Queen Victoria wrote her Royal “Assemble him  Claimant” Letter handing over Kingship in March 1850. The ‘Ba-ta-clan’ Operetta was first played out in December 1855.

It’s primary theme was handing over Kingship via a Letter on a Silver Platter. It’s secondary theme was the five most important people in France were accidentally killed with a sword. In real life, five Rothschilds were killed (or died) in 1855.

The Bataclan Theatre in Paris opened in 1865 and showed the Ba-ta-clan Operetta. “Ba-ta-clan” then became a place where Kingship is handed over in Operetta, Theatre and Drama using Actors ; and Shock Test Operations using Crisis Actors, as it was on 11-13-15.

Just as Art imitates Life, the whole nine yards and everything about Kingship is/was handed over in the Bataclan. The Bataclan Theatre was perhaps the only way those restricted by the Privy Council Oath could act with impunity and carry out Queen Victoria and Queen Elizbabeth II’s wishes and hand over the entire Kingship of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. This was a very public confirmation of Queen Victoria’s “Assemble him  Claimant” Letter handed to Gregory Hallett in 2012, 2013 & 2014 and now in 2015.

Paris Bomb Codes - Article by Greg Hallett
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PARIS ‘BOMB’ CODES for Friday the 13th of November 2015 . . . 11-13-15

Second Paris Attack foiled

‘The Times’ newspaper has a long history of Codified Messages throughout World War Two and has continued to do so. In the different wars, different books were used to codify messages. In WWII it was ‘Winnie the Pooh’, while others have used ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘The Catcher in the Rye’, which remains popular code in Spy movies where the protagonist is Mind-Controlled.

People used to get these codes straight away without the need to express them, as the French did in WWII, but now people read, comprehend and retain less, and swear more, so more basic codes are used, and even these have to be expressed, as is done here.

Once seen, these CODES are very obvious, and difficult to unsee. When the historical background is presented here, the CODES appear as a string of coincidences and are seen straight away.

In the events in Paris on Friday 13 November 2015, ‘THE THREE MUSKETEERS’ theme (Meme) was used, which is popular in both France and Britain, with date instructions (11-13-15) to be systematic, and to look for the Prime (11 & 13), and the Trinity (3 x 5), and the Occult.

‘The Times’, Thursday 19 November 2015 uses ‘The Three Musketeers’ Meme . . . On page 1 are four (for) helmeted POLICE in blue-black and one POLICE in blue, with one civilian in blue. This translates as “One for all, all for one”, being d’Artagnan’s motto for ‘The Three Musketeers’ (‘1 4 all, all 4 1’ . . . as in pages 1, 4 & 5 = 4+1).

On page 4 & 5 are four (for) balaclava’d POLICE in blue-black and one balaclava’d POLICE in blue shirt, with one blue post, again translating as “One for all, all for one” – d’Artagnan’s motto for ‘The Three Musketeers’, also indicating the “Balaclava Terrorists” in the “Bataclan Theatre” simply pulled the Velcro labels down on each other and became “POLICE” (as per the movies).

The French Charles de Batz d’Artagnan was the Head of the French Army and sired King Louis XIV. The only person d’Artagnan answered to was his close friend King Louis XIII who was ‘shooting blanks’. This is paralleled by ‘Shooting Blanks’ in Paris on 11-13-15.

All of this is tipped off on page 2 with simple swearing codes, by the letters “BRI” for ‘BRItain’, a ‘Bare Arse’ as in “Bare Arsed Liar” & “This is the Crack” (Truth), and “POLICE”.

Paris Attacks: Blonde Bomber appeared at window
Paris Attacks: Blonde Bomber appeared at window

Here’s some background . . .

In 1844, Alexandre Dumas wrote both ‘Louis XIV and His Century’ and ‘The Three Musketeers’, which traversed from Paris into popular British culture like nothing ever seen before. The Three Musketeers were called Aramis (who is youthful), Athos (who is unromantic), and Porthos (who is a dandy, clothes-minded & religious). They were all based, or loosely based, on real characters.

‘The Three Musketeers’ are memorable for the fourth Musketeer, d’Artagnan, who became the paramount Musketeer, and the “Paramour” (‘an illicit lover of a married person, Queen’).

In real life, d’Artagnan was ‘Charles de Batz de Castelmore d’Artagnan’ (1611–73) who rose to become Captain-Lieutenant of the Musketeers of the Guard, and effective Commander of the Musketeers, second only to his close friend, King Louis XIII. D’Artagnan also became ‘Governor of Lille’, 70 km SE of the coast at Dunkirk. Lille pushed the border of France another 10 kilometres into Belgium, and is on ‘The Warring Line’ that divides Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Anne, Princess of ‘Portugal’ and Spain and Archduchess of Austria (1601–1666) married King Louis XIII of France (1601–43) and became the Queen of France (R. 1615–43).

King Louis XIII virtually ignored his wife. Queen Anne produced four (for) stillbirths in 1619, 1622, 1626, 1631 (3, 4 & 5 years apart) after which The Para-Mount 4th Musketeer Charles d’Artagnan (26) was brought out of retirement and used as the Paramour with Queen Anne (36) to produce Louis XIV, and thereby d’Artagnan’s Musketeer by-line :

“One four all, all four one”, which was really a “Royal Conception Secret hidden in plain sight”.

Louis XIV was born on Sunday 5 September 1638 and was therefore known as “The Sun King”. Sun Kings are born on a Sunday.

For King Louis XIV to be born on 5 September 1638, he would have been conceived on 1 December 1637±18 days, which is 13 November–19 December 1637.

Exactly 378 years after the first plausible date of conception, the Paris ‘Attack’ happened on 13 November 2015, or the systematic “11-13-15” showing two Prime numbers.

These Prime Numbers are a reference to the Prime Monarch, and the Prime Meridian, where France and Britain battled between Paris and Greenwich for the Prime Meridian, held by Greenwich until The 1666 Great Fire of London, then by Paris (1666–1851), then by Greenwich (1851–84) after which it became permanent.

