The Big Picture Programming

Predictive Confirmation Programming

ELIZABETH ABDICATES, Episode Twenty-One (21)

24 minutes, 1 October 2017

‘THE WINDSORS’ parody Season II, Episode I−6 screened on Channel Four, 5 July−23 August 2017.
The preliminary ‘OLD MOUT CIDER’ advert shows a Kiwi twice, writes “Kiwi” 3 times, writes “New Zealand” twice, and shows 2 Kiwifruit = 9 Mentions of Kiwi of New Zealand.
The ‘THE WINDSORS’ ‘OLD MOUT CIDER’ Ad uses >> meaning Star Family twice over.
The text reads:


Within the text is “TIME TO FOLLOW THE KIWI HERE >>”
Meaning: ‘Time to follow the Kiwi Heir of the Star Family’ ... ‘Time to follow the Star Family Kiwi Heir’.

Queen Elizabeth II was given to Joseph Gregory Hallett on 7 October 2011 to Abdicate.
21 Days later, Elizabeth II read out this Statement at CHOGM in Perth on 28 October 2011:

“We are all visitors to this time, this place ... we are just passing through.”
Reporter: “The Buckingham Palace Mob will tell you that, ‘Of course Never Rule out another Royal’.”
Queen Elizabeth II continues about the other Royal: “Their importance has always been in being attuned to the issues of the day, and always looking to the future with a sense of vision and practical action to match.”

Sounds like or homophonous uses “ ≈ ”, which also means approximates ≈.
OLD MOUT CIDER .... “MOUT” ≈ I’m Out = Monarch Elizabeth signing out.
R= been on a Royal Tour ... R. = Royal.
CIDER. = Side R. = Royal Side; CIDER = Signed E R. = Signed for by Elizabeth Royal.
OLD CIDER. = Old Royal Side Signed for by Elizabeth Royal.

Kiwi = New Zealander.  Lime = Limey = English.
The Kiwi is in front of the English Lime.
The Kiwifruit is in the shape and colours of the Sun/Son, its two leaves make it a Hare = Heir.
The Lime is a halfmoon quarter hiding behind a leaf of history and ‘the bottle of history’.
Both the Lime and the Kiwi give the green light, with the Royal Monarch Out.
The Kiwi has eclipsed the Lime ... Hare Heir Here.
The Advert reads, subliminally, TIME TO Be-er Heir ... Time to be Heir.

The Kiwi stands on the OLD MOUT CIDER “T” which is a ‘Tau Cross’.
The Egyptians used the Tau Cross to Initiate Kings into the Mysteries.
T = Tau Cross ... Tower & Tammuz = Thames = Tower of London.  Tammuz also alludes to Anubis.
The Centerpiece Kiwi and the Tau Cross Kiwi both face right = Rightful.

The Kiwi is standing in UK Kingship.

Jesus in Ezekiel 9:4: “and mark Tau upon the foreheads of the men that sigh & cry for all the abominations” ...
A lot of sighing & crying is expected as THE KIWI TASTE FOR AVENTURE becomes
THE KIWI STATE OF R ADVENT-U-R-E = E-U-R Advent Heir.  EUR = Europe.

Pronounced Incorrectly since 1947
1947 was the year of Elizabeth & Philip’s ‘Engagement’, but it should have been pronounced ‘Extortion’, as in 1947 was the year of Philip’s Extortion of Elizabeth into marriage, due to Elizabeth’s illegitimacy.

Established in NZ Made in EU.
Joseph Gregory Hallett was established in New Zealand and made in Europe.
“Made” means ‘Elevated’ as in Elevated in Portugal with European and United Kingdom Titles.

“for the facts” = ‘Dr. ink Aware’ = ‘author aware of the facts on UK matters’.

Kiwi & Lime ... What Do You Expect.
On Coronation Day, Elizabeth said: “Throughout all my life, I have insincerity ... and with all my heart ‘a person’s making I up’ (reverse speech).


