Elizabeth II’s Illegitimate Birth in Popular Culture & the Ambiguity of the Crown.
Elizabeth Abdicates to Greg Hallett through the Coins of the United Kingdom.

Predictive Programming in ‘Roman Holiday’

Predictive Programming in ‘Roman Holiday’
an anagram for ‘I Roman Ho Lady’ or ‘H. Royal Domain’ and
‘Her Royal Domain’ transferred to ‘His Royal Domain’.

‘Roman Holiday’ Screen Tests were held in October 1951 ...  Elizabeth claimed the Crown Hat on 6 February 1952 ...  Filming was delayed 8 months to 23 June 1952 ...  Coronation Day was held 16 months later on 2 June 1953 ...  Roman Holiday was to be ready on 27 December 1952, but was delayed 8 months & released on 27 August 1953.

Films became the favourite means of Predictive Programming.
From the death of King George VI on 6 February 1952 (New Zealand Day) Predictive Programming in Films became detailed and highly accurate as though the Hand of Truth, Fortune & Providence were making its Mark.  In Predictive Programming, the Film Title can have its letters placed in a different order.  Both the Actor & Character’s name can function in the message. The Character’s True Identity is confirmed throughout the Film.

The Character-Actor Joseph Gregory accurately Predicts 60 years ahead (1953−2013) that there will be ‘Two Popes on 13 March 2013’ − Pope Benedict XVI who never left the Vatican, and Pope Francis who does not live inside the Vatican.
Princess An Elizabeth confirms she was born above the Coach & Horses Pub, that she does not have the Crown and never has ...  that her Modus Operandi changed from Bread and Circuses to Bread & Drugs ...  that Elizabeth trafficked Heroin on her Royal Tours and exists Stage Left with the House Right ...
Elizabeth is occupying Joseph Gregory’s Bed, so he tosses Princess Elizabeth out of his Bed ...
Joseph Gregory has the Crown, twice.  Princess Elizabeth doesn’t even know her name, and admits she is not the Queen and has no Crown.
Joseph Gregory says:  “We believe that Your Highness is Fake” ...  Princess Elizabeth:  “I am so glad to hear you say it”.
Princess An Elizabeth is stripped of all real Style and Titles and is Dethroned, but still lovingly gazes upon Joseph Gregory Hallett in a state of Stare Decisis − the decided state of the transfer of the Crown from Her Royal Domain to His Royal Domain.
The film ‘Roman Holiday’ was restored to place greater emphasis on the Map of Rome, where the distances (2017m) give the date of Revelation as the year 2017, three times.
The Germans were so certain of the secret marriage of Joseph Gregory and Princess Elizabeth, they changed the name of ‘Roman Holiday’ to ‘Ein Herz und eine Krone’.  ‘One Heart and one Crown’.

Audrey Hepburn was new to the Silver Screen, chosen over Elizabeth Taylor because Audrey Hepburn was the real-life daughter of a Baroness, and her name had meaning in the film & spin-offs.  “Audrey” is homophonous with ‘Howdy’, horse-American for ‘Hullo’, an apt parody confirming Princess Elizabeth was born illegitimate above the Coach & Horses pub in Mayfair.
Audrey Hepburn’s next role was in ‘My Fair Lady’ = ‘Mayfair Lady’ = Elizabeth.
“HEP” is an acronym for ‘Heirosolyma Est Perdita’ meaning ‘Jerusalem is lost and we are on our way to paradise’.  “burn” adds ‘burning’.  Audrey Hepburn contributes to the character:

‘Howdy Coach & Horses’, through the illegitimate Princess Elizabeth and her controlled non-Reign/s,
Jerusalem is lost, Paradise is lost, Paradise is burning, and we will be in and out of that Paradise ...
‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ modus operandi as the Crown.

Audrey Hepburn plays the part of Princess Ann ...  a thinly veiled & soon confirmed reference to Princess Elizabeth in the build up to her Crown claim & Coronation Day, June 1953.  Princess Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter, Princess Anne, in 1950.
In the film Roman Holiday “Princess Ann” is ‘Princess Elizabeth’ (UK Queen).
“Princess Ann Elizabeth” means ‘An Elizabeth’.
“An Elizabeth” means ‘Princess Elizabeth is a Commoner’.
Princess Ann confesses to being a Cinderella on behalf of Princess/Queen Elizabeth, who is an illegitimate Commoner born above the Coach & Horses pub in Mayfair.
Princes An Elizabeth:  “I’m a good liar, aren’t I?”  Joseph Gregory Hallett:  “The best I ever met.”

The male lead, Joe Bradley, is played by Gregory Peck, rendering ‘Joe Gregory’.
“Gelato, Wallet & Biglietti” establish ‘Hallett’ as ‘the ticket’, rendering ‘Joseph Gregory Hallett’.
‘Joseph Gregory Hallett’ comes into the knowledge of Princess An Elizabeth’s illegitimacy, who then relinquishes the Crown to Joseph Gregory Hallett, then they secretly marry in the Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic (POLIZIA).  Its opening was delayed 8 years (1948−56) to allow Elizabeth’s Coronation in 1953.  Prior, it had been the Papal Tribunal (1870–1948).
Predictive Programming in Roman Holiday has been highly accurate as to what has transpired in private Royal Circles this decade ...  right down to the names, dates, UK–EU events and the time players were in the game.

Princess An Elizabeth is established as having connections to London and Buckingham Palace.  In the Royal Carriage, she wears a Jesuit Hat to show Princess Elizabeth is Jesuit Capped = limited to Colour of Law Styles.
In Rome, Princess An Elizabeth has to remain standing for His Excellency the Papal Nuncio Monsignor Alto-Monte (M.A.M.), which translates as the ‘Pope’s High Ambassador Lord High Mountain’, who was the real life Jesuit Doctor and Pope Pius XII’s chief advisor, who became Pope Paul VI ten years later.
Princess An Elizabeth then meets the Ambassadors of Pakistan, which was the only country to name Elizabeth as Prefix Queen of the United Kingdom (1953−56), but failed to name Elizabeth Queen of Pakistan, then abandoned Elizabeth as Queen altogether.
Shoe = Kingship.  Since Pakistan abandoned Elizabeth on 23 March 1956, Elizabeth has never again been a Prefix Queen of the United Kingdom, which is why her Right Shoe is off ...  ‘Her Right to Kingship is off’ ...
Princess An Elizabeth is now a Suffix Delinquent Queen, a role she acts out in the remainder of the film.
Only Grenada backed Elizabeth 21 years later, in 1974, but this was immediately transferred to a “Greg” in New Zealand.
Princess Ann Elizabeth establishes herself as a Cinderella ...  a Commoner usurping ‘Princess’, then usurping ‘Queen’ ...
and when this was discovered, Elizabeth was stripped of all Style & Titles, first by Rome, then by another 16+ Nations.
Nations that joined then Abandoned Elizabeth as Queen:
Pakistan 1953−56; South Africa 1953−61; Ceylon 1953−72;  Ghana 1957−60; Trinidad and Tobago 1962−76; Nigeria 1960−63; Sierra Leone 1961−71; Tanganyika 1961−62; Uganda 1962−63; Kenya 1963−64; Malawi 1964−66; Malta 1964−74; Gambia 1865−70; Guyana 1966−70; Mauritius 1968−92; Fiji 1970−87 ...
with 12 Black National Identities of 12 million people joining 1962/83 recording Elizabeth as a
‘Queen of our Black Island, Head of the Commonwealth’, but Not Queen of the United Kingdom.
‘The Commonwealth’ ended in 1959 rendering All these Titles null & void ...
leaving only Four (4) National Identities consistent: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

The Shoe is fitted on the Right Foot undercover of ‘The Executioner’ ...  a Dress imported by Queen Elizabeth I from Spain a year before Mary Queen of Scots’ demise.
Princess An Elizabeth shows her long hair in Rome before her Haircut, before her Style and Titles were removed (the Haircut) ... then falls down and makes reference to being ‘The Empress with No Clothes’:  “Did you know there are people with absolutely” ‘No Style and Titles’.  It’s Curtains for Princess An Elizabeth’s Royal Style and Titles.

Elizabeth’s Duchess Lady in Waiting confirms Princess Elizabeth is a ‘Cinderella’ with “Ooh, Ann, your Slipper ...  Please put on your Slippers [Cinderella] and come away from the Window” ...  where your exacting Commoner status can be seen.  For a second time it’s Curtains for Elizabeth’s Royal Style and Titles.

To calm Elizabeth when her Royal Style and Titles are about to be removed (the Haircut) she is given ‘Sleep & Calm’.
The Jesuit Doctor who removed her Royal Style and Titles:  “This will relax you & make Your Highness feel a little happy.”
Princess An Elizabeth:  “Can I keep just one light on?” = ‘Can I keep just the Colour of Law Styles?’
Jesuit Doctor:  “Of course ...  Best thing I know is to do exactly what you wish for a while.”
This leads to a General Collapse.  The General Collapse continues.  The General Pose is:  “I’m perfectly alright”, but the removal of Princess Elizabeth’s Royal Style & Titles causes a General Collapse of the Royal family.

On the eve of being stripped of all her Style and Titles, Elizabeth is introduced to the Jacob’s Pillow Royal Lineage, where the Cherubs on the ceiling of Her Embassy in Rome or the Rome Embassy, look exactly like the Cherubs on the rear of the Lord Mayor of London’s Coach, which allude to Jesus’ Descendants in London ... whereas Elizabeth was low-born above the Coach & Horses pub.
Princess An Elizabeth turns to escape into the ‘Looking Glass’, an actual Government Programme to look into the future, a.k.a. ‘Project Pegasus’ ... which foresaw her replacement.
Princess An Elizabeth as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (1865) shows her many reflections, none of them real ... and is just a Head Left Over = No Body of Style & Titles.  The Body of Styles & Titles exits and the Door is slammed Shut on Elizabeth, once, then another three times, then the Gates of Rome are slammed shut on Princess Elizabeth, who is now just the Commoner An Elizabeth.  Rome demands a “DOMENICO RINFRESCHIO” = DOMINION REFRESHMENT and a new Font of Titles.

Rome’s EXIT gates open for Elizabeth, who leaves Rome a Commoner, An Elizabeth, and enters the Dominion (Commonwealth) in an attempt to trick a new Commonwealth Realm into calling her a Prefix Queen of the United Kingdom.  The Commoner Elizabeth spends 21 years in Purgatory (1953−74) during which the Press promote her with every Colour of Law brush to obscure the fact that her Crown is smoke and mirrors and All Her Style and Titles are removed.

An Elizabeth still hides behind Jacob’s Pillow descendancy as Rome’s Gates shut on her several times to the clinking of glasses ...  much celebrated in Rome.  The Illuminati are shown on the sidewalk.  The Coach & Horse are still shown on the road.  Elizabeth waves goodbye to the threat of the Coach & Horses being revealed, but Rome still demands a New Font of Titles (2nd Fountain) ...  who is soon introduced as Joseph Gregory.

Princess Elizabeth exits the Twin Fonts of Titles (Two Fountains) as the DOMINION leaves her to be Refreshed elsewhere.  Princess Elizabeth yawns.  Yawning is contagious.  Elizabeth’s new condition ...  ‘Her Crown is Smoke & Mirrors, All Her Style & Titles removed’ ...  spread throughout the Dominion, resulting in 16+ Nations exiting her realm and the ‘End of the British Empire’.  Princess Elizabeth walks through a Coach attached to a Horse and thus re-enters the Coach & Horses (Pub) as a Commoner − the Commoner An Elizabeth.  The Woody Van says ‘This is the Wood of the matter’.

“Pane − Droghe” = ‘Bread − Drugs’.  Balloons go up & cover “Drugs”.  When the Royal Tour Balloons are caught out, they are brought down.  Elizabeth exits Stage Left = House Right to avoid ‘Charges of Queen's Heroin trafficked on Royal Tour’.  A Horse is a ‘Charge’.
“Bread & Circuses” for the Masses, but for Queen Elizabeth II it was “Bread & Drugs” aimed at Joseph Gregory Hallett who is just sitting down with 7 others playing 8/7 Royal Cards.

The Temple forms “INI” = ‘INRI is on the Table’ = ‘Jesus the Nazarene - King of the Jews’ = Jesus’ Royal Lineage.

Pillows on Couch and 8/7 make a Pharaoh.  Joe Gregory as Pharaoh (Faro) smoking the Crown.
Joseph Gregory (Hallett) is playing his Cards ...  8/7 = Royal ...  at 17 minutes = Faro, Portugal = Pharaoh.

“500” = 500 Yards = Royal Courts of Justice & St Pauls are watching this.
Joseph Gregory: “500, how many?”
Irving: “One (1) ...  One (1)” ...  “Three (3) ...  Three (3)”.
Joe Gregory:  “Two for Papa” = Two Popes from 13 March 2013.  Pope Benedict XVI remained living in the Vatican.  Pope Francis became the 2nd Pope on 13 March 2013, but does not live in the Vatican.  At the same time April 2013, Joseph Gregory Hallett was registered as a Member of the Star Family = Jesus’ Royal Lineage.

Pharaoh Joseph Gregory:  “Well I got three Shy little Sevens” ... 7-7-7 = The Shin = Crown of God, God’s Will & Pleasure, and looks like a Crown.
Joseph Gregory Hallett represented the End Times on 7 July 2014 being 7-7-7 = the Shin, confirming ‘Servant of the Crown of God’ & therefore eligible to be king, including King of the New Age.

Joe Gregory: “Foolish Boy” = It is only ‘The Joker’ & ‘The Fool’ who can do this work.
Francisco Manoel is ‘The Joker’.  Joseph Gregory Hallett is ‘The Fool’.  Both are Cards = Players.
Joe Gregory names Joseph Gregory Hallett “The Fool-ish Boy”.

Irving: “Come home you Fools” invites ‘The Fool’ home. i.e. Joseph Gregory Hallett as the Prize to return to the Throne.

Irving: “6,500 that’s 10 bucks” ...  6, 5 10 = Macrocosm, Microcosm, God Code.
Irving: “One (1) more round (0)” = 10 = God as Witness ... = ‘Servant of the Crown of God’.

“Date with Her Royal Highness ...  Couldn’t be anything to do with the fact that You’re a Heir.”
Joseph Gregory:  “It works out fine” & holds up a Pharaoh’s necktie = ‘Twin Soul with Anubis’.
“You Hyenas are not going to get it” = Reporters won't understand the story or the Shin.
Hyenas = Jackal = Man with Jackal’s Head = Anubis, the King-maker = Pharaoh.
When Joseph Gregory Hallett (as No. 8) leaves the Royal Card Game, the Pharaoh’s Hat & Throne are revealed and they start playing ‘7 Card Stud’ confirming Joseph Gregory was No. 8.  ‘8/7’confirms Royal.

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