“Greenwich” refers to ‘Green Witch’, which is ‘Osiris’ (the Green Man), which was Anubis, who was the King-maker. Britain’s ‘Green Man’ refers to those watching over the Kingship to make sure it’s done right.

From 13 November 1637 to 13 November 2015 is “378 years”, which is code for ‘Royal Tryst”, where “8/7” = ‘Royal’ (8/7 Yards = 1 Royal Yard) and “3” = ‘Tri’ or ‘Tryst’ which refers to Princess Anne of Portugal/France’s Royal Tryst with Charles de Batz d’Artagnan producing the French King Louis XIV, after the process of ‘four stillbirths and one successful son’ – hence “One four all, all four one” means ‘the de Batz conception of an illegitimate Royal’.

In the British idiom, “378 years” or “8/7 3” refers to the ‘Royal Trine’, where ‘two supreme stars at 120 Degrees communicate with ease of accomplishment’, which was less sexy and more scientific and transferred the Prime Meridian from Paris back to Greenwich, where it was exactly 120 Degrees and 5 miles from Greenwich to the St Martin-within-Ludgate’s 158-foot trig-shaped spire, and 5 miles x 72 year reign of Louis XIV = 360 Degrees, which is what the Prime Meridian and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is all about. (‘The Hidden King of England’, p. 767).

“Trinovantum” means ‘120 Degrees’ and ‘Splendid Trinity’ and is the original name of LO’NDI’NVM where the “VM” referred to the ‘Virgin Mary’ and became “LONDON”.

So there was a long battle between France and Britain for the Prime Meridian (GMT) and the Prime Monarch. The Paris “bombings” on Friday 13 November 2015 were a codified reflection of this. In this case, the French were clearly stating that the British Monarch is illegitimate, and were adding to Queen Elizabeth II being struck with a Black Wand 88 days earlier on 17-8-2015.

King Louis XIV of France reigned for 72 years (R. 1643–1715), being the longest reigning Monarch in European history, longer than Queen Victoria (1837–1901) and Queen Elizabeth II of England (1952–2015) who purportedly beat the English record on 9 September 2015.

65 days later the Paris “Attacks” happened. “65” is code for Macrocosm (6), Microcosm (5) – which means we should ‘Look for the big picture in the smallest details’, and others will be expected to do the same, and therein is the ‘Agreed Codified Message’, or “The Full Picture”.

That’s some of the background, now for ‘The Times’ UK on Thursday 19 November 2015 . . .

It’s a British thing to ‘Moon’ (to show one’s arse) and there is a British saying : “That’s a Bare-Arsed Lie” – meaning it should be obvious to all that it’s untrue, or “That’s Bare-Arsed” meaning ‘The Truth of the Bigger Picture is being Exposed’ i.e. ‘The Three Musketeers’ theme or meme.

‘The Three Musketeers’ CODE is in ‘The Times’, 19 November 2015 on pages 1 and 4 & 5. “5” refers to the person, as in “all”, so pages 1, 4 & 5 can also translate as ‘one for all’.


On page 1 are four (for) helmeted POLICE in blue-black and one POLICE in blue, with one civilian in blue, who is really a Police Actor of similar age and build. This also translates as “One for all, all for one” – de Batz d’Artagnan’s ‘The Three Musketeers’ motto – the hidden-inplain-sight reference that d’Artagnan sired King Louis XIV while effective commander of the Musketeers and Commander of the French Military, second only to King Louis XIII (d. 1643).

On page 4 & 5 are four (for) balaclava’d POLICE in blue-black and one balaclava’d POLICE in blue, with one blue post. Again this translates as “One for all, all for one” being Charles de Batz d’Artagnan’s motto for ‘The Three Musketeers’, and also indicates that the “Balaclava Terrorists” in the “Bataclan Theatre” wore military Police blue black clothing, and after laying out the bodies (Reticulated Dummies), they simply pulled the Velcro labels down on each other and became POLICE, or Musketeers.

This is reinforced by the photo inside the Bataclan Theatre (“Balaclava theatre”) where the blue black POLICE (or terrorist) kneels and points a gun at the already dead bodies, which are really theatre dummies, or clowns, as in “Clown Factory”, which is polite code for Freemasons, as in “The Freemasons were in on it”.

The Freemasons are in on every conspiracy, especially the Royal Conspiracies.

Then on page 2 of ‘The Times’, 19 November 2015, is a ‘male Bare Arse’ (perhaps shown for the first time), and either side are the letters “BRI” and “POLICE”, being a warning to the BRItish that this is a ‘Bare-Arsed Lie’, and a “POLICE lie”, and the POLICE in the ‘Bataclan Theatre’ or ‘Balaclava Theatre’ were the shooters who killed dummies, thereby exposing the Freemasonic Clown Factory as ‘Dummies in a conspiracy supporting an illegitimate Queen’.

“BRI” also stands for ‘British Royal Insult’.

By their own admission, the Freemasons are the World’s biggest conspiracy organisation. They run most, if not all Conspiracies, and these are done in CODE. “Conspiracy Theories” have a habit of explaining history more accurately than any mainstream history. ‘Conspiracy Theories’ are ridiculed when they approach the Freemasons planning and outcome. Theories which don’t expose Freemasons are not ridiculed. Freemasons are in charge of ‘Ridicule’.


Such photos also work on subliminals, and the photo on page 2 of ‘The Times’ was taken with a ‘Camera’, as in “BRItain’s Camera-on is a Bare-Arsed Liar”, as much as the Moon Hoax (showing one’s Arse is called ‘Mooning’) . . . “Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron is a Bare-Arsed Liar”, and is now relegated to Couchon – French for ‘Pig face’, which refers to David Camera-on sticking his dick in a Pig’s mouth. The “Pig” represents the Jews.