BBC Patron Queen Elizabeth II confirms all BBC Trustees, who in turn censor for Elizabeth.
First there was BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, then 27 years later Channel Four − a British public-service publicly-owned network receiving £14 million Government bailout 2007−13.
The Department for Culture remit to its Channel Four is to educate and innovate with distinctive character, commission programmes to Air and retain the copyright.
‘THE WINDSORS’ was shown on Channel Four.  Queen Elizabeth II could have stopped ‘‘THE WINDSORS’, but instead the lead-in Advert for OLD MOUT CIDER expressly codified the transfer of the Crown with Elizabeth as Monarch Signing Out to a Kiwi as the Sun/son Hare/heir.

TIME TO TAKE YOUR STATEBUDS FOR A SPIN ... follow the kiwi heir / here >>
This has been an Abdication by the Channel Four British Public-Service Patron Queen Elizabeth II to the Kiwi Heir Joseph Gregory Hallett − in the forerunner to ‘THE WINDSORS’ ... as in “Previously on the Windsors”.

Queen Elizabeth II clearly states Joseph Gregory Hallett is the Heir Son (Hare Sun) from the sunny Bay of Plenty where the main Kiwi Fruit grow.  The Heir Son rests in front of the English (Lime) as the full bottle − Old Monarch Out on the “ICE RD/cider” and all “CREDIT/ciderT” to the Kiwi ESTABLISHED IN NZ. MADE IN EU
Voice over THE MUMMY: “You brought my Chosen Joseph Hallett Heir here, hare, Heir.

The ‘Old 100th’ ‘All People that on Earth do Dwell’ played at the 1953 Coronation Day.  Its diverse lyrics, tunes, harmonies, and even the psalm it is associate with (134−100) changed often.  It audibly sings: “Big Whore”.

May 2017: THE MUMMY’s Isis thinly disguised as “Ahmanet” ≈ ‘A Man Hallett’ says: “The Day of Awakening Will Soon Be Upon Us” ... but Elizabeth “couldn’t even do that”, as she is not a Royal, Sovereign nor Monarch.   Queen Elizabeth II is, according to her own orchestra, a “BIG WHORE”.

So follow the kiwi here >>
Any Member of the Star Family is above all Royalty in England and Europe (UKGB & EUR).
Joseph Gregory Hallett was accepted as a Member of the Star Family on the Summer Solstice of 2010.
Francisco Manoel: “These are the reasons why Prince Marcos Manoel was gifted with the sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha.  When Greg Hallett presented this information, and thus effectively presented me with the Duchy of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, for Christmas-New Year 2011, I checked amongst the Family Marks, and again found the sword of King Dom Ferdinand II, and made a scholarly study of it.   In return, Greg Hallett’s acceptance into the Star Family on the Summer Solstice of 2010, was formalised by the sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, on Leap Day, 29 February 2012, and 1 March.
This was part of the purification of the Sovereign sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha.
It is the impossible story that has the Shin shining all the way through.   The Shin enacted is a sign of truth in the matter.   It is implausible to deceive in light of such a magnificent work.”

The Big Picture Predictive Confirmation Programming in the 1968 Five (5) Pence Decimal Coin, 3 years ahead of time replaced the Shilling, or ‘Shill’ = Fake Monarch.   1,131,337,850 were minted in the UK over 13 years, 1968–81. The 1968 Ten (10) Pence Decimal Coin, 3 years ahead of time replaced the Florin, also called a ‘bit’, as in Elizabit.   1,770,042,050 were minted in the UK over 13 years, 1968–81.   13 years = Prime.

Dates, in the occult, can be read in mirror, yet indicative of the same date.
Thus 1968 is also 1986, and 15 February (1+5 = 6) is also 2 June.
So 15 February 1968 is also 2 June 1986, exactly 33 years after 2 June 1953 Coronation Day.
UK Decimalisation began in 1971 ... however the 5 & 10 P coins were decimalised 3 years earlier on 15 February 1968, which is an occulted 2 June 1986, exactly 33 years after Coronation Day.
The occulted illuminati 5 & 10 Pence coins were the first to read:


The Tradition Received has it that: “The King is delivered by the Ibis”.
Thus Greg Hallett was ‘Made’ on 15 February 1968.   “Made” means Elevated or Crowned.

