner − promoted as a Queen.
So that’s what happened 17th of August and 25th of August.

Jim Fetzer:  When do you expect the next major development?

Greg Hallett:  The next major development will happen this year, because the British Courts, and the Royal Courts of Justice, and all of the Judges, and all of the House of Lords do not have Subject-Matter Jurisdiction . . . that Subject-Matter Jurisdiction has to be found, possibly even with the former Queen Elizabeth II’s assistance, and Agents.  

What I would quite like to do is, if we had another chance for an interview, I would like to talk about the Troll attacks that I’ve had in the meantime, because in about August 2014, when I received the Books, Army Intelligence or Counter Intelligence created their own team of ‘Army Trolls’ to attack people on the Internet, and that has happened to me. 

It is very interesting.  There are some very well known people in the podcast broadcasting in England that turn out to be Army Trolls.

Jim Fetzer:  Greg, this is all sensational stuff, and I’m hopeful that we can put it on the air tonight, but it depends on arriving in the studio on time.  Yes. Yes, Yes.

This is Jim Fetzer, your host on THE REAL DEAL, thanking my special guest Greg Hallett for being here, the author of THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND.

You have heard the latest developments.  This is absolutely sensational stuff.  I can’t thank you enough for being here, Greg, and everyone else.  Thank you for listening!