Predictive Confirmation Big Picture Programming

Elizabeth Abdicates to Joseph Gregory Hallett in Parliament, Episode 22

Summer Solstice 21 & 22 June 2017, issued 14 October 2017

The State Opening of Parliament was delayed by two days to the Summer Solstice, 11:30 a.m. British Summer Time, on the 21 June 2017.  The Crown is brought in, But Not on Elizabeth’s head, as it is a Hung Parliament with all Parties in a Minority.  All has been arranged to State, Affirm, and Confirm Elizabeth is Not the Queen, Never has been Queen, and via Extortion, Abdicated the United Kingdom to the European Union on 1 January 1973.
It was Prince Philip who extorted Elizabeth to sign over the United Kingdom to the European Union, based on Queen Elizabeth II’s illegitimacy.

This Speech is Prince Philip’s defeat, so Philip is purposefully absent.

Note the shadow over Queen Elizabeth II’s Face, Throat & Heart.  This has to be purposefully done! Prince Philip is faking a day in hospital, thus allowing his Child Sex Slave son Charles to sit next to the Crownless Elizabeth and fidget − the closest Charles ever gets to the Throne.
Prince Philip was permanently retired a month later, his last State Engagement on 14 July 2017 with King Felipe of Spain.  Eighty (80) days later on 1 October (“1-O”) the Catalan Referendum voted 92% for Independence from Spain, leaving Felipe in Philip’s shoes.

Deloitte is an Accountancy firm with strong links to Intelligence, particularly Counter-Intelligence.
Counter-Intelligence is essentially lying to the Public.
Counter-Intelligence includes committing Acts of Terrorism – Fake on White People, Real on Black People – to influence Parliament’s Speech read by Queen Elizabeth and to render a Parliamentary Act into Resolution.
Deloitte is a subset of the Alphabet Soup – MI5 MI6 CIA – all of which essentially make up ‘The Firm’.
Accountancy, Law, Courier and Security firms are their cover.
Alphabet Soups constantly need covers and keep starting up new covers, some of which become very successful.  G4S was a security firm that gave Intelligence & Counter-Intelligence access to buildings overnight, and became part of the Alphabet soup.

The Machine which drives the British Monarchy is known as ‘The Firm’.
The CIA is also known as ‘The Firm’.  Both Firms work for something higher, on a need-to-know basis, meaning they don’t know who or what they are working for.
‘Extortion’ is a big part of business.  It is actually how many big businesses run, and is the difference between thriving, surviving & diving/dying.
The CIA mandate is to help American Business thrive overseas, and this includes extortion and sabotage.
Deloitte is an Accountancy firm with strong links to Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Extortion and G4S.  In 2013, NGOs nominated G4S the “Worst Company of the Year”.

Among many of its roles are unidentified roles, or un-publicised roles.  One of Deloitte’s identified un-publicised roles is using the Alphabet Soup to identify Business Paedophiles ... Not Expose the Paedophile, but Promote them into controlling Public Business Positions like Mayor, Member of Parliament, or Prime Minister, then extort money from that Public Business (County, Council or Country) on a regular basis, charging £1 million per month while recording “0” hours, as well as consulting for work that will never be carried out ... all-the-while providing cover for that Paedophile in the Media.
These are usually your most familiar faces in the media ... It couldn’t be him ... It couldn’t be her ... but it is !

John P. Connolly worked with Deloitte for decades, often in top positions around the world and became the Chief Executive of Deloitte based in London (c.2002–June 2011).  After a gap year in Counter-Intelligence no-conscience training, John Connolly became Chairman of G4S in June 2012, ongoing.
Connolly set up the 2012 Olympic Security to fail, but still made £111 per hour on each 13,000 staff he did & didn’t deliver.  The failed Home Secretary Theresa May had to call the Army in.
Because failure is promoted in Politics, May became P.M. in 2016 and began openly promoting LGBT, which is actually LGBTP – the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Paedophile movement.
Then as if to Theresa May’s orders, including timing, G4S did the 2017 Terrorism in Manchester and London.  This delayed the Queen’s State Opening of Parliament by two days, to the Summer Solstice, 21 June 2017 ... to align with Joseph Gregory Hallett’s seven (7) years in the Star Family, and Queen Elizabeth II 65 years without a Crown.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s husband Philip May was a fund manager for: Prudential Portfolio Managers, Deutsche Asset Management, and de Zoete & Bevan ... then “a senior executive at a 1.4 Trillion investment fund Capital Group” ... then in January 2017, his employer Capital International released:

‘Philip May is a relationship manager.  His current job does not make him responsible for investment decisions.
“He is not involved with, and doesn’t manage, money and is not a portfolio manager.
His job is to ensure clients are happy with the service and that we understand their goals.”

