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Greg Hallett is Back!

Mark Windows interviews Gregory Hallett

Transcript for
Hallett Report No. 6 5/9

from the Interview on the 23rd of November, 2014
Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett, Mark Windows (Windows on the World)

Mark Windows: Welcome to Windows on the World bringing you Cutting Edge News and impowering information and No Conspiracy Theories.
On tonight’s show: (film clips)

Greg Hallett: This is the predicted time for Great Secrets to be Revealed.

Greg Hallett: The truth is always stranger than Fiction!

Greg Hallett: I’m Greg Hallett, Lord Chancellor and Arch Treasurer of the Royal Secret.

Greg with the Queens Guards, August 2010

Greg Hallett: “. . . So we’ve got the fantasy going that the British Royal Family are the wrong Royal Family … “

10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “You are probably right actually!”

Greg Hallett: “… and that’s the premise of the holiday movie.”

10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “You are probably very right though!”

Greg Hallett: “Yes. Well what we’re suggesting is that Queen Victoria actually had a child when she was fourteen (14) …”

10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “Right.”

Greg Hallett: “… and she was married to Blind Prince George of Cumberland who became King George V of Hanover.”

10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “Right.”

Greg Hallett: “And the child was born in Carlisle Castle. And I’ve been approached by a gentleman in Portugal who claims to be the lineal descendant of Queen Victoria’s firstborn son.”

10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “Wow!”

Greg Hallett: “So he’s got about 30 Royal Marks to prove it. So we’re not sure if we’re making a fantasy or we’re actually beginning a new Royal Family.”

London, Westminster, August 2010

Greg Hallett: “I’m Greg Hallett, an author from New Zealand, I’ve written 10 books. This is my 10th book, THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND – THE HOLY GRAIL. It is about Queen Victoria’s firstborn son Marcos Manoel. He was born on the 25th of April 1834 in Admiranda, Carlisle Castle.”


Greg with the Queens Guards, August 2010

Greg Hallett: “The Queen is your boss! Well, I’m trying to get a meeting with her.”

10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “That might be tough!”

Greg Hallett: “It might be tough - We have been trying since 1997. She’s aware of the situation . . .”


Westminster, August 2010

Greg Hallett: “I’m trying to present the Capital Letters to Prime Minister David Cameron inviting him to the Meeting with the Exilarch King of England and Scotland in the last two weeks of August 2010 and present documents and evidence that Francisco Manoel is the True King of England and for David Cameron to inform the Queen that there is a New Monarch in Great Britain.”


Greg with the Queens Guards, August 2010

Greg Hallett: “I was just given the story and asked to make something of it.”

10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “That’s quite interesting!”

Greg Hallett: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, thanks, all the Best. You’ve been a help! Thank you, Bye!”

Greg Hallett: “You’re probably right!”


10 Downing Street, 2nd of August 2010

Greg Hallett: “I have a letter for David Cameron. It’s from the Exilarch King of England, I am his Lord Chancellor. We’ve sent it by Registered Post on the 24th of June. I checked at the Prime Minister’s Office last week, and they haven’t received it, even though it was by Registered Post. So I was asked to hand-deliver it.”

10 Downing Street Gate Guard: “Right. If you just bear with me for one moment. Please step back in. And you are?”

Greg Hallett: “Greg Hallett”.

10 Downing Street Gate Guard: “From the . . . ?”

Greg Hallett: “Exilarch King of England”.

Greg Hallett: “So he is just going to have a word, mention my name, and see if they received the letter.”

10 Downing Street Gate Guard: “If you have a letter to be delivered, then you have to go through, umm, the process of going to the sorting office at the back of the Army and Navy Stores. We won’t take it here.”

Greg Hallett: “The back of the Army and Navy Stores.”

10 Downing Street Gate Guard: “Victoria Street.”

Greg Hallett: “Victoria Street. So I can deliver it there and they’ll deliver it straight here?”

10 Downing Street Gate Guard: “Well,, they won’t necessarily deliver it straight here, but it will go into the system. If no letter is expected.”

Greg Hallett: “The letter is expected.”

10 Downing Street Gate Guard: “Well it’s not according to our records.”

Greg Hallett: “Okay, so the back of the Army and Navy Stores in Victoria Street.”

