Elizabeth II’s Illegitimate Birth in Popular Culture & the Ambiguity of the Crown.
Elizabeth Abdicates to Greg Hallett through the Coins of the United Kingdom.

CIA Extortion of Elizabeth vs. Joseph & "The Shin"

103 minutes into Roman Holiday (to End).

American Press Service Editor Hennessey: “Is it True?  Did you really get it?  The Princess Story, the exclusive, did you get it?”
Joseph Gregory: “No, no, I didn’t get it”  ‘because The Shin is still in place until 2012’.
Hennessey: “But that’s impossible.  Joe you can’t hold out on me.  I know too much.  First you come into my office and ask about an Exclusive on the Princess.  Next you disappear!  Then I get the rumour from the Embassy that the Princess isn’t sick at all and she’s out on the town.”
Joseph Gregory: “What kind of newspaper man are you, believe every two-bit rumour that comes your way?”
CIA Hennessey: “Yeah, yeah, yeah ... and a lot of other rumours ... about ‘a Shin-dig’ on a barge down by the river & the arrest of Eight (8) Secret Servicemen from a country which shall be nameless [UK].
And then comes news of the [I Roman Ho] lady’s miraculous recovery.
It all adds up!  And don’t think by playing hard to get, you’ve erased [raised] the price of that story – a Deal’s a Deal.  Now come on, come on, come on, where is that story?”
Joseph Gregory: “I have No Story” ... ‘because Princess An Elizabeth & I are Swimming in the same Psychic Waters, Joined as One in the Tribulations ... encompassing: the End of The Shin, the End Times, the New Age & The Fifth Holy Roman Empire – The Empire of the Holy Spirit ... which is in Scales.’
The CIA takes its Hat off for 33 Seconds ... to Joseph Gregory & the Shin who ‘Put the Throne to Rights’ and ‘Turn the Throne 90 Degrees to the Right’.
Joseph Gregory trips up the CIA to turn the Throne to the Right.
The CIA Editor looks down on the Throne as it is turned to the Right, and puts his Trilby Hat back on after 33 Seconds = Illuminati, or 33 Years Later = 1953+33 = 1986 ... +33 = 2019 & the End of the Tribulations.
Joseph Gregory: “That’s all there is to it.  There is No Story.”
American Press Service Editor CIA Hennessey (= France without Royalty) stands next to the ‘Crown O’ bedhead: “Ok.  She’s holding the Press Interview today.  Same time same place.  Maybe that’s one story you can get ... and you owe me 500 Bucks.”
“Hennessey” = France without Royalty;
“500” = ‘St Paul’s Cathedral’ & the ‘Royal Courts of Justice’;
“Bucks” = ‘Buck House’ = Buckingham Palace ... are alerted to the CIA Threat of ‘Royalty without a Crown Hat, Throne or Crown’.
CIA Extortion of Queen Elizabeth II has been continually carried out.
Irving: “Hey, what gives.  Have we had a better offer?”
Joe Gregory: “Irving, I don’t know just how to tell you this, but ...”
Irving: “Wait till I sit down.”
Joseph Gregory: “Well, in regard to The Story that goes with these [photographs] there is No Story.”
Irving: “Why not?”
Joseph Gregory: “I mean, not as far as I’m concerned”... ‘but actually because of The Shin’ ...
Joseph Gregory then confirms he is of the Vine Lineage by drinking a glass of wine.
Joseph Gregory: “Ha, that’s her first cigarette, huh” where Pss. An Elizabeth blows her Crown of Smoke & Mirrors.
The Shadow is the Jesuit Hat = Jesuit Capped from the opening scene.
Irving: “Hey, the Mark [Mouth] of Truth” which Princess An/Queen Elizabeth II refused to put her hand in.
Irving: “Barber Cuts In” ... but actually Jesuit Dr of Canon Law Giovanni Montini Cuts Elizabeth’s Royal Style and Titles then becomes Pope Paul VI (r. 1963–75/78).
Joseph Gregory: “The Wall Where Wishes Come True hmm.”