‘The Times’ refers to Prime Minister David Cameron as BRItain’s Couchon with page 2 subtitles “Mastermind despised and disowned by his family” and page 4 subtext “Intelligence failures that cost dear”, and “A new test for adversary with total self-belief”.

This refers to Prime Minister David Cameron signing over control of British Intelligence to Israel and the Mossad two weeks earlier on 31 October 2015 where the reaction was ‘total disbelief’, ‘despised and disowned by his family’, and an “Intelligence failure that will cost dearly”.

Couchon - David Cameron

Similarly the French Police were “blind” when Mossad took control of their Hospitalliers – Police, Ambulance, Response Units, Intelligence, and Military for two days, 11–13 November 2015. When one listens Blind, the source of the events become clear.

So it seems, that whatever the French could do, they did, perhaps to show you they weren’t totally compliant and were somehow forced to do this, and knew that the British and Mossad were involved, and it had something to do with illegitimate Royals, which could only be the British Royals, and the British Prime Monarch . . . so these CODES were about Queen Elizabeth II being illegitimate, where ‘Prime Minister David Cameron was instructed to facilitate the change-over of the Monarchy on 2 August 2010’, and instead informed the illegitimate ‘Queen’ Elizabeth II, who then created the ‘Laws of Succession’ to try and avoid her formal Abdication and the end of the House of Windsor, but backdated the Laws of Succession to acknowledge ‘The deliverer of the Letter was Superior’. ‘Queen’ Elizabeth II acted out her Abdication in 3D, but failed to formalise it in writing, or failed to formalise it in writing and make this public . . . so it was acted out in Paris in 3D for the whole World to see.

Bare Arse Liars

These CODES work by coincidence. The more coincidences there are, the more the CODE IS CONFIRMED. Often the working of these CODES is very intricate. The CODES always require a knowledge of history, and preferably some inside knowledge, and with that the CODES are broken instantly. To explain clearly, CODES require stating the obvious in detail.

The CODES do not pass with clarity to the psychiatrically challenged, which is part of the purpose of the Codes. Sociotypal and Schizotypal will either not get them, not retain them, or be unable to use them correctly. i.e. misappropriate.

All the POLICE work for the Queen. The page 2 image reads “BRI–Bare-Arse–POLICE” so this image refers to “BRItain’s Queen is a Bare-Arsed Lie and the POLICE know it”.

I know they know it because they offered the information between PINDAR and 10 Downing Street, I confirmed it, I have told them separately, they have understood, and they have come to ask me questions about it, which I’ve answered without remorse . . . and it explains all of Britain’s history regarding the European Union and the Laws of Succession, so the French POLICE and British Media are now visually displaying BRItain’s Bare-Arsed Lie, albeit still in unmissable swear CODE . . . as popularised by the 2014 French-English Swear.Net movie.

Through the placement of Flash Bombs, the CODE writers confirmed the subject matter was the Trinity, from which Royalty has extracted itself, both French and British.

This CODE was confirmed by the Wikipedia’s “November 2015 Paris attacks”, where the first location has 3 bomb blasts (3) ; exactly 3 kilometres (3) between the 2nd and 6th locations ; 6÷2 = 3 (3), and 0.3 km to the National Sculpture, so the Trinity codified 3 times & a factor of 10.

Paris Bomb Sites 11-13-15

The First Trinity is Egyptian (3x9= 27), the Second Trinity is Christian (3x7=21), and the Third Trinity is ??? that effects everything (3x5= 15), as in 2015 announces the Third Trinity, where “5” is the ‘Microcosm’, ‘Individual person’, and the microbiotic workings of everything. Perhaps the Third Trinity is ‘the Infinite Detail that effects the Big Picture’.

Drawing a straight line from the 2nd to 6th location (3 km) and continuing for another 1/10th, or 300 metres, exactly hits the tangent with ‘The Sculpture of the Nation’, meaning ‘in tangent with the form of the French Nation’, and therefore the Mythology of its Royalty, as in ‘The Sun King’.

300 metres is also code for the ‘Committee of 300’, suggesting they’re in on it.

The ‘Committee of 300’ are part of the denouncing and dethroning of Queen Elizabeth II.

The wife of France’s King Louis XIV was Anne, Princess of Portugal and Spain, Archduchess of Austria (1601–1666) who died the same year the Prime Meridian was transferred from London England to Paris France. This was due to The 1666 Great Fire of London which the Templars lit as their 7th attempt to get the British Monarchy to change their religion from Catholic or Anglican to the religion Jesus had before the Catholic Church excommunicated itself from his teachings in A.D. 451. This was part Alchemy, which showed knowledge of the Third Trinity, 3 x 5 – the Trinity of ‘the Infinite Detail as it affects the Big Picture’ = 15 = 5-6.

When Alexandre Dumas wrote ‘The Three Musketeers’ in 1844, Queen Victoria’s firstborn and only legitimate son, Prince Marcos Manoel turned 10 years old (300 meters x 10 = 3 km) while he was raised in Portugal.

A quarter of a century later (1844–1869) the 10-year-old Prince Marcos Manoel was made King John II of the United Kingdom as celebrated when Queen Victoria opened the Blackfriars Bridge and the Holborn Viaduct on the same day – St Bruno’s Day. “A quarter” refers to War, as in ‘taking ones quarter’, and these Paris “Bombings” were considered an Act of War, and therefore ‘a quarter’.

The 5th and 6th bombing sites cross “Passage Dumas”, which refers to the passage of the author Alexandre Dumas, the passage of The 3 Musketeers’, and the passage of the 4th Musketeer d’Artagnan when he sired King Louis XIV into the big picture as ‘The Sun King’.

The 5th bombing site means ‘How it affects you the person’.

The 6th site means ‘Macrocosm’ or ‘The Big Picture’.

The Sun King is born on a Sunday. When the British tried to make Prince William a Sun King, they extracted him by caesarean section on the Summer Solstice of 1982, which was a ‘Monday’. So the British Monarchy really didn’t know what they were doing, which reflects their lack of Royalty.