10 Downing Street Gate Guard: “Cabot Street around the back of the Army and Navy Store Victoria Street.” [Cabot St does not exist, nor any other street sounding like that]

Greg Hallett: “Victoria Street. Thank You.”

Man in the waiting queue: “fill in

Greg Hallett: “Is it? It’s down the road?”

Man in the waiting queue: “It’s down the road, straight there, keep going straight, right at the square and take the first exit, that’s Victoria Street.

Filming person: “What happened?”

Greg Hallett: “Well, after mailing the letter by Registered Post on the 24th of June 2010, and then finding out that they haven’t received it on Thursday and Friday last week, the 30th of July 2010, and phoning them and telling them that I was going to deliver it and accept them saying that they were going to accept the delivery at 10 Downing Street. They are now saying that I have to go to the back of the Navy and Army Stores and hand it over there. And then they may consider delivering the letter to 10 Downing Street – but it looks like the mail to 10 Downing Street is being obfuscated, so only the issues that they want to address get through to the Prime Minister. So let’s go for a walk down to Victoria Street.”

Greg Hallett: “To David Cameron, Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA with stamp. And here we have the covering letter citing that we posted it on the 24th of June and we tried again to deliver it, and it was refused at 10 Downing Street at quarter to 5 today, 2nd of August. And here is the original letter that we sent. So we are trying to arrange a Meeting between the Exilarch King and Prime Minister David Cameron requesting that he notify Queen Elizabeth II that there is a Legitimate Challenge to the Throne. Time now is 5.30 pm on the 2nd of August 2010 Royal Mail. We are about 1.5 km from 10 Downing Street. This is where we were instructed to post it at the Royal Army and Navy Center Post Office.”

Greg Hallett: “2nd of August 2010. ??? (min 7:00) David Cameron, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA.

Prime Minister David Cameron, on the 24th of June by Recorded Priority Post from Portugal. Your office was contacted on 16 July and 21 working days was required to respond. On 30 July I phoned your office regarding receipt of this letter. At 4:10 pm, they confirmed the letter as “NOT RECEIVED”.

Immediate attempts were then made to contact you via Direct Communications, phone, email, Metropolitan Police 10 Downing Street Liaison Team, and letter.

The result is this letter with Francisco Manoel’s letter of 24 June 2010 attached.

As the firstborn male descendant of Queen Victoria’s firstborn son, Francisco Manoel has a greater claim to the throne than Elizabeth II.

The Royal Marks proving this include a letter and poem from Queen Victoria acknowledging Marcos Manoel as her firstborn son, as well as a photo of him sitting centerpiece amongst six Royal princesses, as taken by Queen Victoria’s Governess of the Children.

Francisco Manoel requests a meeting with you in the second-half of August 2010 so that you may be fully informed of the evidence in order to discuss the matter with Elizabeth II, and to inform the nation of this valid and supported claim to the throne.

I expect you will be requesting the evidence, and this will be provided upon request.  We expect that request to be made by 9 August 2010. Any further delays will resort in this Claim being made public without your input.

Francisco Manoel is the Exilarch of the United Kingdom. As his Lord Chancellor, I expect you will forward me all the appropriate diplomatic status so that this letter may be discussed in full and to fruition.

I look forward to your earliest reply.
Greg Hallett
Lord Chancellor to the Exilarch of the United Kingdom

Sintra, Portugal, March 2012

Greg Hallett: “The thunder and lightning is really important for Marcos. It’s the 16th of March tomorrow, and he was photographed when he was 16 with all the Royal princesses. And 16 is the mark of the Shekinah.

It’s been 65 days of no rain before my Elevation on the 1st of March. And now we got rain, enough to make the grass grow and the farmers of Portugal were about to walk off their farm and giving up.

This is not predicted weather. We’ve got thunder, lightning and rain at about 30 degrees.”

“Here we are on our way to Pena Castle to see the Shiva Lingam of Marcos Manoel, discovered on Sunday 11 March 2012. Today is the 15th of March, and there was thunder roaring on the way up.”

“I’m Greg Hallett, Lord Chancellor Arch Treasurer of the Royal Secret. This is Pena Castle built by King Dom Fernando II of Portugal.”

