Predictive Confirmation Big Picture Programming in ‘The Mummy’

Isis’ My Chosen Joseph Hallett, Episode Nineteen (19)

London Release set for The 22 May, but delayed to 9 June 2017: 110 minutes

Joseph Hallett is Isis’ Chosen One ... Sole Heir to the Throne of the New Kingdom.

“Death is a doorway and the past cannot be buried forever.
In my lifetime I have unearthed many ancient mysteries.
At last this reveals antiquities secret, erased from history, and forgotten to time.
Pharaoh (read: Isis & Anubis) had a son.  The boy now would inherit destiny.
Sole Heir to the Throne of the New Kingdom.  Power was given.  It had to be.
Into our world, in the body of a mortal man, carried far from Egypt.
Yet the Pact was not complete ...”

Ahmanet as The Mummy is Isis = She who bore them all.
“Ahmanet” sounds a lot like ‘A-man-hallett’.  “Ahmanet” is suggestively homophonous with ‘A Man Hallett’.
Anubis faces inwards to his wife Isis.  There are six Anubis confirming the Six Jesuses.
Tom Cruise reacts as though he’d had previous experience with Anubis − because he plays Joseph Hallett.
Isis has been imprisoned for 5,000 years and the Christian Veil over Isis is lifting.  Joseph Hallett is given the credit.

It is Tom Cruise as Joseph Hallett who lifts the veil on Anubis and Isis, with the help of Jennifer Halsey and Henry Jekyll, who all have the initials “J. H.” for Joseph Hallett.
Isis choses Tom Cruise as her “Chosen” and names him “Joseph Hallett” ... as the sole Heir to the Throne of the New Kingdom.
Jesus snuck into England three years before the Maries in A.D. 37.
The Six Jesuses went to England, Wales, Scotland, Portugal, India & Tibet.

Tom Cruise/Joseph Hallett survives the plane crash over England ... survives another death attempt (that makes 18 or 21) due to his connection with Anubis.  Hallett’s status is called ‘Twin-Soul with Anubis’.
Anubis is ‘The Highest Representation of the Sun’.  ‘Twin-Soul with Anubis’ is an unknown quantity ... as well as Anubis personified − the Chosen One of Isis ... as Anubis is Isis’ husband.

Tom Cruise/Joseph Hallett survives the US Military C130 Plane crash at Waverley Abbey, Surrey, homophonous with where Joseph Hallett lives in Waverney Valley in South Norfolk, 130 miles away.
Under Tom Cruise’s beer glass is the ADNAMS Beer Coaster.  ADNAMS HQ & dedicated outlets surround Joseph Hallett in Waverney Valley.
When Tom Cruise drinks he mimicks Joseph Hallett’s early coping mechanisms & mannerisms to death attempts.
Agent J Halsey/Hallett does not understand what is happening, but knows it is big.

Just to confirm the 2000−17 ‘X-Men’ about the Wolverine Joey/Joseph Howlett, Chris Vail/Christian Veil holds up his right hand making the Wolverine Joseph Howlett Shin “W” symbol, and says: “Three Times”.
This alludes to the Forbidden Secret that Joseph Gregory Hallett was given the Letters Patent Royal Prerogative Customary Title to the Throne and Crown of the United Kingdom “Three Times” ... in March 2012, May 2013 & April 2014 ... affirming Joseph Hallett as Head of the House of Wolf − Welf − Wettin − Windsor ... then Head of the House of Joseph ... as now Isis’ Chosen One confirming ‘Twin-Soul with Anubis’ & ‘The highest Representation of the Sun’ initiation.

Isis is in Joseph Hallett’s head.
Dr. Henry Jekyll questions just who Joseph Hallett is ... to unlock Isis after 5,000 years; 2,000 of them under the chains of the Christian Veil.
Isis is an extraordinarily large and marvelous wonder − the most ancient they’ve ever encountered.

J Halsey/J Hallett is providing the essential information resulting in Joseph Hallett selected as a vessel for the ultimate.
Isis says to Tom Cruise “My Chosen Hallett”, which Tom Cruise acknowledges as though “Hallett” was his name and “Chosen” was his status.
Isis to Tom Cruise/Joseph Hallett: “Son, of the two to Heir, I name you.”
Isis to Tom Cruise/Joseph Hallett: “You are the Heir ... Joseph, do you accept?”
You require the letter “e” in all of your names. i.e. “Joseph Gregory Hallett”, Head of the House of Joseph’.
Tom Cruise/Joseph Hallett nods three times and accepts he is the Heir.
Tom Cruise/Joseph Hallett stands with Anubis and Isis, as Horus, or Harvest a.k.a. Jesus.
Predictions in Pursuit.  The predictions hound the Chosen One.  There is no escaping them.
Isis calls Tom Cruise/Joseph Hallett her son, and confirms he is the Heir, and that this should be enough to be recognised.

Isis to Tom Cruise/Joseph Hallett: The Day of Awakening will soon be upon us.  All your ideas and notions will become sense, and the world will follow you.  All previous Chosen were killed.  The Empire burns.
Dr. Henry Jekyll welcomes Tom Cruise/Joseph Hallett into the new world of gods.
In dealing with the salvation of humanity, Tom Cruise/Joseph Hallett severed the Chains, which kept Isis imprisoned.  Joseph Hallett freed Isis from the Christian Veil.
Dr. Henry Jekyll offers Tom Cruise/Joseph Hallett to be the cure for humanity’s blindness.
Tom Cruise/Joseph Hallett knows exactly what he’s doing.

Evil lurks from behind Big Ben and it is Elizabeth Towering over “New Zealand Day” ... homophonous with the “New Zealander”, the 2010 London nickname for Joseph Gregory Hallett.

Just as SMITE 19 & SMITE XX were completed, Big Ben, as Elizabeth Tower, was stopped for Four Years (21 August 2017−2021).  The same day, the US had a total solar eclipse, known as the “Great American Eclipse”.
Read: ‘The once Towering Elizabeth is eclipsed by the Sun ≈ Son ≈ Ben ≈ Big Ben ≈ Big Son’.
The Big Son is plainly seen by US.

The Rothschilds are throwing everything at this.

Tom Cruise as Joseph Hallett didn’t see the ‘Heir of Isis’ coming and would have liked more time.
Predictions in pursuit.
Tom Cruise/Joseph Hallett as Anubis, brings Chris Vail and Jennifer Halsey back from the dead, to life.
Joseph Hallett brings the Christian Veil back to life through the Six Jesuses, and Anubis, as well as releasing the Power of Isis, known as “Mr-ee” = ‘Beloved’ ... hence the Christian ‘Mary’ is the ‘Beloved’.
Ahmanet ≈ Mary ≈ Isis ... ≈ A-man-hallett.

This confirms Joseph Hallett surviving the Initiation of ‘The Highest Representation of the Sun’, thereafter ‘Twin-Soul with Anubis’, as of 3 August 1980 ... hence Isis’ My Chosen Joseph Hallett = “A-man-hallett”.
Isis’ My Chosen Joseph Hallett is the Twin-Soul with Anubis − the Wolf − Welf − Wettin replacing the Windsors as Head of the House of Joseph.

Isis to Joseph Hallett:
The Day of Awakening will soon be upon us.
You have been selected as a vessel for the ultimate.
Two to Heir, I name you, Joseph Hallett.
Joseph, you are Heir ... should’ve been enough.
You are the Heir, Joseph Hallett.  Do you accept?
Joseph Gregory Hallett accepts.
You brought My Chosen Joseph Hallett Heir here ...
What do you think they will do with him now
... in this PERFECT WORLD ...
Heir here.

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