A statue of Alexandre Dumas with Charles de Batz d’Artagnan beneath, and the Statue of the Nation, and the “Bomb” sites forms a rough Trinovantum, a rough ‘Splendid Trinity’ which refers to London and the ‘Virgin Mary’ from which all European Royals claim descent.

The connection with ‘The Three Musketeers’ has been subconsciously in place in Portugal since at least 2000. When Queen Victoria’s Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandson photographed his dog “Aramis” (the most youthful of ‘The Three Musketeers’) inside the British Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal and sent these to Queen Elizabeth II : “Despite a £600,000 renovation [just completed], as soon as Elizabeth II received these photos [of Aramis], she removed [Duke of] Wellington’s Portraits and closed the Ambassador’s Residence, renting another for €25,000 per month. This [original £600,000 Renovated] Residence is now a Ghost House!” (‘The Hidden King of England’, p. 696.)

Just as King Louis XIV of France was sired by 4th Musketeer Charles de Batz d’Artaganan, Queen Victoria was sired by the French Baron Jacob Mayer de Rothschild (‘The Hidden King of England’, p. 69).

So Queen Elizabeth II is scared of references to ‘The Three Musketeers’ (French) as it refers to the illegitimacy of the British Royal family, with the direct illegitimates being Queen Victoria (who was half-French), King Edward VII, George V (who was half-Russian), Queen Elizabeth II (who is half-Irish and a quarter American), Pr. William (who is half-Spanish) and Pr. George (who is full Norwich).

D’Artagnan overcame all odds and came to be recognised as the Prime Musketeer. He retired in 1633 only to be called to stud four years later on 13 November 1637, a Royal Tryst ago (378 years).

No one died in the Paris Bombings and no one died releasing these CODES. Each Agent who “died” was really ‘disappeared’, and when an Agent “disappears”, they receive US$100,000 and free accommodation in some remote mansion with a great view for two years, to return once the emotion has gone out of the event, it’s all forgotten, accepted as a hoax, gullibility shock-test, or false flag. Sometimes it’s quick money, sometimes it’s slow money, but it sets them up for life. It appears that everyone who died was a foreigner, which saves France from having a faux French funeral.

Hunt for Isis

So in this Paris ‘codified gullibility shock-test hoax’ on 11-13-15, those claiming responsibility identified themselves as Freemasons, Templars, Committee of 300, Police, and Mossad, where the true targets are the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron disowned as a Couchon Intelligence failure with total self-belief who has become the UK’s No. 1 adversary ; and Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom who is identified as illegitimate in terms of Birth, Royalty and all three Trinities, with the end of the House of Windsor declared to avoid a quarter being taken across her descendants.

88 days earlier, Queen Elizabeth II was struck with a Black Wand on 17 August 2015 through the British Courts. This was acknowledged by Typhoons in a Flyover in a Criss-cross pattern for 80-minutes breaking the sound barrier flying over at 250 feet, with no lights on a new moon night with moderate cloud cover over the populated area of the Diss Church in Norfolk, East Anglia at least 200 miles off course, if not 300 or 400 miles off course.

Queen Elizabeth II was struck with a Black Wand on 17 August 2015 and exactly 88 days later the Paris attacks happened. The numbers “88” are read sideways as “∞∞” (infinity infinity) meaning “everywhere forever”.

This translates as : ‘The Paris “Bombings” were a worldwide Shock-Test Media event which drew record numbers of people from around the world to focus on the CODES which Lett Queen Elizabeth II struck with a Black Wand everywhere forever for everyone to see’.

“Lett” means ‘Condemn’ and is used in the Queen’s Privy Council Oath. The Privy Council perverts the Course of Justice, and prevents Justice emerging from the Royal Courts. This is one more 3D step towards acknowledging the Prince Pretender to the United Kingdom, as per the wishes of Queen Victoria, as per her 1850 letter “Assemble him Claimant” which was passed to “The Prize”, Prince Marcos Manoel who became King John II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and to the Predicted One here. (King John I is buried in Worcester).


Queen Elizabeth II HAS BEEN STRUCK WITH A BLACK WAND Worldwide Everywhere and Forever on Monday the Seventh (17) of August 2015 in Worcester, United Kingdom and 88 Days later on Friday the Thirteenth (13) of November 2015 in Paris, France.

Contributors were the UK Courts, British Air Force and Media The Times as well as the French Hospitalliers – Ambulance, Military & Police Templars, Freemasons & Committee of 300.

The other CODES ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ is scared of are Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Pindar, where these CODES are also held by . . .

THE HOUSE OF JOSEPH, 19 November 2015. © Joseph Gregory Hallett

The Bataclan Theatre in Paris is the location where Kingship is handed over

Since at least 1761, “Tout le bataclan” has meant ‘the whole kit and caboodle’, ‘the whole nine yards’, ‘all that jazz’. “Bataclan” then became a pun for ‘everything is included’.

The ‘Ba-ta-clan’ operetta satarises everything from contemporary politics to the conventions of grand opera. It was first preformed in Paris on 29 December 1855 – the Lead accidentally impales the five most virtuous people in the land. The Chief Conspirator then hands the Lead a letter on a silver platter, which renders him the Emperor. When the Lead provides a means of escape, he really does become the Emperor. The operetta then ends happily with the Ba-ta-clan anthem.

“The five most virtuous people in the land” satirises the five Rothschilds, and just as ‘Art imitates Life’, five Rothschilds did die mysteriously in 1855. The “Chief Conspirator” is code for the Freemasons who are “Conspiracy Central”, Masonic doctors prone to murders by “M.A.D.” – ‘Medically Assisted Death’.