London, August 2010

“Oliver Cromwell was the last person to overthrow the British Monarchy. Now there’s me, Lord Chancellor of the Exilarch!”

“It was MI6’s role to keep the wrong Monarchy in power.”

“MI6 – (pointing).”

“Terrorism – is it caused by the wrong Monarch?”

“This is 10 to midnight for the current British Royal Family.”

“So how long have the Monarchy been illegitimate?”

“Legitimate or Illegitimate?”

“If Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth have been illegitimate, who rules the Royal Family?”


Mark Windows: So Greg Hallett, welcome to Windows on the World.

Greg Hallett: Thank you Mark, thank you.

Mark Windows: Well, Joseph Gregory Hallett, recently deceased and now back from the other side it seems. There was this rather ridiculous story that was put out on the internet that you’ve been ritually killed, but it appears that may not be the case.

Greg Hallett: I have my doubts!

Mark Windows: But are you the real Greg Hallett?

Greg Hallett: Yes.

Mark Windows: How can I be so sure about this? We met in 2010 and there is a code word that only the real Greg Hallett knows.

Greg Hallett: Yeah, that was on a tube. We met a woman on a tube, and then we sat having some drinks on a park bench. And her code name was Moreg.

Mark Windows: You are the real Greg Hallett! Welcome to Windows on the World Gregory Joseph Hallett! Back from the dead! Recently deceased.

Greg Hallett: Well, I was dead because I was living in a cave overlooking the sea. It was 8 m to the shore with about a 14 m drop, and that was 10 m below ground, below where the rest of the people were, and the first step was 4 m high. I didn’t have any electricity, didn’t have the computer, my iPhone wasn’t hooked up to the internet, so I really just clocked out for 4 months.

Mark Windows: It’s very interesting that, Greg, because we’ve been in touch since 2010 and we’ll be covering a story that you have been working on since at least that time, and I have been witness to and I have been party to some of the events that happened, which have been very very interesting. So you’ve just finished an anthology of books.

Greg Hallett: Yes, here it is!

Mark Windows: “THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND”. So can you just tell us a bit how this project started?

Greg Hallett: I wrote “How to Take Over the World – A Right Royal Con” and that exposed Prince Albert as a fake. His marriage to Queen Victoria is a fake, and Prince Albert was not the father of all of Queen Victoria’s official nine (9) children. And that let to contact with Queen Victoria’s lineal firstborn son, who is Francisco Manoel. And then we started to do research together and we ended up with 5 Volumes. And the British and European Royals claimed their lineage back to Jesus. So I went hunting for Jesus’ grave – and I found them, and published them – in England and in the Algarve. And all the high orders actually agreed that the information was correct.

The book was largely finished in June 2014 and then there has been a hiatus of printing, and quite a few intrigues – including my death!

Mark Windows: Exactly! And now you’re back from the dead to talk about this incredible project on WindowsOnTheWorld. And in the forthcoming weeks we will be revealing the whole of the story as an exclusive. So welcome back Greg!

Greg Hallett: Thank you, thank you! It’s great to be alive! We actually had a drink celebrating my death when I first found out about it. That was quite freeing.

Mark Windows: It was good fun, wasn’t it, yeah!

Greg Hallett: It was actually all codified. Everything that has happened to me since I finished the books has been codified. Like, I moved into the sea cave on the 29th of May on Thursday, and then on the Saturday the 31st of May, the King of Spain announced that he is going to abdicate. And at the same time, a Portuguese navy ship turned up at my sea cave and parked in front of it for 25 minutes. And then they sent a zodiac to shore, and the cliff faced [downwards] from where I am, and it was a 14 m drop to the sea.

So they were really making a statement that something was going on, and that I had had some influence in it.

Mark Windows: Well, some people would find that absolutely amazing, Greg, and many people might not believe it. But having been around you, in Portugal and in London, and the things that happened around us when we were together, I could actually vouch for the fact that there are people observing this, and it has got a lot of interest very high up, and very high up means at the very top of what a lot of people know as the Illuminati.

Film Sintra, Portugal 2012

Mark Windows: That was one of ‘em. She pretended that she couldn’t speak English, but she clearly could. So they got some interesting low level – one of them is quite out of shape – agents following us. I think this might be the car.

