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 Hallett Report No. 16 Operation Looking Glass versus the Judicial Mafia
Operation Looking Glass versus the Judicial Mafia

Greg Hallett ft Preston James, Veterans Today 23–24 June 2016

Hallett Report No 16  

Greg Hallett, Author of
'THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND – Arma Christi – Unveiling the Rose'
5 volume set from www.theworldoftruth.net
& Royal Genealogy Chart.
Exposes the British Royal Family as a Fraud
– a Flat Lie Royal Family of Actors –
and is pre-acknowledged for it.

Recorded 23–24 June 2016 as the EU Referendum closed in the UK.

Hallett Report No. 16 you can also click here to listen to The Interview

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Special: The Hidden King of England