Elizabeth II’s Illegitimate Birth in Popular Culture & the Ambiguity of the Crown.
Elizabeth Abdicates to Greg Hallett through the Coins of the United Kingdom.

Predictive Programming in ‘Roman Holiday’ —
Elizabeth lets Her Heir down

Strolling thru the Roman Forum, near the Temple of Saturn, Joseph Gregory stumbles across Princess An Elizabeth at the Arch of Septimius Severus.  Princess An Elizabeth: “So happy. How are you this evening?”
Joseph Gregory Hallett: “Hey, wake up.”  Princess An Elizabeth: “Thank you very much love.”
Princess An Elizabeth: “Charmed.”  Joseph Gregory Hallett: “Charmed too.”  They are both Charmed.  They are both Charmed and the love begins.
Princess An Elizabeth: “Police.”  Joseph Gregory Hallett: “Yeah, Po-Lice.”
Po-Lizia = Po = Bit ... Lizia = Eliza ... Bit-Lizia = Eliza-beth. Taxi = Rothschild.  Joseph Gregory Hallett to Princess An Elizabeth: “You take the Cab” = You take the Rothschild Highway = You’ve taken the Rothschild Highway.  Princess An Elizabeth: “It’s a Taxi” = This is a Rothschild Journey.
Princess An Elizabeth: “You’re so smart, I’m not drunk at all . . . I’m just being very happy.”
Taxi Driver: “1, 2, 3, 4 Mila”.  Taxi = Rothschild. Rothschild own the Central Bank of Canada & Germany.

The Royal Canadian Mint produced a 21” diameter 100 kg, 24 carat gold coin marked “1 MILLION DOLLARS 2007 ELIZABETH II”.  By 2017, its value had risen from 1 Million to 2 Million to 3 Million to 4 Million dollars and became known as “big maple leaf”.  It was stolen in March 2017.
Joseph Gregory explains to the Rothschild Taxi Driver that the non-Queen Elizabeth II is not his problem, and the Rothschild Taxi-Driver explains the same thing back, having just predicted Queen Elizabeth II’s demise 64 years ahead with “1, 2, 3, 4 Mila”.  Rothschild Taxi Driver: “What you want ... You don’t want girl, yeah.  Me don’t’ want girl ... Po-lizia.”
“Po” = ‘Bit’ ... ‘Bit-Lizia’ ... Lizia-bit ... ‘Elizabeth’.

‘Yards’ are used to Predict ‘Years’, but Italy went metric in 1862 ... so metres were used to predict years.  From where Joseph Gregory & Princess An Elizabeth first met at the Arch of Septimius (Seventh) near the Temple of Saturn (Celestial Farming) in the old Roman Forum (Tribunal) ... to Joe’s apartment at Via Margutta 51 (foreigner’s quarter) is 2017 metres by road.  2017 metres predicts the year 2017.  17 marks Portugal, which includes Faro (Pharaoh) = Joseph.  27 marks the Knights Templar, who are King-makers.  The 1953 film Roman Holiday has been Prediction Perfect.

Rothschild Taxi Driver: “Here’s via Margutta 51 ... 1, 2, 3, 4 Mila.”
The Rothschild Taxi driver says “1, 2, 3, 4 Mila”.  On 27 March 2017, the Canadian Royal Mint 2007, 21” diameter, 1 Million dollar, 100 kg, 24 Carat Gold Queen Elizabeth II Coin was stolen from the Bode Museum in Berlin, when it was 10 years old and worth 4 Million dollars ... “1, 2, 3, 4 Million”.
BBC News, 27 March 2017 ‘Solid gold coin worth $4 million stolen from Berlin museum’.
Canada had been the most Pro-Monarchy Nation.  Canada’s Queen Elizabeth II coin was stolen on Monday morning around 3:30 a.m. = “33” = Illuminati Operation.  A Ladder was found on the railway tracks.  A Ladder on a Ladder = Jacob’s Ladder.
This robbery does not bode well for Queen Elizabeth II who is now recognised by the Knights Templar, Canada, Germany, Rothschild, and all the Central Banks as Flat Lie Royal and Never-a-Queen.  2017 does not bode well for Elizabeth & marks the year of Elizabeth’s unraveling as Queen.  Roman Holiday has been Prediction Perfect.
Joseph Gregory leads Princess An E-lizia-bit up Jacob’s Ladder, but Princess Elizabeth misses it altogether ... Elizabeth is not Spiritual, nor is she genetically true.  There is a fork in Jacob’s Ladder, in the Royal Lineage, and An Elizabeth is knocking on the wrong door = long-term illegitimate bâtard many times over.  Joseph Gregory shows Elizabeth the correct top of the Royal Ladder.  Elizabeth follows him in, acknowledging that this is the way up with: “Is this the elevator?”
Joseph Gregory: “It’s my room!”  Joseph Gregory’s room is Jacob’s Ladder, foreign to Elizabeth, who is dizzy at the heights: “I’m terribly sorry to mention it, but this dizziness is getting worse”.  Princess An Elizabeth: “Can I sleep in Joseph Gregory’s room, in the dizzy heights of Jacob’s Ladder?”