Mark Windows: Where is Greg?

3rd person: Greg is coming.

Mark Windows: Alright, that’s ok.

Greg Hallett: And then there were ??? (min 19:00) of Internal Affairs – the equivalent – and they went in and ignored ‘em, and then they came out when we asked for the bill, then they came out and I said Hello to ‘em.

Mark Windows: As if they knew ??? (min 19:10). But then the fat one ran back. And he was in a rush, because he . . .

3rd person: No, he went down, he went there.

Greg Hallett: Yeah, but hang on a minute. And then they went outside, right. And then they split. He went …. Together and she walked up and down the street carrying the bags.

3rd person: Yes

Greg Hallett: And when I went to get into the car and turned back around, she walked past me and she turned around and walked back again.

Mark Windows: Yeah.

Greg Hallett: So it was a three man team, which is common.

Mark Windows: Yeah, what I did is, I stopped her and I said: “Oh, do you know what the time is?” And she said “Buuh”, and she murmured something, maybe in Portuguese, I’m not sure.

Greg Hallett: Yeah.

Mark Windows: And then she said something which I didn’t understand.

Greg Hallett: So there were four (4) agents onto us today.

Mark Windows: Well, it looks that way! I mean, that was far too suspicious, I mean if you go into an empty restaurant, you don’t go and sit next to three people and stare them out for no reason. There is no point, is there?

Greg Hallett: Yeah. That’s why I said to you, I wanted to get you home by daylight.

Mark Windows: Yeah well, there was a fat guy who run past me in a real hurry, you know. Like, ‘oh no, it’s gone slightly wrong, they left before I got back’. So Greg, what do you think of the show so far?

Greg Hallett: Ah, you know, it’s got an audience.

Greg Hallett: Dusty Springfield with a 35 year old blind French poodle on two legs.

Mark Windows: Was that a honey trap?

Greg Hallett: Was that a honey trap? Come on guys, you got'ta think of something better than that ???

Mark Windows: And you got to stop selling stereo gig stuff, they got recordings in their backpack and they can’t tell you where they’re from.

Greg Hallett: Yeah. And they’ll be shaved like a territorial, and they eat in restaurants like eating out of a tin can.

Mark Windows: They’re trying to do the stare on you. Intense! ‘Oh, you’re from ‘round here.’ – ‘Yes, I live here. But I don’t know the language and I don’t speak like anybody round . . .  Is there usually anybody out there smoking at this time of night? No. He must be some kind of a chain smoker. Greg, he smokes more than you!

Greg Hallett: Yeah, there were a lot of intrigues there. When I first went there in March to May 2010, after about 2 weeks 2 uniformed men on horseback turned up in front of the hotel and stayed there for the entire rest of the time that I was there, and no one recognized the uniforms.  And there was also a man with a large, sigmoid-like dog, black and white, with a blue stripe down it, and I’ve never seen that breed before.

And they were talking together.

And when we’d walk from the hotel into the central Palace Square, there would be a police car about 100 m from the hotel, towards the town. And then there would be another police car half way down.

So it was like we were being escorted and protected by an unnamed uniform.

Mark Windows: That’s the impression I got when I came over to visit, because it seemed as though there was interest, but these people seemed to be there more to protect than to frighten anyone off. That was the impression I got, and that’s the impression I was left with.

Some very strange things happened.      

Greg Hallett: The poisoning.

Mark Windows: When I first arrived, when we went up to Moorish Castle, and there was a thunder storm at the top, when we were filming the camera got so wet that it went off. When I came back on again in the hotel, you were at that point actually looking very ill. Your eyes were black, you looked as though you had been poisoned, and you were starting to rant.

Film Sintra, Portugal 2012

Greg Hallett: I can’t make sense of myself, I can barely stand, and I can’t comprehend a simple question like “Do you . . .”

Mark Windows: It’s ok, it’s ok.

Greg Hallett: Little caverns, grottos and Rigolero castle really suited Gregorian Chanting . . .

Greg Hallett: Yeah, you arrived for the filming and then we went up to Moorish Castle and filmed Pena Castle, in a state of being as lightning strikes. And then we went back, and I sat in front of the fire place, and nothing in particular had happened, it was a bit of cold in the air, but nothing else, nothing out of the ordinary really.

