Predictive Confirmation Programming:
X-Men 2003, 2009, 2017

Joseph Gregory Hallett in Popular Culture

In the 2003 ‘X-Men 2’, Magneto reads ‘THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING’ confirming the X-Men series is about Kingship ... and names “Hallett” and at the end names “Joey Howlett” homophonous with ‘Joseph Hallett’.

In the Eye of Horus (Cerebro) Professor X wears the Crown of Queen Mary and Elizabeth I, while Anubis wears St Edward’s Crown and the Imperial State Crown ... both a lot younger than you imagined.

The 6 Jesuses are named as 6 X-Men, or 6 Mutants captured.  The birth year of the Jesus is confirmed as A.D. 8−7.

The missile is “howlett” or “hallett” followed by “My God there’s two of them” confirming the Two Jesuses.

The answer lies with Wolverine’s Dog Tag, which is Joseph Gregory Hallett’s phone number at the age of 17 & 18, confirming JGH is running “the Shin” or ‘Forbidden Secret’ that the incumbent British Royal family are illegitimate bâtards, and up for replacement.  Running the Shin is one of the Highest Honours.

‘THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING’ is pronounced as “This is the Key to our Evolution”.

In the 2009 ‘Wolverine’, the Dog Tag is conspicuously central naming Joseph Gregory Hallett as a Member of the Star Family above all UK and European Royals, with his phone number and age during the Anubis (Wolverine) training.

The 1959 Chevrolet Registration Plate reads “2D JGH” affirming the transfer of the Crown to Joseph Gregory Hallett as confirmed on 57 Billion UK coins.  The 2D object is the Letters Patent Royal Prerogative Customary Title to the Throne and Crown of the United Kingdom − in Joseph Gregory Hallett’s possession since 2012.

The naked Wolverine as ‘The Emperor with No Clothes’ becomes “The Crownless again shall be King”, then ‘The Emperor with New Clothes’, then as ‘The X-Man King of England with the W Shin Secret’.

‘Logan’ (Wolverine) was released in London on 1 March 2017.  In the opening scene, ‘The Path is through someone born in 1961’, as Joseph Gregory Hallett was.

At 1:11:21, “Hallett” is gracefully thanked in the name of God.

“1:11:21” = ‘The Trinity Shin’ ... or “the Shin of the Trinity”.

“Grenada” is mentioned to confirm Joseph Gregory Hallett was given the Royal Style and Titles of Grenada and New Zealand, as a Prefix Monarch, and no one else ... as confirmed by the Registration Plate, which is King Jesus’ Royal Mark.

A Ten Page Affidavit affirms all of this in real life, as of 1980, then confirmed by the Wolverine movies, 2000−2017.

An anecdote is then given of one of Queen Elizabeth II’s many abdications to Joseph Gregory Hallett.

As this information is just too much, the evil Doctor Zander Rice then requests: “Please stop Mr Hallett”.

Wolverine and his black clone battle it out as the Two Wolverines, imitating the Anubis Initiation, known to few as the initiation of ‘The Highest Representation of the Sun’, which is what Joseph Gregory Hallett’s Affidavit is about (G) ... and part of the reason for Queen Elizabeth II’s many abdications to Joseph Gregory Hallett ... at least 57 Billion Abdications since 1968 ... and a face-to-face Abdication in October 1981.

The battle between the Two Wolverines is also play on the Initiation by Anubis, based around body-jumping. During this battle, Isis has an orgasm in the background as her chosen had been named and is being trained.

The battle between the two Wolverines also intimates the Two Jesuses battling it out for the Two Royal Lines.

Wolverine is then Crucified to confirm he was playing Jesus all along, especially the King-making of Jesus, which is why, at the very end, his name is changed from ‘James Logan’ to “Joey Howlett” ... a petit nom for Joseph Howlett ... to confirm ‘Joseph Hallett’ as King.

At the same time as ‘Logan’ was filmed (2 May−13 August 2016), on 29 May 2016 the UK Crown and Military renamed Joseph Gregory Hallett “Greg Howllet” to be one step closer to the Wolverine X-Men ‘Joey Howlett’.

This was done to confirm Wolverine playing Joseph Gregory Hallett as the Head of the House of Wolf − Welf − Wettin − Windsor and Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha.

In real life, this is supported by Joseph Gregory Hallett being given the Sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha on Leap Day 2012.

Wolverine’s grave is marked with an “X” which marks the True King of England, according to the Rosicrucians, Freemasons and Illuminati.

At the end, Johnny Cash sings ‘The Man Comes Around’ confirming Logan and the Wolverine movies, 2000−2017, have been about ‘Anubis’, ‘Jesus’ and the King-making of Anubis and Jesus all along ... with Joseph Hallett marked as the recipient.

In both Predictive Programming and Confirmation Programming, the Big Picture Forbidden Secret of the Shin marks Joseph Gregory Hallett as the True King of England.

Wolverine ‘Dog Tags’ are now sold commercially.  They really celebrate Joey Howlett − Greg Howllet − Joseph Gregory Hallett as a Member of the Star Family, above all UK and European Royalty, and include Joseph Gregory Hallett’s age and phone number when he suffered the Anubis’ Initiation into ‘The Highest Representation of the Sun’, for his future as the True King of England.

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