All of the books contain important historical images and documents.
We deliver high quality files because we are not restricted by file size limitations of other shopping portals.



We have ebooks in
.mobi (Kindle),
.epub (for reading devices and software on PC/MAC) and
.pdf (for PC/MAC) format.


PDFs can be read on PCs and MAC with free Adobe Reader software.

PDFs will be personally watermarked and password protected.

As soon as possible. The process is not fully automated, so it can take up to 48 hours.


The .mobi format is for Kindle reading devices. .mobi files can be either purchased via Amazon or directly from us. We will send you a file with download instructions. Please connect your Kindle via USB cable to the computer and put the file into the documents folder.
MOBI files can also be read on the PC and MAC with free software, for example the Kindle Previewer.

Our Tip for Kindle readers:
On the new Kindle Fire device you can zoom in on the pictures very close:
Double tap the image to zoom in. Then put two fingers on the screen and swipe outwards in opposite direction to zoom in further.
To zoom out, swipe with both fingers inwards, like you would pull a piece of cloth together.
To close the image, click on the x in the upper right screen.

Here are instructions how to transfer the file to Kindle with a USB cable or wireless.


The .epub format can be read on a range of small reading devices.
EPUB files can also be read on the PC and MAC with free software, for example with Adobe Digital Editions.


Please contact us, we are sure we can help.