Elizabeth Illegitimate in the Royal ‘Almanach de Gotha’
Gregory Peck is right-handed, yet his left forefinger is used to point to Princess An/Queen Elizabeth II, confirming she is a left-handed illegitimate = Without Claim to Succession Rights.
Last printed in 1944, Justus Perthes’ ‘Almanach de Gotha’ symbolised left-handed illegitimacy with “⦿”.
Joe’s arrow finger & the bow scarf point to the striped scarf ‘around’ Elizabeth’s Neck forming “⦿”.
“⦿” = ‘Princess An/Queen Elizabeth has No Claim to the Throne’.
Irving: “‘Princess Inspects Police’ ... ‘Police Inspects Princess’.”
Castle of Holy Angels and the Bridge of Angels under which Princess An Elizabeth Crowns the Royal Detail closest to Joseph Gregory with Ukulele = ‘Joseph Gregory is the UK-King-Laddie’.
Irving: “Body Guard Gets Body Blow/n” = Elizabeth’s Body of Guarded Styles & Titles are blown away.
Joseph Gregory: “Crown Head”.
Irving CIA: “She’s fair game Joe.  It’s always open season on Princesses.”
Irving CIA: “You must be out of your mind” ‘to delay 64 years for the Shin’.
Joseph Gregory: “Yeah, I know, but ... Well look I can’t prevent you from selling the pictures, if you want.  You’ll get a good price for them” ‘as the CIA will use them for Extortion’.
Joseph Gregory: “You going to the interview?”
Irving CIA: “You going?”
Joseph Gregory: “Yep ... it’s an assignment ... isn’t it?”
Irving CIA: “I dunno ... ”
The CIA set up the real photos of Elizabeth.
At their Christmas Intelligence Amusement they spilt their coffee and pissed their pants over Elizabeth’s photo history, just as Irving did.
All of this happened over the same ‘Crowned Head’ bed that Joseph Gregory tossed Princess An Elizabeth out of.

Palazzo Parodies
Princess An Elizabeth’s Embassy in Rome is a Palazzo = Palace.
Its filmed exterior is the Palace Barberini whose symbol is ‘Three Bees’ confirming the ‘Egyptian Royal Trinity’ of Isis, Anubis & Horus = Mary, Joseph & Jesus.
Palace Barberini is now the ‘Italian Institute of Numismatics’ (Coins, Banknotes & Medals) so we are looking at Exterior-only Trinity Currency.
The interior of Elizabeth’s Embassy was filmed exactly one (1) mile South-East in the Palace Brancaccio – the last Noble Palace built in Rome (1886–1912).
Palace Brancaccio was built by Prince Salvatore Brancaccio’s foreign American wife ‘Mary Elizabeth Hickson-Field’ or ‘Mary Elizabeth Field’ with her 1870 US$1 million Dowry (US$1.8 Billion in 2017).
Palace Brancaccio is now the National Museum of Oriental Art.
“Oriental Art” = ‘A Foreign Object to be looked at’ ≈ a Flat Lie Royal Fake Foreign hand-waving Queen Elizabeth Mary.
Palace Brancaccio, funded & built by Mary Elizabeth Hickson-Field, parodies Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor ... who is really a Hick.
CIA Irving to Joseph Gregory: “It ain’t much, but it’s home.”

Foreign Parodies
‘Mary Elizabeth Hickson-Field’ (1846–1907) is an homophonous parody of ‘Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor’ (b. 1926–) who is a Hick-son, or Hick-daughter who played the ‘Field’.
‘Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor’ was a quarter American via her grandmother, Jennie Jerome Churchill, who also played the ‘Field’ with Edward VII resulting in the illegitimate Winston Churchill, natural father of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, as confirmed by the 2016 UK Five Pound (£5) note.
Code I: Elizabeth Mary lives in the last Noble Palace of Rome.  After Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, the Windsor’s Noble Palace of Britain is ended.
Code II: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary is an illegitimate hick playing the Field.
Code III: ‘Roman Holiday’ is an anagram of ‘I Roman Ho Lady’ ≈ Elizabeth Mary.
This is the interior Inside Story, which is why the Palazzo Brancaccio interior was used for the inside story in the final scene where Joseph Gregory draws out Princess An Elizabeth to confirm she is Fake.
Mary Elizabeth Hickson-Field’s Palazzo Brancaccio satirises Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor – a real Hick-daughter.
A 5-metre Spiral-Stem Cross appears as Joseph Gregory enters at center-screen again & again.
MoC: “Sua Altezza Reale [Your Royal Highness] Her Royal Highness.”

