MOBI File Transmission to Kindle

The .mobi format is for Kindle reading devices. .mobi files can be either purchased via Amazon or directly from us. We will send you a file with download instructions. Please connect your Kindle via USB cable to the computer and put the file into the documents folder.
MOBI files can also be read on the PC and MAC with free software, for example the Kindle Previewer.

Transfer via USB (you need a USB cable)

There are a couple of ways you can transfer the Kindle Content .mobi file to your Kindle. Firstly, you can plug your Kindle into your computer using the USB connection, open the Kindle drive and copy the Kindle Content .mobi file into the “Documents” folder in your Kindle drive.  It’s the same process as transferring a file to an external hard drive or USB memory stick.

Transfer wireless (if you do not have a USB cable)

If your Kindle has a wireless connection, you can set up a free email address in your Amazon Kindle account so you can transfer files directly to your Kindle. The format for the free email address is: yourname [at] free [dot] Kindle [dot] com

Amazon provides step by step instructions on how to set up the free “Send-to-Kindle Email Settings ” under “Personal Document Settings” in your Amazon account.

Once you have the free Kindle email address set up, all you have to do is attach the Kindle Content .mobi file to an email addressed to yourname [at] free [dot] Kindle [dot] com and the file can be wirelessly downloaded onto your Kindle device in the same way eBooks from Amazon are downloaded.

If the default destination in your Amazon account under “Manage my Kindle” is your iPhone, then the file will be delivered to the Kindle app in your iPhone.

When you email the .mobi file to your Kindle account, the eBook will be listed in your “Kindle Library” under “All Items”. Using the “Actions” button you can choose to deliver the eBook to a different device. This means you can have access to your eBook on your PC, Kindle and devices that have a Kindle app eg. iPhone.

The process is straightforward and the instructions provided by Amazon are user-friendly. Happy reading!


Please contact us, we are sure we can help.