The ‘Ba-ta-clan’ operetta opened in 1855 ; the Bataclan Theatre was named after it and opened 10 years later in 1865 ; 100 years later it was a rock venue (1965) ; and 50 years later ‘the whole kit and caboodle’ of Bataclan was used for a ‘whole nine yards’ satirical 3D attack on the five most virtuous people in the land, which includes Queen Elizabeth II (Struck with a Black Wand), UK Prime Minister David Cameron (Couchon), French President François Hollande, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Chairman Patrick Pelloux of the French Emergency Physicians (& Charlie Hebdo writer), and the four Presidents of the European Council, European Commission, Council of the European, and European Parliament there being NO President of the European Union, as confirmed by Queen’s ‘Killer Queen’ lyrics : “Temporarily out of gas”.

By Tradition Received (CODE), the Bataclan Theatre is ‘the location’ where Kingship is handed over via a Letter presented on a silver platter. Paris 11-13-15 was ‘designed’ to confirm that Joseph Gregory Hallett has received the 1850 Letter from Queen Victoria stating “Assemble him Claimant”, and ‘The Kingship of the United Kingdom has been handed over on a silver platter’.

Bataclan Theatre

Pre-emptive Band Programming Striking Out Queen Elizabeth II from the Bataclan Theatre

‘Eagles of Death Metal’ is code for the ‘Nazi Swastika’ which references the EU, and for Foo Fighters (WWII UFOs) which references the scientific REX (between Heaven and Earth). EoDM were chosen to play the Bataclan on 11-13-15 for their prolific relationship to “Queen”.

‘Eagles of Death Metal’ (1998–2015) band-members are Jesse Hughes, a 43-year-old former Journalist who sings and plays guitar ; and Joshua Michael ‘Josh’ Homme, a 42-year-old Actor who plays Drums . . . friends since they were 7 . . . and whoever else comes along.

Jesse Hughes is a serious non-talent lacking any convincing stage presence, with no inspiration in his songs that run the same all the way through ; ditto for their covers. The ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ are a bland Band . . . they dress up heavy but they play light pop rock with lacklustre drums, bluegrass slide guitar and boogie teen pop vocals, and should be Band.

Eagles of Death Metal

Accurate feedback Eagles of Death Metal’ get on their YouTube ‘Speaking in Tongues’ video is : “This shit is so fake is anybody buying this crap there part of this whole war on terror bullshit there music sounds like somebody made it up in a hurry it goes nowhere and they made a million photos of themselves this band is fake we better wake the fuckup people somethings going on.”
"Eagles of Death" would be a better name. Or "We Suck" even better!”

Josh Homme, 2007 interview: “Jesse Hughes and I have a theory ; we’re socially liberal but government conservative guys . . . I wanted to be a Republican politician, for God sakes. I’m a conservative, dude”. So these are US Republicans fronting as liberals with Israel connections.

‘Eagles of Death Metal’ are really very immature, grasping at genres without talent. The only way Jesse Hughes could survive 17 years in music is claiming the nickname “The Devil” and being backed by Jewish connections in the Music industry, confirmed when ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ performed in Israel in Summer of 2015, due to return in the summer of 2016 (Haaretz, 25 November 2015). According to the radio, the day before Paris, on 12 November 2015, ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ met with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who the Jewish-owned TIME magazine, running out of time, crowned ‘King of Israel’ on 17 May 2012.

The only convincing thing about Jesse Hughes is that he appears to be a procurer of 19-yearold girls for Jews running his band and the music industry, hence the 34-year-old’s teen song ‘I Got a Feelin (Just Nineteen)’ with lyrics that sound a lot like ‘Grooming’. See for yourself.

‘Eagles of Death Metal’ drummer Josh Homme is the longest standing and only continuous surviving member of ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ (1996–2015) where he was lead vocals, guitar and keyboards (not drums). ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ had Dave Grohl as drummer (2001–02) and Jack Black joined for a ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ memorial concert in 2008 when a band member died, and is on Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters 1999 ‘Learn to Fly’ video.

Jack Black was the vocalist and guitarist of ‘Tenacious D’ (1994–2010) with Dave Grohl on drums, and in the 2001 movie ‘Tenacious D’, Dave Grohl played The Devil.

“Tenacious D” is homophonous code for the Mossad motto ‘Audacity’, so it’s a Mossad band.

On the 2009 ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ video ‘I want you so hard’ Dave Grohl (46) of Nirvana and Foo Fighters, and Jack Black do cameos. Jack Black (46) has a Jewish mother, a converted Judaic father. Jack went to Jewish school and was raised a Jew.

The Israel Mossad Motto is “AUDACITY, AUDACITY, AUDACITY”. The ‘Eagles of Death
Metal’ show at the Bataclan Theatre appears as an Israeli and Foreigners MOSSSAD Officer Training Graduation Bash with in-your-face ‘AUDACITY, AUDACITY, AUDACITY’. The majority of the people in the concert were newly trained foreign Mossad, Mossad, Jewish Music Industry Agents, Actors and Crisis Actors. The lack of talent of Jesse Hughes confirms he is an Agent, and Josh Homme is a confirmed Actor.

In 2009, Josh Homme formed ‘Them Crooked Vultures’ with Dave Grohl a.k.a. Davy Grolton a.k.a. Dale Nixon of ‘Nirvana’ and the ‘Foo Fighters’ (1994–2015) which is a WWII name for UFO. Foo Fighters were based in ‘Hauneburg’ and required an alternative source of energy.

“Foo Fighters” is relevant to the author as his Great-Grandfather Ernest Robert Godward demonstrated his ‘Godward Vaporiser’ would run vehicles on gasoline oil, fuel oil, vegetable oil, kerosene, ‘bootleg liquor’ and petrol, with greater economy and 15 % more horsepower. This was an early success with “Alternative Fuels” and in 1926 fitted to US Army trucks, and in 1929 into 3,000 Philadelphia Taxies and 580 Buses.

Ernest Godward was based at 280 Broadway, Manhattan, New York. His Vice-President was Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). By the 1930s Godward was recognised as ‘The World’s Foremost Authority on the Combustion Engine’, with successful experience in ‘Alternative Energy’.