Princess An Elizabeth dresses in Code confirming concocted Claims, then sights “The Prize”
Princess An Elizabeth wears a Chanel Ram’s Horn Cap.
The Ram’s Horn is a claim to Moses, and to Jesus roving around England as the Assize Judge ‘John Ram’.
The Chanel Cap = Capped by Coco Chanel who lived in Mayfair with the Duke of Westminster.
Both knew Elizabeth was not born at No.17, but at No.5 Bruton St above the Coach & Horses pub ...
hence Chanel No.5 & Princess An walking through the Coach & Horse.
The ‘Roman Holiday’ First & Final Scenes are both Jesuit Capped.
MoC: “Her Royal Highness, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press.”
The Fake Claim to Moses, Fake Claim to England’s Jesus Assize Judge John Ram, Exposed Fake Claim by Coco Chanel using Chanel No.5, confessing by walking through the Coach & Horse, confessing to ‘Flat Lie Royal’ status with Jesuit Capped Chanel Hat ... then sighting ‘The Prize’ Joseph Gregory, whom Princess An Elizabeth adores ... leads to this look!

Princess An Elizabeth sights “The Prize”
Princess An Elizabeth sights “The Prize” Joseph Gregory for 10 Seconds, knows her place, becomes ‘Shaky at the Knees’ = ‘Shaky Kingship’ ... and has to sit down.
Princess An Elizabeth can’t take her eyes off “The Prize” Joseph Gregory, whom she fears, adores and knows is predicted.  Elizabeth stares at Joseph in wonderment for another 8 Seconds.
Princess An Elizabeth’s “recent illness” was her Haircut of all Royal Styles and Titles by Jesuit Doctor of Canon Law, Giovanni Montini, played by his real-life homosexual lover, Paolo Carlini – the Barber.
Dr Montini then became the last Crowned Pope Paul VI (r. 1963–75/78) but was Blackmailed to promote homosexuals & Satanists in the Vatican.
Pope Paul VI confirmed this in 1972 with: “... the smoke of Satan entered into the temple of God”, then was replaced from mid-1975 with ‘Imposter Pope Paul VI’.
Rothschild had been the Vatican Bankers since 1823.
Rothschild had taken over the British Royal family in 1815 & were Breeding with them from 18.8.1818 to the End Times, July 2014, until “The Prize” emerged out of The Red Movement after Fifteen Centuries ... from ≈ A.D.600 ... and was recognised as a Member of the Star Family in the Holy See, then co-founded The Fifth Holy Roman Empire – The Empire of the Holy Spirit, Completed the End of “The Shin” by exposing the British Royal family as Rothschild-Royal Bâtards, then Represented the End Times & New Age (2x40 Days), and was marked as Prince Pretender & Tenant King, then Claimed the House of Joseph during the Tribulations ... and has been running the Incumbent British Royal family all along, since 1980 ... ultimately revealing the natural passage of Initiation few know as “The Highest Representation of the Sun”.

Elizabeth’s Illegitimacy, Haircut & Consequences
Pope Paul VI (r. 1963–78) as the Jesuit Doctor Giovanni Montini, stripped Princess Elizabeth of all her Royal Style and Titles between her Secret Engagement (‘the Extortion’) in 1947 & mid-1953.
This was the Haircut of all Elizabeth’s real Royal Style and Titles.
King George VI was fully aware of this and it killed him.
Rothschild bred Elizabeth in an illegitimate Breeding Progrom, such that she was one of the most illegitimate people in history:
Elizabeth’s Father was not her father & Her Mother was not her mother;
Her Grandfather was illegitimate and Russian;
Her Great-Grandfather was not her great-grandfather and an illegitimate English Rothschild;
Her Great-Great-Grandfather was not her great-great-grandfather; &
Her Great-Great-Grandmother was an illegitimate French-Rothschild.
Queen Elizabeth II was Five Times illegitimate over Five Generations – a French, English-German, Russian, American, Irish bâtard ... or in the Queen’s own synonyms – a mixed-blood half-breed crossbreed half-blood black sheep good-for-nothing blackguard riffraff scoundrel, cur, mule, mutt & wretched Bastard.

Disney’s Peter Pan, 5 February 1953: Running Extortion based on these illegitimacies were the Two Raccoons: Lord Louis Mountbatten and his nephew Prince Philip – The Raconteur & Racketeer who used Elizabeth as a Human Bridge.