As arranged by Elizabeth II & her Sergeant Surgeon, Seven (7) months earlier, Greg Hallett had an audience with King George VII, on the same day the Currency was decimalised from British Pounds and Pence to New Zealand Dollars & Cents on 10 July 1967.
10 July 1967 is also 7 October 1976 − when Chairman Mao was replaced.   ‘Mao Zedong’ was the natural son & anagram of his father, the French Baron ‘Edmund de’ Rothschild of the Central Bank.
So the meeting with Kingi George VII and Decimalisation of New Zealand Currency, quickly followed by the Decimalisation of UK Currency, began the fall of the illegitimate Rothschild political sewer system (governance) ... and on it goes ... New Zealand’s Prime Minister Rob Muldoon was blamed for the death of Chairman Mao by demanding Mao leave his bed laden with under-aged girls ... Mao was a full-time Paedophile.

Coronation Day on 2 June 1953 was not known as ‘Elizabeth’s Coronation Day’, but just as “Coronation Day”.
The Stone of Destiny, Coronation Stone or Jacob’s Pillow was removed from Westminster Abbey by the Scottish Glasgow Law Student, Ian Hamilton, on Christmas Day 1950.   Hamilton later became a Queen’s Counsel Lawyer.   Greg Hallett was forced to visit Hamilton many times, but the place, not the person, although Greg Hallett was given Ian Hamilton’s rather remote address ... over the small bridge and soon on your left.

This is how the Occult and Illuminati Crown someone before they are born ... by placing ones full name on out-of-time coins, using mirror dates of major events 33 years before the mirror, Not specifying who Coronation Day is for, with the Suffix Queen instructing her doctor to instruct ‘The Prize’ to visit her superior (King George VII) at the same time as the UK stands aside from the Currency & the New Zealander is Made Current = Crowned.

    The Occult & Illuminati Crown someone before they are born by:
  1. 1953: Not specifying who “Coronation Day” is for, then codifying mirror dates;
  2. 1967: Suffix Queen (Elizabeth) instructs her doctor to get ‘The Prize’ to her superior (King George VII) at the same time as the UK stands aside from the Currency & New Zealand is Made Current = Crowning
    = the Current New Zealander is Made = Crowned 1st on 10 July 1967;
  3. Coronation + 33 years mirrors to 15 February 1968 out-of-time 5 & 10 P coins;
  4. 1968: The name of ‘The Prize’ is minted on the ahead-of-time UK coins;
  5. Elizabeth II’s handover of the Crown to ‘The Prize’ is recorded on the UK out-of-time coins, 3 years ahead-of-time = Crowned 2nd on 15 February 1968, reaching stores on 23 April 1968 with full ‘Decimal Day’ on 15 February 1971;
  6. Queen Elizabeth II’s handover of the Crown to ‘The Prize’ is then recorded on most subsequent in-time Decimalised UK Coins (1971–) at the rate of 1 Billion coins for each life year of ‘The Prize’, with 56 Billion UK “ELIZABETH II GREG HALET” Coins minted by the time Greg Hallett turned 56 = Microcosm-Macrocosm = everywhere = Crowned 3rd on 15 September 2017;
  7. Mirror dates of ‘New Zealand made Current’ & ‘New Zealander made Crowned’ gives the repercussions.

William & Mary Haylett Occult = Secret.
In the occult, 1689 & 1869 are considered the same dates.
Predictive Programming existed in 1689, awaiting confirmation and was confirmed in 1869 through Marcos Manoel ... and William and Mary Haylett ... and in 2016 with Joseph Gregory Hallett’s Oak Tree photograph,
and in 2017 with a third of that Oak Tree Thunderstruck, fallen over, toppled, to reveal the Crown.

“William and Mary” are synonymous with UK Kingship & co-regency – the only two names to be Joint Sovereigns.   No other male and female names espouse UK Kingship.

With William & Mary came the 1689 Declaration of Right detailing the wrongs of the previous Catholic Monarch James II (R. 1686–89) followed by the all-important 16 December 1689 Bill of Rights:

  1. Limiting the Power of the Monarch & Crown, requiring people’s consent;
  2. Free Elections and Regular Parliament Sittings;
  3. Church of England, Anglican, Protestant, Adventist/2nd Coming Right to Bear Arms;
  4. Elimination of cruel and unusual punishment.

The Bill of Rights superseded the 1215 Magna Carta, which was always a Catholic fraud, post-dated from 1236.   William and Mary were Crowned together on 11 April 1689, then accepted the Crown of Scotland a month later on 11 May.   After the Glorious Revolution bloodless coup, William and Mary became King & Queen in 1688 (O.S.) or 1689 (N.S.) until 1694 & 1702.
William arrived via Holland, as did Joseph Gregory Hallett ... This revolution is also a Glorious Revolution – a bloodless coup.

The Dual Church of England-Catholic Church opened on 1 January 1869.   278 days later on 6 October 1869, Prince Marcos Manoel was made King John II UKGB.   “2” = ‘John II’ ... “78” = ‘Royal’ = John II Royal = King John II.
70 days earlier, the first to be buried after the church opened was William Haylett (55) d. 27 July 1869.   Haylett = Hallett.   His wife, Maria Haylett (56) died 7 July 1874 = 7-7-7 = Christian Trinity.   Maria was the same age as Queen Victoria, mother of King John II.
Their friend, John Sole (59) died 20 November 1873.   The surname “Sole” was first recorded under King John I in the 1203 Curia Regis King’s Court Rolls of Norfolk, which included Diss.
John Sole or John Soul is the opposite of John Doe & refers directly to King John I;
the 1869 Church plaque refers directly to King John II; and the
Gravestones and Thunderstruck Oak confirm the Predictive Programming of Joseph Gregory Hallett towards William and Mary, and King John I, II & III.

Occult = Secret.   In the occult, 1689, 1869, 1968 & 1986 are considered the same dates. Predictive Programming existed throughout these dates, confirmed in 1869, 1968 & 1986 as Confirmation Programming − in the line of Kingship − confirming Gregory Hallett an anagram of ‘get t r Holy Grael’ ... Get the Real/Royal/Religious Holy Grael.   “Grael” is the longest used spelling, used from 800 to 1431.

With the anagram ‘Get the Religious Holy Grael’, Gregory Hallett was locked inside Roslyn Chapel on Saturday 29 May 2010 at 4:45 p.m. ... tinged Virgin Mary – a role previously held by Queen Victoria.
End Times gender roles are reversed from time to time ... and this kick-started the Tribulations.

Gregory Hallett was the first to publish images of the Holy Grael a.k.a. Holy Grail.
Publishing the Holy Grael marked the Changeover from the End Times to the New Age on 16 August 2014, Saturday, surrounded either side by 40 days ... alluding to Two Regime Changes ... and a larger kingdom for longer.

Seven months after the church was opened, Henry William Hallett was the first to be buried in the churchyard on the Church of England side.   He was 55 years old, and Joseph Gregory Hallett was 55 years old when Thunder Struck the Oak Tree, about a hundred yards away, and split it into one third, two thirds.   Next to him is Maria Hallett (Widow) and next to them is their friend, John Sole, which is the opposite of John Doe. John Sole is the real man, as in the real King, with the Church opened on 1 January 1869 and Prince Marcos Manoel made King John II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and All Ireland the same year ... with William Haylett first in.

‘THE WINDSORS’ Prince William “Why the hell not?” and Prince Charles “That sounds feasible”.

So “How was the Revolution?”.

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