Fuel was scarce in Germany which sought to be self-sufficient, and in 1936, a Vril craft crashed in the Black Forest near Freiburg and was in need of back-engineering. An inconspicuous underdeveloped testing ground in northwest Germany called SS E-IV, SS Development Office 4, Entwicklungsstelle 4, or Hauneburg, was developed for ‘alternative energy’ research through grain alcohol fuels, simpler coal burning engines, coal gasification, highly advanced liquid oxygen turbines, total reaction turbines, Air Independent Propulsion motors (AIP) and Electro- Magnetic-Gravitic engines (EMG) which aligned with Ernest Robert Godward’s successful history in Alternative Energy and the Godward Vaporiser . . . so Godward needed to be stolen.

The Nazis and the New York newspapers killed off Ernest Godward on 2 December 1936 on the SS Mongolia in the western Mediterranean. Off Marseilles the next day, the SS Villa de Madrid collided with the SS Mongolia which was laid up for repairs for the next two years. This meant Godward’s body could not be buried at sea, and so was ‘disappeared’.

Godward’s ‘Rockhaven’ mansion in Queen’s Drive, Windsor was sold, his vast fortune disappeared, and no family has seen or profited from his many patents, which went the way of the Nazis.

Leading up to World War II, Scientists were stolen, along with their patents and fortunes, and taken to Germany under ‘Operation Clip Paper’. All necessary bureaucracy supported this, as they did with ‘Operation Paperclip’ after the war. The news item of Godward’s death was faked, and more likely he was kidnapped from New York and taken straight to SS E-IV in Germany. The shipping accident merely provided an opportunity not to return a body to Marylebone, Windsor, New Zealand or New York where other Inventor’s deaths were also faked including John von Neumann (1903–8 February 1957+) and Nikolai Tesla (1856–7 January 1943/1957+).

From 1936 SS E-IV developed the ‘Electro-Magnetic-Gravitic Engine’ which improved Hans Coler’s ‘Free Energy Machine’ into an ‘Energy Converter’ coupled to a ‘Van De Graaf Band Generator’ and ‘Marconi Vortex Dynamo’ creating ‘Powerful Rotating Electromagnetic Fields’ that reduced Mass and altered Gravity. This Thule Triebwerk, Tachyonator-7 drive, or ‘Thrustwork’ was installed into a Thule-designed disc becoming the H-Gerät, H-Device, Hauneburg Device, RFZ-5, or “Haunebu”, which became the “Foo-Fighter” from 1939.

Jesse “The Devil” Hughes founded and plays in ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ and is the longest reigning member of ‘Queens of the Stone Age’. Hughes also plays in ‘Them Crooked Vultures’. The ‘Foo Fighters’ founder Dave Grohl plays in ‘Queens of the Stone Age’, ‘Them Crooked Vultures’ and ‘Tenacious D’ band, and acts as The Devil in the ‘Tenacious D’ movie (homophonous with ‘Audacious Mossad’). The Jewish Jack Black (code for ‘The Prince who came from nowhere’) played in ‘Queens of the Stone Age’, ‘Tenacious D’ band and movie ‘Audacious Mossad’. They all do cameos in each other’s music videos and movies, so it’s a tight clique with "Two Devils, one rendered ‘Satan’. The ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ band is code for ‘Audaciously and Tenaciously send Queen Elizabeth II back to the Stone Age’.

Eagles of Death Metal Concert

The closely associated Foo Fighters is code for ‘Replace Queen Elizabeth II with a descendant of the person who back-engineered the downed Freiburg Vril craft into the Foo Fighter’ – Ernest Godward’s Great-Grandson, the author Gregory Hallett, for whom street magicians have been pulling the Jack of Spades card since mid-2014 as the ‘Prince who came from nowhere’.

“Gregory Hallett” is an anagram for “get the royal Holy Grael”, with abbrev. t. (the) & r. (royal).

The ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ ‘Audaciously and Tenaciously sent Queen Elizabeth II back to the Stone Age’ becomes more pronounced when Jesse “The Devil” Hughes made a 2004 solo album called ‘A Pair of Queens’ ; and Josh Homme featured on a 2005 Queen tribute album called ‘Killer Queen’ with the song ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ with the band ‘Eleven’ (1936–47).

‘Killer Queen’ was off Queen’s 1974 ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ album, which is a theme of this Paris Gullibility Shock Test on 11-13-15’, where the lyrics of ‘Killer Queen’ were carried out 88 days after Queen Elizabeth II was struck with a Black Wand . . .

“She keeps Moët et Chandon, In her pretty cabinet, ‘Let them eat cake,’ she says, Just like

Marie Antoinette, A built-in remedy, For Kruschev and Kennedy,
At anytime an invitation, You can’t decline
Caviar and cigarettes, Well versed in etiquette, Extraordinarily nice
[Chorus] She’s a Killer Queen, Gunpowder, gelatine, Dynamite with a laser beam,
Guaranteed to blow your mind, Anytime . . . Recommended at the price,
Insatiable an appetite, Wanna try?
To avoid complications, She never kept the same address, In conversation,
She spoke just like a baroness, Met a man from China, Went down to Geisha Minah,
Then again incidentally, If you’re that way inclined
Perfume came naturally from Paris, For cars she couldn’t care less, Fastidious and precise
[Chorus] She’s a Killer Queen, Gunpowder, gelatine, Dynamite with a laser beam,
Guaranteed to blow your mind Anytime
Drop of a hat she’s as willing as, Playful as a pussy cat, Then momentarily out of action,
Temporarily out of gas, To absolutely drive you wild, wild, She’s all out to get you
[Chorus] She’s a Killer Queen, Gunpowder, gelatine, Dynamite with a laser beam,
Guaranteed to blow your mind, Anytime . . .
Recommended at the price, Insatiable an appetite, Wanna try?
You wanna try . . .”