Joseph Gregory hands Elizabeth the Mark of a Commoner − Pyjamas − Marking Elizabeth as the Empress with No Clothes.  Princess An Elizabeth: “Will you help me get undressed please?”  Can you dress me down?  Can you remove my Styles?  Joseph Gregory begins to dress Elizabeth down & remove her Styles, but has to wait for her Haircut of all Style and Titles later in the day.
Joseph Gregory: “There you are, you can handle the rest” and hands Princess An Elizabeth her necktie with which to judge herself, as per a Pharaoh’s chin attachment imitating Anubis.  Joseph Gregory allows Elizabeth to dress herself down.
Joseph Gregory has a Wine.  Princess An Elizabeth: “May I have some?”  Joseph Gregory: “No!”  Princess Elizabeth is not of the Vine Lineage, so she gets No Wine.

Princess An Elizabeth: “This is very unusual.  I’ve never been alone with a man before, even with my dress on.  With my dress off, it’s most unusual.  I don’t seem to mind.  Do you?”
Princess An Elizabeth is admitting that before Joseph Gregory Hallett she is the ‘Empress with No Clothes’ and is completely comfortable being dressed down by Joseph Gregory Hallett, as in: “We believe Your Highness is Fake.”
Joseph Gregory has control of Jacob’s Pillow, and puts Princess An Elizabeth in her place, on the Couch & Horses.
Joseph Gregory hands Princess Elizabeth Pyjamas − the Mark of a Commoner.  Joseph Gregory brands Princess Elizabeth a Commoner: “You understand you’re sleeping on the Couch, not on the Bed, not on the Chair, on the Couch.  Is that clear?”  Couch = Coach = Coach & Horses.  Chair = Throne.
Joseph Gregory hides the Wine/Vine Lineage behind the Crown, which An Elizabeth does not have, to prevent Princess Elizabeth abusing the Vine Lineage, getting drunk on the knowledge, and abusing it profanely.
Princess An Elizabeth: “You have my permission to withdraw” my Style and Titles, and this dressing down is immediately effective.

There is Palace Panic over the Missing Princess An Elizabeth, which is really a Panic over Elizabeth’s Dressing Down, being Elizabeth’s Missing Titles ... shortly.  Palace Staff swear a Pledge of Honour to Secrecy ... which they did in 1925, 1926, 1952, 1953 etc.  Princess An is confirmed as Princess Elizabeth due to be Queen.  All of Princess Elizabeth’s Styles and Titles were removed on 26 March 1953, creating a “Top Crisis Secret” TOP CRISIS SECRET.