The 1953 European Union Predicted for 2017
Press: “Does Your Highness believe that a European Federation [EU] would be a possible solution to Europe’s Economic Problems?”
The Wise-old Cross is behind.  The Spiral Column = Apprentice appears in front, which spells disaster.
Princess An Elizabeth: “I am in favour of any measure which would lead to closer co-operation in Europe” ... ‘I am blackmailed to hand-over the Sovereign United Kingdom to the European Union.  As a Non-Sovereign I cannot claim the Sovereign UK back.  This is done to confirm my illegitimacy, and to draw out “The Prize” to Claim the United Kingdom Sovereignty.’
‘The 1953 ‘Roman Holiday’ is topical 64 years later in 2017.
Press: “And what in the opinion of Your Highness is the outlook for Friendship among Nations?”
Princess An Elizabeth: “I have every Faith in it ... as I have Faith in Relations between People”
Elizabeth gazes in loving Stare Decisis at Joseph Gregory Hallett for another 10 Seconds.
“Stare Decisis” = ‘in a Decided State’.
Joseph Gregory Hallett: “May I say, speaking from my own ... Press Service, we believe that Your Highness is Fake ...”
Princess An Elizabeth: “I am so glad to hear you say it.”
Press: “Which of the cities visited did Your Highness enjoy the most?”
Princess An Elizabeth ignores the Press and continues her loving gaze of Stare Decisis at “The Prize” Joseph Gregory for Twelve (12) Seconds ... such that it creates murmurs amongst the Press as Elizabeth has been decidedly staring at Joseph now for 40 Seconds = ‘A Regime Change’.
A 40 Second Stare Decisis/Gaze/Daze = 40 Days = ‘A Regime Change’.
Princess An Elizabeth: “Each in its own way was unforgettable ... It would be difficult to ... Rome ... by all means Rome.”  The Press murmurs.
Pss. An Elizabeth: “I will cherish my visit here, in memory, as long as live” as she continues her loving gaze of Stare Decisis at “The Prize” Joseph Gregory for another Nineteen (19) Seconds ... the Fifth Stare Decisis.
Queen Elizabeth II can’t forget Rome.  Rome left her with a short-cropped Colour of Law Styles Haircut and only a Jesuit Chanel Cap to cover it.
Press: “Despite your Indisposition, Your Highness?”
Princess An Elizabeth: “Despite that”  ‘I am Deposed and will only ever have Colour of Law Styles’.
MoC: “Photographs may now be taken.”
Wallis Simpson used a Makeup Kit Camera to compromise Royals in the 1930s.
The CIA’s Irving Radovich shows he had been using a Cigarette Lighter Camera all long – then gives a wink & a nod.
Princess/Queen Elizabeth shows concern, then looks to Joseph Gregory for reassurance, who gives a little smile ‘This is just the way it is’.  Irving waddles from side-to-side ‘after a successful theft’.
MoC: “Thank you ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much.”
Princess/Queen An Elizabeth: “I would now like to meet some of the ladies and gentlemen of the Press” ... alone, for private discourse.
The Elizabethan Oil Painting in the background indicates it all refers to Queen Elizabeth II.
“CIA” is homophonous with ‘CR’: “Irving Radovich – CR Photo Service.”
Princess/Queen An Elizabeth: “How do you do?”
Irving Radovich, CIA: “May I present Your Highness with some Commemorative Photos of your visit to Rome”.

Joseph Gregory Hallett’s status is confirmed
The top of the envelope forms a Pyramid = Egyptian Trinity, King Pharaoh & Faro, Portugal = End Times–New Age Dates   7–7–7   7–8–7   7–9–7.
Integration of Pyramid, Castle of Holy Angels, Aelius, Aelian Mausoleum & Joseph Gregory’s Ancestors,
and Joseph Gregory as UK-King-Laddie (Ukulele) gets the Right Thumbs up from Princes An Elizabeth.
The CIA’s Commemorative Photo shows the Royal Detail closest to Joseph Gregory is Crowned with a Ukulele (UK-King-Laddie) = Joseph Gregory Hallett is Legal King of the United Kingdom.