With pre-emptive programming, the Nazified European Union with Swastika audacity, tenaciously labelled Queen Elizabeth II as a Killer Queen, and with Prince Philip as ‘A Pair of Queens’. Two Devils curse Queen Elizabeth II back to the Stone Age, then lyrically outline where and how in :

“Paris with Perfume (the scenario stinks), Gunpowder, gelatine, Dynamite,
Guaranteed to blow your mind (confuse), while the French Police and Ambulance
were “momentarily out of action”, and the EU was “Temporarily out of gas”, there
being NO actual President of the European Union, and not even a title ‘President of
the European Union’ – it is the Emperor with NO Clothes.

“Met a man from China, Went down to Geisha Minah (‘Asia Minor’ was French Vietnam)
refers to the Ba-ta-clan Operetta where the three French Actors were disguised as Chinese and
one by one they each revealed they were French.

The Hidden King of England - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose

See the books that kicked off the 2015 French Bomb Plot at
www.thehiddenkingofengland.com and www.theworldoftruth.net.

As you can imagine, the five books that sparked all this off are the most suppressed books in
British history. You can view excerpts of ‘THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND – Arma
Christi – Unveiling the Rose’, as well as further interviews.
No Bookstores or chains, private bookshop or Literary Agent will stock these books as they
come under the Privy Council oath to Lett or suppress anything exposing ‘Queen’ Elizabeth II.
In addition, The British Army founded the 77th Brigade as these books were printed,
specifically to attack any such book or interview on the web. As a result, after each
interview, the clicks counted actually goes down, from 2 million in 2008 to less than
400,000 now.

From Queen Victoria’s Conception to handing over Kingship by Letter on a Silver Plater

Queen Victoria was conceived on 18 August 1818 and born on 24 May 1819.
Queen Victoria’s Conception Date was 18-08-1818 . . . 8-8-8-8

Through the Courts of the United Kingdom,
the Lord Arch-Treasurer Guardian of the Royal Secret
Struck Queen Elizabeth II with a Black Wand on 17 August 2015
thus de-Throning Elizabeth II on 8-08-8
twenty-three days before she became the ‘Longest Reigning Monarch’ . . . 8-8-8

88 Days later on Friday 13 November 2015 “Paris 11-13-15” happened . . . 8-8
“11-13-15” means ‘Look at the Prime Numbers in sequential detail’.
The Prime Meridian can be divided, Prime Monarch cannot be divided, therefore subject is the Queen.

The Central Theme (Meme) was the figure “8” painted in fake Blood in the Bataclan Theatre . . . 8
Fake Blood symbolises the British Royal family do not have Consanguinity . . .
. . . they are Fake Blood – “Flat Lie Royal”.

The Relative Dates give us “ 8-8-8-8 – 8-8-8 – 8-8 – 8 ”

This is the ‘Completion of the Cycle’
It is the Completion of a ‘Forbidden Secret’ known as “the Shin”.
This is the Completion of a Cycle from a Millennium to a Day . . .

This is the Completion of the Cycle from Queen Victoria’s
illegitimate conception by the French Baron Jacob Mayer de Rothschild, hence this event in Paris . . .
to the illegitimacy of Queen Elizabeth II five times over in five Generations . . .
to the De-Throning of Queen Elizabeth II 23 Days (2+3 = 5, hence 555 = mark as ‘occult hit’)
before she superseded the length of Queen Victoria’s Reign . . . and
before she destroyed the Empire of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria totally.

When Queen Victoria gave her 1850 “Assemble him Claimant” Letter
to the necessarily Titled author ‘Lord Arch-Treasurer Guardian of the Royal Secret’,
Queen Victoria organised the Document Transfer according to the Bible Codes,
her Predictions, the Tradition Received, and the Desposyni Papers
such that “There is to be no alteration on proportion”.

As you can see – there has been no alteration on proportion.
8888 – 888 – 88 – 8

This therefore Registers THE HOUSE OF JOSEPH in 3D.
THE HOUSE OF JOSEPH is now Registered in Three Dimensions.
THE HOUSE OF JOSEPH is Registered in Time – in Four Dimensions.
THE HOUSE OF JOSEPH is now Registered and Grounded in Time & Place.
THE HOUSE OF JOSEPH is now Registered with the full benefits of 8888–888–88–8.
THE HOUSE OF JOSEPH is the House that manifests magic, which you can see here in action.

The Queen is Struck Out and there is a New Tenant King

The final “8” painted on the Bataclan floor in fake Blood makes for the 10th ‘8’.

The “perverted” House of Windsor pretends to be descended from the Throne of David.

“REX” means ‘Between Heaven and Earth’. “Bataclan” is a pun for ‘everything is included’.

“Eagles of Death Metal”, “the band “Eleven” and “Foo-Fighters” and interchangeable.

In terms of advanced technology “Foo-Fighters” is code for ‘REX’, between Heaven and Earth.

As a state of being, “Nirvana” is code for ‘REX’.

“10” is Code for ‘God’. “8” is code for ‘∞’ being ‘infinity’ or ‘everywhere’ or ‘forever’.

‘8888–888–88–8’ being “∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞” is code for ‘infinity, everywhere, forever, in the underworld, physical-world, supra-world, invisible emotional, causal, etheric, soul/solar realms.

“10-8” (Ten-Eight) is homophonous with ‘Tenant’.

‘8888–888–88–8’ read vertically is a DNA strand and 10 8s is code for the ‘REX DNA strand’.

‘8888–888–88–8’ being “∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞” is code for ‘God’s Adopted Son’ – a Bible prophecy.

10 ‘8’s, 10∞ or ‘∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞’ is a REX DNA strand codifying ‘God’s Tenant Adopted Son’.

This is a Tenant (“Ten-Eight”) path thru REX (Nirvana/Foo-Fighters) affirming Prince Pretender status and making an offering of ‘Tenant Kingship’, formally known as “Prince Regent” or even “Prince Regent Duke Governor”.