“Now we must Notify their Majesties”.  Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid stands up alongside Winston Churchill a.k.a. General Collapse ... and present themselves as the biological parents of Princess An Elizabeth.  Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid and Winston Churchill are the Artificial Insemination Biological Parents of Queen Elizabeth II.
Joseph Gregory trots effortlessly up Jacob’s Ladder.  He knows the way and has the Key, but in his Elevated Room at the Top of Jacob’s Ladder, Joseph Gregory finds Princess An Elizabeth sleeping in his bed.
Arms on Hips = ∞ Symbol of Infinity ... Princess Elizabeth has been sleeping in Joseph Gregory’s Bed like forever.
So Joseph Gregory slams the door on Princess Elizabeth and drags the Couch (Coach & Horses) into position ...
Joseph Gregory undoes his ties = the Judgment of Anubis and the Judgment of Pharaoh ... removes one of Jacob’s Pillows, looks to his right and up to God, then tosses Princess Elizabeth out of his bed onto the Couch/Coach where An Elizabeth belongs.
Princess An Elizabeth is “So Happy” with this. Joseph Gregory: “The pleasure’s mine ... screwball” = ‘not what you’d expect − a reverse spin on things’.  With Princess An Elizabeth’s Missing Titles and Joseph Gregory flicking Elizabeth out of his bed and back onto the Couch & Horses . . . With Princess An Elizabeth’s Missing Titles and Joseph Gregory tossing Elizabeth out of his bed and back onto the Couch & Horses
A SPECIAL EMBASSY BULLETIN REPORTS THE SUDDEN ILLNESS OF HER ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCESS ANN” Elizabeth.  The Rome Clock chimes Midday − High Noon. Joseph Gregory sleeps in his Bed at the top of Jacob’s Ladder with his Feet at the Crown, and covered.  Princess Ann Elizabeth is lying on the Couch & Horses next to him, but inverted, her feet naked. Feet are a mark of Kingship. Princess Ann Elizabeth’s feet are naked = No Kingship.  Without the Feet, Hands & Head covered, there is No Requirement to Address Princess Ann Elizabeth as a Royal.  Joseph Gregory is 15 minutes late for the Interview with Princess Ann, who is lying beside him on the Couch in his House (Coach & Horses).  Joseph Gregory peers through the Curtains at Rome to see that it is High Noon, and nigh soon ... First for Princess An Elizabeth’s Haircut & Second their Sovereign Union Marriage . . .
AMERICAN NEWS SERVICE ALL THE NEWS ALL THE TIM(E) Missing “E” = ‘Elizabeth is missing’ ... Elizabeth is missing all Expectations.  Princess An Elizabeth was ill with trepidation in the lead up to being undressed of all Her Style and Titles.
‘Hennessey’ is French Cognac, est. 1765. The French Monarchy lasted another 27 years to 1792. “27” = Templar = Kingship appointment.  “Mr Hennessey has been looking for you” = French Monarchy & Templars have been looking for Joseph Gregory. “You’ve been looking for me.”  ‘V for Vendetta’ used this line in the email re-the Royal Trinity.
1953−2005 = 52 Years = ‘Age of Man completes a Full Cycle’.  Bible.  “We pick up our Assignment...”
“I picked up my Assignment last night ... the Princess 11:45” = Templars moving Elizabeth through the goal posts.
The sign-written Window reads: “ALL THE TIM(E)” from the outside, the “E” returned to the inside.
Jesus charged TIMothy to ‘Oppose False Teachers’ − QEII.  TIM was based in E-phesus.
“This is very interesting ... Tell me, tell me, did Princess An Elizabeth answer all the questions on the list?”
Joseph Gregory: “Well of course she did” ... but you have to search around for the answers.
“How did Her Hard Highness react to the idea of a European Federation?”  European Union Brexit Article 50 was on 29 March 2017.  “Sought it ... Was just fine.”
As Non-Sovereign, Elizabeth cannot claim the United Kingdom back from the EU, and Sought the EU as a means to give the UK away, as opposed to fulfilling the 200-year Shin and returning the United Kingdom to the True Royal Family as required by the Shin Pact.

