Elizabeth II's Illegitimate Birth in Popular Culture & the Ambiguity of the Crown

Elizabeth Abdicates to Greg Hallett through the Coins of the United Kingdom.

Stamped & Coined for the New King

Elizabeth Not the Head of the Crown, but Head of ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ that took over the Crown in 1953, and declared war on everybody. Crown vacant 1953 to 2016. All Tradition Received Predictions have Royal Marks signed off by Queen Elizabeth II who signed for her replacement, the New True King, in Stamps, Coats of Arms, Royals Style and Titles, and Coins of the United Kingdom. From 1968, the Decimal coins read: ELIZABETH II (to) GREG. ELIZABETH spells H A L E T rendering the surname HALLETT, and I B E Z rendering IBIS. The King is delivered by the Ibis, naming GREG HALLETT King.

The illegitimate Winston Churchill is sperm donor father of Queen Elizabeth II who is a Triple Bastard, her own second cousin, known as Lily la bonne, The Maid & Lilybeth la bonne, Elizabeth the Maid & Lilibet, The Daughter of the Maid. Elizabeth and Margaret shown as Weeds. see THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND. Joseph Gregory Hallett holds Letters Patent Royal Prerogative Customary Title to the Throne and Crown of the United Kingdom, with Royal Blood.