The Bible’s code for the ‘REX DNA strand ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞’ is in Ezekiel 21:27 and Revelations 21:7 & 17:15 : ‘I will overturn, destroy, and make a ruin of a perverted World, until a perverted Throne of David is no more. When he whose right it is comes, I will hand it to him . . . He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and shall be God’s chosen adopted son selected from thy countryman’s brothers and made a king, who rules wisely.’

Put more simply, the Bible code for the numbers ‘8888–888–88–8’ and the ‘REX DNA strand ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞’ is : ‘The World will fall to ruin. The Tenant Prince will be handed the Kingship on a silver platter. This Prince will overcome all obstacles and inherit all things. God will select this Prince from a Brother ‘Commonwealth’ Nation and render him a Wise King’.

Pre-emptive Band Programming Striking Out Queen Elizabeth II on 11-13-15 with ‘Eagles of Death Metal’, audaciously and tenaciously writing “8” in fake Blood on the Bataclan Floor, names Queen Elizabeth II’s successor as the Nirvana (REX) and Foo-Fighters (REX) Tenant (“10-8”) Prince Pretender who is delivered the Kingship via a Letter on a Silver Platter.

Just as Art imitates Life, Queen Victoria’s Royal “Assemble him Claimant” Letter was delivered on a silver platter in 2012, 2013 and 2014 to Joseph Gregory Hallett, and again in 2015 at Bataclan. “Gregory Hallett” is an anagram for “Get the Royal Holy Grael” (Letter) as in :

‘Have the Ba-ta-clan Operetta enacted in the Bataclan Theatre for the Whole World to see, to witness Queen Elizabeth II Struck with a Black Wand ; Joseph Gregory Hallett confirmed as Prince Pretender and Tenant King ; and witness the Codes of Coincidence that transfer the British Monarchy from the HOUSE OF WINDSOR to the HOUSE OF JOSEPH.

The whole kit and caboodle, the whole nine yards of Kingship was handed over via a Royal Letter on a silver plater in Real Life, Theatre, Tradition and Code as ‘God’s REX DNA Tenant Adopted Son’, the Prince Pretender who came from a Brother Nation (nowhere) who is made a Wise King. According to the Ba-ta-clan Operetta Tradition, all the confirmed Prince Pretender and new Tenant King has to do now is ‘provide a means of escape’.

The New Tenant King’s Means of Escape 11-13-15

Eleven years passed between the 1936 Vril Freiburg Foo fighter crash in Germany and the 1947 Roswell Foo Fighter crash in the US. The Band ‘Eleven’ and “Eagles of Death Metal” refers to Foo Fighters. “11” = ‘M’. “13” = ‘Templar’. “15” = 5-6 = Microcosm-Macrocosm.

“MM” = Marcos Manoel, Queen Victoria’s firstborn and only Legitimate Son who became the secret King John II of the United Kingdom (R. 1869–1910). He was the Patron Saint of Rockets, as per Mont Saint Michel. His successor is King John III.

The Templar Nations are Portugal, Scotland and Switzerland. Portugal was born a Templar Nation, where this story began, with this author’s ancestor ‘Antonio Pura’ from Portugal- Spain meaning ‘Pure Antonio’. Emperor Caesar Antonio Pious (R. 138–161) was born and based in Portugal-Spain and was the Apex of ‘The Five Good Emperors’.

The Templars were shut down in 1314 but had a years warning, escaped and changed their name ; 45 years later, in 1359 ‘The Poor Knights of Christ’ approached Pope Innocent VI and said : “Kindly give us all the lands and wealth of the Templars”, which the Pope promptly did.

The Band Eleven (M) and the date 11-13-15 = King John III-Templar Microcosm-Macrocosm.

This gives the Tenant King John III the right to approach the Pope and ask for all the wealth, land, assets and invisibles of the World, which the Pope acknowledges he has been holding all this time for just such a purpose, for which it is the last Pope’s role to hand over.

This also gives the Tenant King John III the right to end this Age and begin to form the New Age out of the Microcosm-Macrocosm, as per a Wise King.

Simultaneously, in and from Paris, Queen Elizabeth II has been struck with a Black Wand and Dethroned, and the Lord Arch-Treasurer Guardian of the Royal Secret has been signalled from Paris for the 5th time as Prince Pretender to the Throne and Crown of the United Kingdom, now confirmed and sealed ; fulfilling the Bible Codes of God’s Adopted Son from a brother Nation who Rules Wisely – the first degree of Tenant King, or the first tentative steps of kingship.

The Bataclan Theatre in Paris is the location where Kingship is handed over. The Pre-emptive Band Programming from the Bataclan Theatre Struck Queen Elizabeth II with a Black Wand, and a New Tenant King was named, the Kingship already handed to him three times by Letter, his Kingship delivered publicly on a Silver Platter, with the Five Rothschilds acknowledging.

“Joseph” means ‘Manifests Magic’ and is the highest name, above Nimrod and Semiramis. THE HOUSE OF JOSEPH is now Registered in 3D, 4D and 5 dimensions, Grounded in Time & Place with the full benefits of 8888–888–88–8 as the REX DNA strand of ‘God’s Adopted Son’ that holds the position of Prince Pretender to the United Kingdom, and the Tenant Kingship of John III of the United Kingdom, as per The HOUSE OF JOSEPH’s manifest magic. The measure of Kingship is fulfilling the series of predictions laid down well before the Lord Guardian of the Royal Secret’s lifetime, having those predictions confirmed in detail, remotely, with the whole world watching, over a long period of time with no alteration on proportion. The King of the United Kingdom is Acclaimed, as per Tradition and the Tradition Received.

The whole wide world has seen the Tenant King of the United Kingdom acclaimed and the Queen dethroned. It was done in this way, in 3D, because the British Courts failed due to their Privy Council Oath and total sell out to the European Union. As a direct result of delaying the transfer of kingship, England and Europe suffered Jewish Pestilence ; this time immigration, next time?

This 21 page Article is ©Joseph Gregory Hallett with Fair Use allowed.