Hennessey: “They fool you you know these Royalties ... By the way, what was Princess An Elizabeth wearing?”
Joseph Gregory: She was wearing my pyjamas on the Coach ... umm Couch next to my bed, with naked feet.
Joseph Gregory: “I’m just a Herd-a-Govitch.” = ‘Son of the People Herder’.  Film script says: “No, no I just hurried over here.”
Hennessey: “Oh, that tells a story of these dimensions.  I think you described it very well.” ... as they point to each other smiling & laughing.  ‘All of Princess An Elizabeth’s Appointments, Styles and Titles are cancelled in Total.’
Her mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid had Wedding Night Whooping Cough & Cancelled all her Breeding appointments with King George VI.
Joseph Gregory: “In Toto” ... being the Dog in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, a trickster up to mischief, as in ‘Miss-Chief Trickster’.
Hennessey: ‘Yes Mr Bradley, Princess An Elizabeth is the Dog in the Wizard of Oz.’
Joseph Gregory: “It’s certainly pretty hard to swallow” that All of Princess Elizabeth’s Styles and Titles are cancelled in Total and she is now just a Miss-Chief Trickster.
“Here it is Mr Bradley, all over the Front Page of every Newspaper in Rome” ... and all over the Title Page of this movie ‘Roman Holiday’ ... that All of Princess Elizabeth’s Styles and Titles are cancelled in Toto/total.
Joe Gregory: “Is this the Princess?”
Hennessey: “You might be interviewing her again some day.” Joseph Gregory is not fired for being late.
“Basta” = ‘Enough Bastards’ = Enough illegitimate Royal Bastards already.  Joseph Gregory has to walk up Jacobs Ladder through the staircase of Royal Bastards to get to Elizabeth who is guarded at Joseph Gregory’s request.
Joseph Gregory finds An Elizabeth Princess sleeping in his Elevated Jacob’s Ladder, and checks her identity.
Joseph Gregory: “Your Highness.”  Princess An Elizabeth: “No.”  Joseph Gregory: “Your Royal Highness.”
Princess An Elizabeth: “No.” ... then in ‘Character’: “Yes, what is it?”
Joseph Gregory prepares Jacob’s Pillow as a test of Royalty, and picks up Princess An Elizabeth to place her in the line of Jacob’s Pillow, but An Elizabeth doesn’t quite fit, and sirens immediately announce Royal Police, Italian ‘Po-Lizia’ = ‘Bit of Lizia’ = ‘Elizabeth is a Siren who is not on Jacob’s Ladder’.  Princess Elizabeth was born on the wrong side of the sheets.  The Royal Police Sirens guide Joseph Gregory to place Elizabeth the wrong way up on the Bed of Jacob’s Ladder.  Two PO-LIZIA vehicles come: One each for Elizabeth’s Styles and Titles.
Joseph Gregory: “Tell the Doctor ... everything”.
Elizabeth wants to confess to the World she is being stripped of all Royal Style & Titles by the Jesuit Doctor.

In Joseph Gregory’s Jacob’s Ladder Princess An Elizabeth: “I dreamt and I dreamt and ...”
Joseph Gregory: In my Jacob’s Ladder: “What did you dream?”
Princess An Elizabeth: “I dreamt I was asleep on the street and ... young man came and he was tall and strong ... He was so mean to me.”
Joseph Gregory: “He was!”

The Elbow is in a high-bend = Chief, in a Vector shape = Star Family.
Princess An Elizabeth acknowledges Joseph Gregory as ‘Chief of the Star Family’ and says: “It was wonderful” ... then “Have, have I had an Accident?”  Joseph Gregory: “No”, ‘This was No Accident.   You have been Lucid Dreaming in my Jacob’s Ladder’. “Well, perfect.” Princess An Elizabeth rests on Jacob’s Pillow the wrong way up, admitting she is not of that lineage.  Joseph Gregory with highest-bend elbow leans over the Crown.  Princess An Elizabeth says “Thank you.   Are these your pyjamas?” as she checks the pyjama bottoms to see if she still has her Royal Style and Titles, but they were always Joseph Gregory’s attire who says “Did you lose something?” ‘Did the bottom fall out of your Styles?’
Princess An Elizabeth: “No”, not yet, but today ... “Would you be so kind as to tell me where I am” at.  “Did you bring me here by force?”   Joseph Gregory: “No, No, No, Quite the Contrary”, ‘You’ve had your Agents all over me trying to kill me many times and distributing ‘The Queen’s Heroin’ wherever I was at’.
Princess An Elizabeth: “Have I been here all night alone?” = ‘Did I Reign alone?’  Joseph Gregory: “If you don’t count me yes.” “27” = Templar.  27 years after this movie was released, Joseph Gregory Hallett has been running the British Royal family, as Marked by the 25 P ‘Crown’ Coin on 4 August 1980, including Marriages & Breeding illegitimacies.