And it was psychotropic! I just started to groan, and my eyes rolled back, my head was turning around, I could barely walk, and then I went up to my hotel room, and I was face planted for 3 days!

Mark Windows: That’s exactly right!

And I went up to retrieve this tape that I’d shot of the Moorish Castle on that day. And I picked the tape up from my room, came back down to the restaurant, to where you were in front of the fire, and the tape had gone!

Greg Hallett: Yeah!

Mark Windows: And I thought it was just tiredness, but I searched every inch of the stairs, I looked everywhere, and the tape had completely disappeared. And on the 3rd attempt to find it, there was a door open opposite the room that I was in.

Greg Hallett: Yeah I know.

Mark Windows: And I never actually found out who was staying in that room. It was quite an Enigma. Sometimes the door was open, sometimes it was locked, and sometimes the key was left in it. But as I passed that room, this tape literally fell out of the air and landed on my foot, and I still can’t explain that. And that is something that I would put into an affidavit . . .

Greg Hallett: Yeah!

Mark Windows: . . . and go to court about because that was definitely . . .

Greg Hallett: . . . Weirdness . . .

Mark Windows: . . . a super-natural experience. There is no doubt about that in my mind.

Greg Hallett: Yeah.

Mark Windows: And some of those guys, who were appearing at the hotel, even if I would just go down there for breakfast, they all just sat there trying to read me. And it wasn’t a malevolent thing, I think they were genuinely interested to see who was around, and who was around this story.

Sintra, Portugal, March 2012

Mark Windows: So I come up here, camera is dried out, it’s now working. Greg’s got terrible fever, he’s delirious. And he’s coming out with occasional lucid things, but most of it is just going ‘Aaaah, aaaaah’, so it’s totally strange, and there is hardly anyone in the hotel. But I came up to get a tape off the bed and put it in my pocket, left the room, went down to the wrong floor – because I’m now on the second floor – I was previously on the first floor. And so I got slightly confused when I went down, because there is a desk there, like a reception. So I run up, upstairs – tape is gone! It’s not in my pocket anymore! So I come back into the room, nothing here, nothing on the carpets outside, they have long corridors here.

Now, the tape’s not there. I looked everywhere! I went downstairs, I told Greg, I came back up, as I run up the stairs, into the corridor, and I kicked something with my foot – it was the tape! It was outside of 21, which is opposite here, I am room 25, and there is people in there. And the door is slightly open, there’s a key in there, so it was just outside their door.

So I really didn’t know what to make of this, I thought it was definitely in my pocket, I didn’t drop it, and if I would have dropped it when I came back up the first time, I would have seen it. I just scanned the whole corridor. So the tape was there – camera stopped working – started working again – dried out. Come back up to get the tape – put it in my pocket – go downstairs – the tape is gone -  it reappears again.


Mark Windows: And of course there was the escape from the restaurant in Bica, wasn’t there?

Greg Hallett: Oh that was weird, we were sitting by ourselves, there was no one else in the restaurant. We were sitting inside on a table in the middle, and this guy in his early twenties with a bag came down and sat next to us, facing us in almost a hostile way, in an irritating way, and he put his bag down on the floor under the table, and then fiddled with it, looking down, fiddling with something on the top, like a camera, and then slid it towards us. And started to ask strange questions about, what was it, 911 or something.

Mark Windows: Yeah, what happened was, he sat himself down, there was the three of us there, and he was just staring. Well I’ve had this experience in the hotel, this is what these guys would do, and they were trying to read you, but this guy was almost like – he had a slight air of – he looked kind of military.

Greg Hallett: Yeah, yeah!

Mark Windows: He looked military, but he just sat there with his rucksack, and it clearly had something in it that he was recording us with. So I turned around, abruptly, and said: ‘Are you a student?’ and he said: ‘No!’. He said ‘I’ve just been listening to your conversation, you have very interesting conversations.’ I said ‘Well, we are quite interesting people. And he said: ‘Oh I was just watching that film about that building 7 with James Stanley:’ And I was saying ‘Oh yeah, it was standing for 23 minutes after she said that it had been pulled down’, so he said ‘Maybe she was assassinated!’ and I said ‘Well, I think the BBC are far too lazy to assassinate their own staff, you know!’.