Originally it was considered Theresa May & Philip May owned shares in G4S – a company thriving through its failures – rendering G4S a cover company for Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence & Extortion operations
... but then Capital International issued a statement saying ‘Philip May just makes the tea’.

On top of this “Theresa May used a ‘well-established’ blind trust mechanism ... to avoid conflicts of interest with government work ... [having] No knowledge of how her investment is being handled” ... except that her husband is in the same investment business.
One could state that Theresa May has huge investments in G4S and Theresa May would be unable to deny it.
One could state that G4S was working on the wrong side of Extortion, Counter-Intelligence & Sabotage and Theresa May would be unable to deny this.
One could state that G4S is part of the Alphabet Soup & Theresa May was driving & funding Counter-Intelligence & Sabotage while blaming Foreign Alphabets ... who are also funded by The Firm.
For the Alphabet Soups, which includes Deloitte and G4S, it was a simple thing to delay Parliament for a couple of days.  All they had to do was some Counter-Intelligence Sabotage pretending to kill some White people at Westminster Bridge on 22 March, Manchester Arena on 22 May & London Bridge on 3 June 2017,
but really killing Black People in Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017.

This modus operandi was identified by a CIA-Asset-with-a-Conscience present at meetings with Diary where Deloitte was charging 1 million per month for “0 hours” work, and in addition charging 1 million for consulting on a 1.5 million project for which a 0.5 million maintenance replacement went ahead, in which No Consulting was required ... so 2 million that month for zero result, and any accusations of ‘the Mayor is a paedophile’ was covered up by Deloitte and its cohort Counter-Intelligence Agencies within the Firm.
The CIA-Asset-with-a-Conscience presented the Diaries to JGH.
The Paedophile Mayor was continually protected by Deloitte, while the Ratepayer’s Rates doubled in two years.  A mock trial was held, mediatised, with no evidence portrayed.  The only proof came in responding to Traffic Tickets with “The Mayor is a Paedophile”.  The Council’s written response: “No Money is due on this ticket”.
This was followed by: “You are banned from Jury Duty”.

The Alphabet Soups do not know who they are working for.
The Queen’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament was delayed for Two Days with the active consent of The Firm, which drives the British Monarchy, CIA, MI5, MI6, Deloitte and G4S ... on behalf of Predictive Programming including the Tradition Received – and thus Joseph Gregory Hallett – so that Queen Elizabeth II would appear on the Parliamentary Throne without a Crown, for all the World to See, on the exact Seventh (7) Anniversary of Joseph Gregory Hallett accepted as a Member of the Star Family.
The Star Family is above everyone in the British Royal family, including the Sovereign, as illustrated.
Elizabeth has never been properly Crowned & her own Royal Proclamation states:
‘Elizabeth as Queen is a suffix moot point hearsay’.  Her Proclamation reads “: : : Elizabeth, Queen”; and “Not Queen Elizabeth”.  Both confirm her illegitimacy.

King George VI had No Legitimate Heirs & Queen Elizabeth II is the resulting Crisis Actor.

Charlie Chaplin was also an Intelligence Cover who became a very Successful Actor.

The Two Day delay to the Summer Solstice was required to mark Joseph Gregory Hallett’s seven years in the Star Family, which is above Queen Elizabeth II, which is why Elizabeth is Crownless.
The Coronation Stone, essential for Crowning, was stolen from Westminster Abbey at 4:00 a.m. on Christmas morning 1950.  On Coronation Day, 2 June 1953, Elizabeth was sitting over a fake Stone of Destiny.
Elizabeth is Crownless and wears a hat closely resembling the European Union Flag ... confirming her 1973 Treason, and Abdication to Joseph Gregory Hallett of the Star Family for Seven years, 2010–17.
The Speech is written by Parliament & given to Elizabeth to read.  Parliament knows Elizabeth is not the Queen.  Parliament then does the meta-opposite of the Speech they have written, and the Crownless Queen has read and falsified.  As this is Elizabeth’s De-Crowning Speech, it is one of her shortest Parliament speeches.  The Queen blames the Government, and Government blames the Queen ... neither take responsibility & none of the speech is carried out as read.

Elizabeth II cannot claim the United Kingdom back from the European Union, as she is Not the Queen, Sovereign nor Monarch.  Brexit is being delayed for several years, from the Referendum on 23 June 2016 to March 2019, for the British Public to See and Realise in Plain Sight that Elizabeth is Not the Queen and Never has been Sovereign.

This is a major part of the Tribulations.

If Elizabeth Alexandra Mary were the True Prefix Queen Elizabeth II, she could and would state:
‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are a Sovereign Nation. As the Sovereign, I Claim the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and extract it from the European Union, now for then, nunc pro tunc, as before I was Extorted into Signing the European Communities Act on Monday the First of January 1973.  The European Communities Act is repealed without penalty.’

Brexit means the British want their Kingdom back with a True Sovereign Monarch.
Devolved Administrations means Breaking up the United Kingdom before Brexit.

Theresa May became Home Secretary on 12 May 2010, and was quickly characterised as Gru in ‘Despicable Me’, on 9 July 2010. ... With Despicable Me 2 released in June 2013... Despicable Me 3 released in June 2017.
On 12 June 2016, a long-term G4S employee killed 49 people, enabled by a Falsified G4S Psychological Report.  Thirty-One (31) days later, Home Secretary Theresa May became the UK ‘Despicable Me’ Prime Minister, on 13 July 2016.
Theresa May is running Government & BREXIT as bad as G4S, with her Minions selected from Falsified Psychological Reports, as are G4S Staff.  Both facilitate or carry out Domestic Terrorism, acting as Terrorist & Victims, Photographer & Witnesses, Reporters & Embedded Media ... all known as ‘Crisis Actors’, as is Elizabeth II.

... meaning Westminster and Whitehall to be closed ... the Middle East to continue those wars ... ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but not in Israel, the US or UK, where G4S is the Terrorism Source.
Legislation will be introduced to ensure the United Kingdom remains a world leader in new industries including Electric Cars & Commercial Satellites ... & Fake Terrorism.
The Minions of the new Despicable Me, Theresa May ... the Seriously Unenlightened.
The opposite of these promises will be the reality ... uncarried out by the seriously unenlightened.
The discrimination is against the White Working Family Man.  All Tax Regimes and Socio-Political Movements confirm this.  55% of all Domestic Violence is against Men.  Yet when Men phone the Police for Domestic Violence, the Man is Arrested.  Protesting Thinkers will more readily be Sectioned.  Male Victims of Domestic Violence in Hospital will be Sectioned.  Insane & Violent Women will be Prioritised & ‘Celebrated’.
These are Proposals for a Proposal for an Intention.  To be Fulfilled, they do not have to be Actuated.
The Child Sex Slave Prince Charles is fidgeting compulsively.
This translates as the British should have a Pint together, now that the borders to Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa (Syria) are being closed ... albeit most of the UK pubs are now shut.  Over 1,000 pubs a month closed their doors.

Devolved Government means Decentralisation,
resulting in the exit from the European union being replaced with an Un-United Kingdom.

This does allow Northern & Southern Ireland to rejoin ... conforming to Joseph Gregory Hallett as Prince Pretender and Tenant King with the Assemble him Claimant Letters Patent Royal Prerogative Customary Title of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and All Ireland.

Computer frauds, including vehicle theft, are run by Prince Philip in conjunction with Barclays Bank.

The ancient outdated Courts are used to launder Heroin money.
District Court Circuit Judge Martin Parry masquerades as a High Court Queen’s Bench Judge, retains the £10,000 fee for 5 minutes work, Blacklists the Applicant, and covers for his Paedophiles.
High Court Queens Bench Judge Daniel John Pierce-Higgins launders Heroin Money through Cumberland Lodge and the High Court.

My Government will initiate a full Public Enquiry into the Tragic Fire at Grenfell Tower, to ascertain the causes & ensure the appropriate lessons are learned − the definition of ‘Enquiry’, not ‘Inquiry’, is ‘Whitewash’.  Theresa May will be investigating herself finding no cause to charge.

The opposite has already happened.  Her Majesty’s Government stole 96% of the Grenfell Donations, handing survivors £800,000, instead of £20 million ... to destabilise through false flags, run by Prime Minister Theresa May & G4S, with Westminster Bridge, Manchester and London Bridge as False Flags involving Faked White Deaths but Real Black Deaths at Grenfell Tower.
The Commission for Countering Extremism supports the Government, so cannot expose Theresa May & can only stamp on Society & the Internet.
In the light of the Terrorist Attacks in Manchester and London, My Government’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy will be reviewed to ensure that the Police & Security Services G4S have all the Powers they need to blame others and that the length of Custodial Sentences for Terrorism-related offenses are sufficient to keep the population safe.

This is an admission that, with all truths being told, it is Time to Shut the Government Down.

Members of Parliament are required to honour their Oath, which is to a fake Queen; however, there is No Requirement for a Member of Parliament to tell the Truth.
Prime Minister Theresa May has done every move to just side-step indictment for Domestic Terrorism.
All Nations Counter-Terrorism Heads are required to bring their Girlfriends to the International Conferences and Not their Wives.  This has been the case since at least 2008.  Compromised by the Photographs, International Heads of Counter-Terrorism are Extorted to Proactively Comply with Domestic Terrorism, as instigated by Prime Minister Theresa May who has an extensive relationship with the Alphabet incl. Deloitte and G4S who are proven Paedophile Extortionists and Domestic Terrorists utilising Falsified Psychological Profiles to Employ Radicalised Staff.  A G4S employee of 9 years killed 49 & injured 58 in Florida.  Theresa May became Prime Minister 31 days later (12 June–13 July 2016).

‘Global Warming’ turned out to be ‘Global Cooling’, so it was changed to ‘Climate Change’, which is what the weather does − change!  The opposite of ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Climate Change’, is the reality.
It’s just the weather changing seasonally, and in 18, 60 & 500 year cycles.
The Paris Agreement is Non-Science Nuts, an umbrella excuse for ‘Controllable Weather’, used as ‘Weather Warfare’.  New Weapons, like Weather Warfare, first have to be tested on one’s own soil, so the ‘Despicable Me’s, including Theresa May, chose the British Virgin Islands and British Commonwealth in the Caribbean, choosing the 7th 8th & 9th September for Hurricanes IRMA & JOSE to be in their Royal Sovereign Templar state, with everyone watching and listening.

The programme to destroy some of Elizabeth’s public property, or to destroy Elizabeth’s property publicly, was transferred from Big Ben to Elizabeth Tower to Hurricane IRMA & Hurricane Maria.

In-between, Hurricane Jose caused no damage, and was turned off on 15 September 2017, to mark Joseph Gregory Hallett’s 56th birthday, and to confirm Joseph Sovereign, like a hurricane.
That Hurricane Jose caused no damage, affirms
the current revolution is modeled on the 1689 Glorious Revolution, & is a bloodless coup.

On the same day, the Parsons Green Tube Attack, a fizz-bomb, gave the missing initials “G H”, for ‘Jose G H’, or Joseph Gregory Hallett, and the illuminati number 33, then affirmed some secret family history.

The opposite is the reality.  These are the only Royals that turned up as Elizabeth is fake!  Birds of a feather flock together.  King Juan Carlos of Spain was made to Abdicate, to renounce, relinquish, resign, stand down, abandon, vacate, opt out, withdraw, give up, and drop the Crown, Not to Pass the Crown on.
Prince Philip was made to stand down straight after King Felipe’s visit to England on 12−14 July 2017.
Eighty (80) Days later, the Catalan Referendum voted to leave King Felipe & Spain.
Prince William 32, and his half-brother King Felipe 46, were photographed together in 2014, but not in 2017.
The ‘Crown of Spain’ is called the “Crown of Aragon”.  Considering the UK owned the Crown of Aragon for 369 years, there was some funny breeding going on between England & Spain, 1603−1972.

This is the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.
The 2017 CHOGM Meeting was cancelled due to the Category 5 Cyclone Pam that destroyed Vanuatu’s infrastructure.  “Pam” mirrors ‘Map’, alluding to the Pink Map of the British Empire, suggesting the infrastructure of the British Empire has been destroyed.
The 2017/18 CHOGM will be held in Windsor & London on 18 April 2018.
However the Commonwealth ended on 1 July 1959, replaced with the ‘Commonwealth of Nations’, both completely undone by Chinese Slave Labour $2 shops (Poundland).
These meetings achieve little except to keep up the pretense of a Commonwealth, which uniformly declared Elizabeth a Suffix Queen, meaning a Delinquent, as well as a Moot Point Queen, illegitimate and of a Bankrupt Nation.  Many promises ... little reality ... lots of Prince Philip’s Darkies.

No one saw the Queen Pray.  The entire time Elizabeth has been opening Parliament, Westminster has been decidedly un-blessed with a severely unenlightened Counsel.  Promises, hope, and the meta-opposite have been the illegitimate Queen Elizabeth II’s offering ... and all the Commonwealth agree.

The speech, read as double-speak, is now stuffed back into Jacob’s Pillow, to be carried out in the soft Stone of Destiny, as the near opposite of its first understanding, and taken at its double-speak, due to Elizabeth as non-Sovereign, with No Crown, but with European Union Hat.

Any Member of the Star Family is above all Royalty in England and Europe (UKGB & EUR).
Joseph Gregory Hallett was accepted as a Member of the Star Family on the Summer Solstice of 2010.


This had to be acknowledged by the incumbent British Royal Family – especially when they are illegitimate Flat Lie Royals.
So exactly Seven (7) Years later, on 21& 22 June 2017, the British Royal Family publicly Abdicated to Joseph Gregory Hallett as best they could – being a fake Monarch & Family – resulting in a pungent press.  7 is a vector like >> and means Star Family.

Prince Harry was chosen to give the message of Royal Abdication to Joseph Gregory Hallett as they share a birthday.

Summer Solstice – 22 June 2017: “No one in the Royal Family wants to be king or queen.”
When Prince Harry gives an important press interview that goes against all known logic, it is the Royal Family using Prince Harry to send a message directly to Joseph Gregory Hallett.

The Royal Family Abdicated twice to Joseph Gregory Hallett on the Summer Solstice of 2017
... first on Wednesday 21 June 2017 & second on Thursday 22 June 2017.

Elizabeth II killed her lesbian lover, Princess Grace Kelly, on Joseph Gregory Hallett’s 21st birthday – to the hour on 14 September 1982 pulling the life support plug around 7:40 p.m. being 5:40 a.m. 15 September in New Zealand. Grace Kelly died at 8:55 p.m. GMT 14 September 1982. It was the World’s most public ritual sacrifice.
Princess Diana knew Princess Grace Kelly, and modeled herself on her.
Princess Diana marked ‘The Regicide of Grace’ with the birth of Prince Harry on 15 September 1984, on Joseph Gregory Hallett’s 23rd birthday – the day after the 2nd Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s Regicide of Grace.

Princess Diana then filled Princess Grace Kelly’s shoes ... however the Glass Slipper in Diana’s fairy tale WAS A NIGHTMARE !  Charles was the Royal Runt – a Child Sex Slave controlled by Camilla – not to be bred from ... even by Queen Elizabeth II’s instructions ... So Prince Harry was another illegitimate outsider – a son of one who modeled herself on Grace ... Diana ... not Charles, who was a Child Sex Slave Royal Runt.

As per a curse ... the Regicide of Grace continues with Queen Elizabeth II’s every move, including the Weather Warfare Hurricanes ... Remember, to confirm her illegitimacy, some of Elizabeth’s representative property was required to be publicly decimated (SMITE 8, 13 Min) ...

Big Ben’s name was changed to Elizabeth Tower in 2012, and beneath it was the Westminster Bridge attack on 22 March 2017, followed by renovations, delayed 5 months to the US Solar Eclipse on 21 August 2017.
Big Ben closed with an Eclipse (Ben = Son) ... or rather Elizabeth Tower was eclipsed by the Big Sun ...
the Big Son Kiwi eclipsed the Lime ... preceding ‘The Windsors’.
So another of Elizabeth’s assets needed to be attacked and that was the British Virgin Islands, and the British Commonwealth in the Caribbean ... which were decimated by “IRMA” ≈ ‘I Royal Monarch Attack’.
IRMA is German for ‘War Goddess’, or ‘Goddess of War’.
It appears increasingly obvious from these Royal Tempest Sovereign Hurricanes, with concurrent names and dates, 78 Royal days after Elizabeth’s Abdication in Parliament with No Crown, that

Queen Elizabeth II is a Crisis Actor ! The crisis was that King George VI had No Legitimate Heirs.
Queen Elizabeth II has Regicided Grace ... her British Virgin Islands decimated, Her Coronation anthem ‘Old 100th’ sings “Big Whore” and her Prime Minister is a Domestic Terrorist, trying to outdo the damage of each previous Prime Minister.

Theresa May does her worst.
Each Prime Minister nominates the next Prime Minister, even when they are from the Shadow Party.
Each Prime Minister chooses someone worse than themselves to make themselves look ‘Not So Bad’.
Tony Blair was a homosexual rent boy, who nominated the paedophile Gordon Brown, who nominated the Queen’s Heroin trafficker David Cameron, who nominated the Domestic Terrorist Theresa May G4S & Deloitte.  Any challenges to this summation gracefully accepted.  Please establish one’s standing and then make civil contact.

Elizabeth is telling you she is illegitimate, again and again ... and is Abdicating to Joseph Gregory Hallett again and again – each time with more easily read code – using her Speech opening Parliament moved to the Summer Solstice to mark Joseph Gregory Hallett’s 7th Anniversary above her ...
Using the Sovereign Royal Templar Hurricane IRMA ‘I Royal Monarch Attack’ transferred to (“➡”) ‘1 Royal Man Advances’ ... just as 87 Days after Coronation Day (2 June–28 August 1953) ‘Roman Holiday’ was released ... as an anagram for ‘H. Royal Domain’ being ‘Her Royal Domain’ ➡ ‘His Royal Domain’.
IRMA or ‘One Royal Man Advances’ was followed by

Hurricane Jose (Joseph) turned off on 15 September 2017 for Joseph Gregory Hallett’s 56th birthday.
It caused no damage!  56 means microcosm-macrocosm, just like a Hurricane!  Hurricanes are Sovereign.
Joseph was followed by Maria – another Sovereign Hurricane.

Joseph Gregory Hallett ... nominated UK King since 1968.  The Flowers of England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales emerge from a single Crown.  The New £1 “Nations of the Crown” Coin with:

  1. 0.5 Billion £1 coins dated 2016 and 1 Billion £1 coins dated 2017.
  2. Marks the 0:01 a.m. 1 January 2017 Crown Transfer to J.G. Hallett.
  3. “GREG” was reinstated on the most secure Coin in the World, released 28 March 2017 and in regional Post Offices 4 April 2017.
  5. When the Royal Mint used ‘GRA REG’, 1 in 30 coins were counterfeit.
  6. Removing “GREG” led to the most counterfeit world coin 3-3-15 to 4-4-17 for 2 years 1 month & 1 day, confirming the 2017 introduction of the Shin King.

Queen Elizabeth II has been handing over the Crown to Greg Hallett, and has been doing so since 23 April 1968.  This does allow Northern & Southern Ireland to rejoin, conforming to Joseph Gregory Hallett as Prince Pretender and Tenant King with the Assemble him Claimant Letters Patent Royal Prerogative Customary Title for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and All Ireland.

On the 7th Anniversary of Joseph Gregory Hallett as a member of the Star Family, still on the Summer Solstice of 2017, Prince Harry with the same birthday, announces on 22 June 2017:
“Prince Harry has said that no-one in the Royal Family wants to be king or queen but that ‘we will carry out our duties at the right time’ in an interview with a US magazine reported by the Daily Mail.”
Prince Harry is speaking to Joseph Gregory Hallett for the Royal Family.  In obvious code, Harry is stating:

‘We will stand aside according to the Pact and Protocols of the 1773 vision of Mayer Amschel Rothschild,
as recorded in the – Rothschild Archives Trust – according to “the Shin” of 1812,
lasting 200-years or thereabouts, to the full benefit of “the Prize”,
whose hidden identity has emerged as Joseph Gregory Hallett.

How was the Revolution.

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