Princess An Elizabeth spent Her “Night Reign” while Joseph Gregory Hallett was placed on the Coat of Arms from 1961, Coins from 1968, Royal Style and Titles from 1974, Crown Coin from 1980, Laws of Succession from 2013, and Prince Pretender from 2015.   When Princess An Elizabeth and Joseph Gregory finally formally meet in a sober state, Elizabeth invites Joseph Gregory to sit down, and the Crown immediately appears above and beside Joseph Gregory’s head.  Princess An Elizabeth: “You may sit down.” Joseph Gregory’s Head immediately has the Crown, the correct way up on Jacob’s Ladder & Pillow and there are no Royal Police sirens going off.  Joseph Gregory: “What’s your name?”  Princess An Elizabeth doesn’t know, so takes forever to answer ... and returns a fake reply: “Arhh, you may call me ... Anya”
Joseph Gregory with Crown says: “Well thank you, Anya.” Princess Elizabeth: “I’ve been quite enough trouble to you as it is.”  Joseph Gregory: “Trouble? ... You’re not what I’d call trouble.”
Princess An Elizabeth with Crown O to the right: “I’m not!?” = I’m Not Queen and I have No Rights to the Crown.
Joseph Gregory sits under the Crown for 8.4 seconds ... whereas Princess An Elizabeth stands beside the Crown for 2.8 seconds with a large “O” beneath it meaning ‘O Crown’ = No Crown and says “I’m Not” = ‘Not a Princess, Never Queen & No Rights to it’.
Joseph has the Crown three (3) times longer than Elizabeth.
Joseph Gregory: “I’ll run a Bath for you”.  The ‘Order of Bath’ are Titles closest to the Sovereign, so Joseph Gregory is now the Font of Titles.  Princess An Elizabeth is now a Bag Lady . . . suspicious of her own former Titles.
Joseph Gregory phones his photographer ... who is meeting Francesca at G.ROCCA’s., but is a New Haven Connecticut Trout Fisherman and caught up in the CIA.  Francesca = Francisco.

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid cleans Joseph Gregory’s apartment.  The first thing she does is move the Wine/Vine Lineage from behind the Crown and place it beneath the Mongoose lamp.  ‘The Mongoose’ was Prime Minister Lord Palmerston (1855−58, 1859−65) who sidestepped the true Kingship line in 1855, and instead developed the Mafia as ‘The British Empire’.  Three Curtains are opened on the incumbent Flat Lie Royal Mafia family and a Biblical request for TIMothy to bring some light on the matter.  Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid busts into the Order of Bath and meets her illegitimate daughter, An Elizabeth.  They both masquerade her as a Princess.

The Maid is actually a look-alike of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid, Princess An Elizabeth’s Mother ... both ugly & the same height.  Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid: “Capito?!”  Princess An Elizabeth: “No capito − don’t understand.”  An does not comprehend her mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, as she was actually Irish masquerading as a Scot.
Princess An Elizabeth: “I must go.  I only waited to say goodbye.”  Joseph Gregory: “Goodbye, but we’ve only just met. How about some breakfast ... Must be a pretty important date, to run off without eating.”
Princess An Elizabeth: “It is ... I can find the place [the Vatican].  Thank you for letting me sleep in your bed ... It was very considerate of you” ... to allow us 200-Years of Shin ... and now I am to get my Styles and Titles Haircut.
Princess An Elizabeth: “Goodbye Mr Bradley.”  Joseph Gregory: “Goodbye.”  Elizabeth required directions to walk down Jacobs Ladder through all the invisible bastards towards her Styles Haircut.

Joseph Gregory Hallett and Princess An Elizabeth meet up again very quickly − quite inseparable.
Joseph to Princess Elizabeth: “Well, small world”.  Joseph Gregory made Princess An Elizabeth ‘take a bath’.  An Elizabeth now needs to borrow an indeterminate amount of money to fund her own Styles and Titles Haircut to keep just one light on − to maintain Colour of Law Styles.  An Elizabeth had to pay huge bribes to the Vatican to retain any Colour of Law Styles whatsoever.  An Elizabeth: “I don’t know how much I need.  How much have you got?” ... 2,000 split evenly = US$3.  Princess An Elizabeth’s Royal Style and Titles are worth “About a Dollar and a half”.  Princess An Elizabeth takes the money and runs.
Another Alice in Wonderland moment ... Princess An Elizabeth’s Portrait is Empty.  There never was a Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.  Dogs barking ... A French Cockerel crows “Cross the Border!”  Princess An Elizabeth, as Alice in Wonderland, Crosses the Border with her Haircut of all Royal Style and Titles, rendering an Empty Portrait & No Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, not even on the coins ... that’s Mrs Sanderson.

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