So he was asking sort of strange questions, and then two other people turned up, didn’t they?

Greg Hallett: Yeah, that was weird, there was a plumpish blond woman with a sack full of what appeared to be clothes, almost stuck on a stick, almost out of a Huckleberry Finn movie. And she came in with another guy and spoke to that guy you just mentioned, and then they left. And when we left, they were like trying to accost the car. So we sent Francisco to the car, and distracted them two. So we were walking scissor fashion up and down the street, and sent them ahead. And then ran up and caught them, and they were running up to catch one of us. And we were basically escaping from them.

Mark Windows: It was funny, it was very weird. You went up and had a cigarette, I walked up the road with my little camera filming, and Francisco went to get the car to meet me at the top of the road and you. And yeah, as I was walking up the road, this woman ran past me, the one from the restaurant, and I just accosted her. I said ‘Oh, have you got the time?’ and she through her hands up in the air and ran off. And then the other guy who had been in the restaurant, not the guy with the backpack, but the one who was with her, he was walking on the other side of the road towards me. But I don’t know how they got out of the restaurant that quickly. The whole thing was quite strange.

And then we got back to the hotel, and there was a guy outside your room on the balcony, wasn’t there?

Greg Hallett: Yeah, I think I had actually predicted that. After this incident at the restaurant I said to you ‘I bet you there is a guy standing outside on the balcony, and there is no way for him to get there, to get in or out, except climbing up through the rock wall.

Mark Windows: Well that’s right, because the gates are 24 foot high, and you have to have a fop.

Greg Hallett: That’s exactly what happened, he did climb the wall to get to the terrace, there was about a hundred square foot terrace, and there was a 3.5 m high rock wall that he had to climb to get there. And sure enough, when we got there after dinner, he was there on the balcony. And there have been other times. This is a terrace that is about 100 square metres, and the only entrance to it is from the hotel corridor.

There was another time I opened up my 3 m high French doors – it’s got two of them shutters on the French doors onto the balcony terrace. And there is a person standing in front of it with a camera, taking pictures of me and pretending to take pictures of the building. But they were too close to the building to photograph it.

Mark Windows: It was all very weird, wasn’t it. I remember, when we first started filming, downstairs in that restaurant area, and all of a sudden a lot of building repairing work started, remember that? For about 10 minutes everything started to go brilliantly, and then this guy came out of nowhere and started drilling the wall.

Greg Hallett: Yeah, yeah! In one of my interviews on a former book, I’ve had a British MI-6 agent, well, British Agent, pop out of a ceiling tile upside down, pretending to be an electrician or working on the air conditioning.

Mark Windows: Oh, air conditioning guy – the aircon guy!

Greg Hallett: He would be an electrician, or an air conditioning engineer, and he literally popped out of the ceiling upside down and made comments!

Mark Windows: Yeah well, I mean, nothing surprises me after that Portugal experience. I actually stayed up all night, thinking I wasn’t gonna get the tapes out. And when you get back, you think ‘Was I overreacting?’ And then I watched the tapes, and I realised I wasn’t.

Greg Hallett: Yeah! Yeah, that’s the way it’s done. So you want to put it out of your head, and forget the details. But what you actually want to do is, record the details because they tend to stack up with things that happen over the next period – and then you know you’re part of it. So what I’ve been doing in the last 5 months is recording all the details and photographing it to substantiate what’s happening to me, and to look at the dates and the times and the photographs and what the material is, and everything that has been happening to me has been codified towards the kingship, towards THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND story books, and material, including the Abdication of King Juan Carlos of Spain – which I predicted six weeks before hand.

Mark Windows: It’s all very interesting, Greg, because I can vouch for some of this. And we are going to be covering the whole story exclusively on WindowsOnTheWorld. So it’s great to know that you’re actually back from the dead, you have been resurrected, and we are going to tell the whole story in the next few weeks. So thanks a lot, Greg!

Greg Hallett: You’re welcome!



Greg Hallett: THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND — You can get it from,

The Hidden King of England - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose