Elizabeth II's Illegitimate Birth in Popular Culture & the Ambiguity of the Crown

Elizabeth Abdicates to Greg Hallett through the Coins of the United Kingdom.

SMITE 4: Fabulous Fabergé Eggs to Brut 33

Fabulous Fabergé - Secrets on the outside with a surprise inside! ... especially when it comes to Russians and Americans exposing fraudulent British Monarchy... which continued through Fabergé Brut 33 ...

Faberge knew the Inner Secrets of the Royal Families. Tsar Alexander III of Russia sired King George V of the United Kingdom, then killed his elder Royal Runt brother, Grand Duke Nicholas ‘Nixa’, then married Nixa’s fiancée, Maria ‘Dagmar’ Feodorovna, producing Tsar Nicholas II, half-brother & first cousin with George V.

The 1917 Romanov Faberge Easter Egg is missing. Starving Stalin sells Faberge items to the West. The Rothschild Faberge Egg confirms Rothschild overthrew the French Monarchy, bred the first Homing Pigeons to fly from Waterloo to Bank in London, organised Napoleon to lose the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, Bankrupted British Royal family & began the 1818 Rothschild British Royal Breeding Programme. Faberge British Royal Family Secret of Illegitimacy. Brut means ‘Bruton’ Street, Brut 33 means Illuminati Secret.

Russian Intelligence Historians in Auckland, New Zealand brief Greg Hallett on the escape of the Romanovs to central Russia, central Ireland, Spain, give missing Faberge Egg. Mercedes electro-busted, London Detectives. New Zealand Internal Affairs Agent, Princess Diana’s Nanny to Prince William and Prince Harry, at the time Lady Diana was taken out of the picture in 1997. Dutch Intelligence report. Greg Hallett escapes New Zealand, Rugby World Cup, 9/11 2011. Aide-de-Camp to King George V, Companion of the Order of Bath.