The Ukulele was invented by Portuguese immigrants in Hawaii in 1879. Joseph Legal was created in 1959; born Joseph Gregory Hallett in 1961 and given the Sword of the House of Windsor on Leap Day 2012, by the British Royal Family in exile living in Portugal.
Joseph Gregory slept with this Sword & returned it on 1 March 2012, as part of Purifying the Sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha.
Four (4) days later the ever-Legal Joseph Gregory Hallett was given the Letters Patent Royal Prerogative Customary Title to the Throne and Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and All Ireland.

The Waiter is Conducting the Orchestra from ‘The Pit’, inside a Jesuit Hat, as well as above it.

Princess/Queen An Elizabeth to the Detail next to Joseph Gregory: “Thank you so very much.”
Princess An Elizabeth continues her One Minute of loving Stare Decisis gaze at “The Prize” Joseph Gregory ... for another Sixteen (16) Seconds ... the Sixth Stare Decisis.
“Joe Bradley, American News Service.”  “Bradley” = ‘Fell the Dead-Wood from the Royal Family Tree confirming Joseph Gregory as a Member of the Star Family’.
Princess An Elizabeth: “So happy Mr Bradley.”  Queen Elizabeth II is “So happy” for this job to be done, and by Joseph Gregory Hallett ... such that it is followed by applause.
Princess An Elizabeth gazes at “The Prize” Joseph Gregory for another Sixteen (16) Seconds ... the Seventh (7) Stare Decisis, bringing the Total Stare Decisis to Ninety-One (91) Seconds.
As this was discovered, Queen Elizabeth II turned 91 on 21 April 2017.
With the Total Stare Decisis at Ninety-One (91) Seconds & Queen Elizabeth II Ninety-One (91) Years Old,
Princess An/Queen Elizabeth II turns and leaves the World Stage ... in a Decided State of Transferring the Crown Seven (7) Times to Joseph Gregory Hallett.
The 5-metre Spiral-Stem Cross appears for the last time, 92.4 seconds before “The End” credit starts, predicting the age at which Queen Elizabeth II would die ... 14 September 2018 ... but ‘The End Credits’ do go on for six (6) seconds.

CIA, Church, Germans, Central Bank of England, Communists, Hollywood & Bank of England confirm “The Prize” as Joseph Gregory Hallett
The CIA gave their Confirmation with Car Registration: ROMA 12:5.
The Church gave their Confirmation with Romans 12:5 ‘Joined as One’.
The Germans gave their Confirmation by Title: ‘One Heart and a Crown’.
The Central Bank of England gave their Confirmation when its owner, Victor, 3rd Baron Rothschild, as the Fifth Man in the Cambridge Spy Ring, leaked “the Shin” Predictive Programming to Communists in Hollywood.
Dalton Trombo was then Blacklisted from October 1947–1960+ and Bernard Vorhaus was Blacklisted from October 1947 to Sept. 1951+.
This information was not supposed to be revealed until Sept. 2012.
Trombo & Vorhaus were not fully Credited with the Screenplay & Direction of ‘Roman Holiday’ until 19 December 2011 ... consequently the very same time Joseph Gregory Hallett was Credited with ‘Purifying the Sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha’ ... which is partly why Joseph was given the Sword ten (10) weeks later.
Queen Elizabeth II would own this Sword if she were legitimate.
The Bank of England gave their Confirmation with a photo of Joseph in May 2012.
The British Royal Family in exile also made Joseph Gregory Hallett.

Joseph Gregory Hallett was Blacklisted in 1974 at the age of 13, in 1993 at 31 years old, in 1999 at 37, and in 2007 at 45 years old.  He has not been allowed to work anywhere in the world for the last ten (10) years ... a definite attempt to remove him off the Timeline, but also to slow things down for the Tribulations (2012–19) to catch up.
Joseph Gregory in the Palace of Mary Elizabeth strolling towards the End Times in July 2014 when the last Rothschild-Windsor bâtard could be conceived.
Princess Charlotte of Wales (20) died giving birth to a stillborn near the beginning of “the Shin” (21) in November 1817.
There was No other UK ‘Princess Charlotte’ during “the Shin”, 1812–2012.
The next UK Pss. Charlotte was conceived at the exact midpoint of the End Times (7 July–1 August  2014) on 27 July 2014.
Princess Charlotte was born ‘backwards’ 279 Days later on 2 May 2015.
“Charlotte” is the female of ‘Charles’ ... stillborn, dead in the water, backwards ... and not in 200 years.

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